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Indian Coffee House

An Indian restaurant is known for their tasty food and amicable service
This restaurant is famous for its early morning breakfast as no other restaurant in the locality open up so early. As the name suggests, they also offer some of the best coffee in town. Indian Coffee House both South Indian and North Indian cuisine and with their fine staff they create a wonderful experience for the customers.
Address: 55, Industrial Layout Road, Opposite to Jyoti Nivas College, 5th block, Koramangala, Bangalore, 560095, India
Phone: +8025522339
Opening hours: 07:00


Charming terrace at Trocadero place.
An excellent place to take a break before going to the Eiffel Tower. Carette is a custodian of Parisian gastronomy with French pastries taking center stage at the Trocadero place. There are varieties of sweet and savory plates and their tea-time cannot be missed.
Address: 4 Place du Trocadéro, Paris, 75016, France
Phone: +33 1 4727 9885
Opening hours: 7/7 from 7am to 11.30 pm

Cassis American Brasserie

Stop by Cassis to satisfy all of your cravings, whether it be baked goods or French fare, they have you covered all day.
Like a true Parisian brasserie, Cassis offers high-end French fare with an American touch. Ideal for quick bites, intimate meals, bottomless brunches, and decadent desserts, this place makes them all available at affordable prices. Stop next door and visit the bakery to pick fresh baked goods.
Address: 170 Beach Dr NE, St. Petersburg, 33701
Phone: +(727) 827 2927
Opening hours: 8am- 12am

Central Melt

Home to an array of specialty grilled cheese sandwiches, Central Melt feeds everyone's kid at heart!
Located in the Central Arts District, Central Melt feeds not only your childhood appetite but also the soul. Featuring over ten specialty grilled cheese sandwiches and a build-your-own sandwich op, Central Melt also offers tomato soup to dip your sandwich and salads to go with them. A must-try sandwich has to be The Queen Brie which is made using fresh rye bread.
Address: 685 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, 33701
Phone: +(727) 346 5338
Opening hours: 11am- 4pm

Spa Dans le Noir ?

New spa experience just for you completely in the dark.
Proposing a unique experience, Spa Dans le Noir ? or “Spa in the dark” is inspired by the success of the “Bar in the dark”. The fact of being in the dark allows you relax even more and enjoy the massages better. There is an array of treatments to chose from ranging from solo or duo, hammam or facials.
Address: 65 Rue Montmartre, Paris, 75002, France
Phone: +33 1 8395 4677
Opening hours: from 12pm to 8pm, closed on Sunday