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Yun Huang Yong
Yun Huang Yong

Renaissance Huizhou Hotel

Enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine at our onsite restaurant, New Dynasty.

If you like doing business surrounded by unmatched style and luxury, our hotel in Huizhou is hard to beat. Our fitness center and outdoor pool are also available 24 hours a day, for when you need to unwind after a hard day’s work, and our business facilities are available around the clock. Be sure to make some time to enjoy a delicious meal at our 28th floor Wan Li Restaurant — the highest in Huizhou — and to discover the beauty of the Pearl River Delta. Our Navigator David is on hand to help you make the most of your trip and can tell you where to soak up the unforgettable sunset views in and around Huizhou’s West Lake.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC fragrance
  • Multi-Cultural Cuisine
  • Enoch Touch Spa Services
  • Flat-Screen HDTVs
  • Indoor Pool
  • Valet Dry-Cleaning
Full hotel details

Li Ji Street Restaurant

This is a family friendly restaurant in located in the center of Huizhou.
This is a family restaurant of the old town and it is located in Huizhou. Here you can eat the most authentic and traditional hakka dishes such as stewed chicken with carrots, stuffed bean curd, etc. The most unique aspect of the restaurant is that it's on the edge of the West Lake thus allowing you to take a walk along the lake after a hearty meal.
Address:No38 ciyun road, xiajiao, Huizhou, 516003
phone:+0752 2221642

Jin Dai Street

Lots of local ancient residences are located here.
Jin Dai Street was built in the Ming Dynasty. Here you can discover many ancient and historic local residences. This street is a good place to pursue the charm of ancient Huizhou. You can also see the rare Lingnan characteristics on the street.
Address:Jin Dai Street, Huizhou, 516001
Opening hours today:

Show 8 Bar

Music, wine & cocktails makes for a lively atmosphere here.
This is the most popular bar in downtown! The bar is the unique because it perfectly combines Chinese and Western culture. Pop star shows are always occurring inside this bar.
Address:No.4-6 Maidi South Road, Huizhou, 516001
phone:+86 752 2387788

Qiao Xi Market

This is the perfect place to experience Huizhou with local residents and enjoy some local specialties.
Qiao Xi Market is located in the beautiful scenery of the Huizhou West Lake. This is the perfect place to experience Huizhou like a local, as this is a gathering place that offers local specialties such as preserved vegetables.
Address:No.3 Huang Cheng Xi Two Road, Huizhou, 516000
Opening hours today:

Gung Chae

Guests here can enjoy authentic Korean tastes.
Most of the ingredients in this restaurant are from Korea, enabling the guest to try authentic Korean cuisine. The famous dish is the long-legged crab, an unique crab fried rice that makes you never want to stop tasting it!
Address:No.4 Wenchang 1st Road, Huizhou, 516003
phone:+86 752 2880711

West Lake

If you want to become acquainted with Huizhou, the West Lake should be your first stop.
This is the soul of Huizhou and is an important part of local culture and history. A very famous poet in the ancient China called Su Dong Po lived in Huizhou for three years and wrote famous poems on this enchanting lake and a memorial hall.
Address:Huangcheng West Road, Huizhhou, 516001
Opening hours today:

UNI Coffee Shop

In an elegant environment with music you can order a cup of coffee and enjoy reading and surfing the internet.
This is a place with relaxing and fragrant teas and the sweet aroma of tea cakes. You can order some food when you feel hungry here as well. That’s UNI Coffee – your own leisurely and carefree cafe.
Address:D area, Decorative City of Sanhuan, Hui Cheng district., Huizhou, 516000
phone:+86 752 2777027

Shui Dong Street

This modern shopping street was also the ancient Huizhou commercial center.
Shui Dong Street has thousands of years of history. This historic street has a lot of specialty shops selling local goods.
Address:Shui Dong Street, Huizhou, 516000
Opening hours today:

Four Seasons Seafood

The signature dish here is duckbill fish, which can be prepared in 15 different styles.
If you are a lover of seafood, be sure to stop by Four Seasons Seafood while in Huizhou. You will be astonished by the number of dishes offered, as well as the high quality of the seafood.
Address:Xia Cun Road ,Hui Min Ave, Huizhou, 516001
phone:+86 752 2793666

Huizhou Flower Island

Enjoy the natural world.
This small island is located in the Huizhou West Lake. With access via the Longbridge, delight your senses with the blanket of exotic flowers.
Address:Off Huan Cheng Xi Road, Huicheng District, Huizhou, 516001
Opening hours today:

Baijia Shopping Mall

You are sure to find what you need at this collection of local shops. Of note is the variety of clothing available for both men and women.
Address:Nantan Nanxin Road, Huicheng District, Huizhou, 516023
phone:+86 752 5566943
Opening hours today:

Via Cat's Cafe

“Love cats, love coffee” is the theme of this cafe.
You can choose to play chess and card games with your friends on the grand floor, or chat with them in the hanging garden. Tasting a cup of special-make milk tea or Mocha with cheesecake will make the whole afternoon colorful.
Address:Nan Tan Dong Heng Street, Huizhou, 516001
phone:+86 752 2888568
Opening hours today:


Pay a visit to this large beer garden and partake in their excellent selection of German beers, all kept cold with a Glycol Chiller.
Address:9 Wenchang Road, Huamao Place B1-0110, Huizhou, 516003
phone:+86 752 7190022
Opening hours today:

F.Y. Old Tree Café

This quiet café has been serving delicious coffee and strong tea for over 10 years. The café also often has live piano music and WIFI.
Address:Hengjiang San Road, Second floor, Huizhou, 516008
phone:+86 752 2113463
Opening hours today:

Le Xiang Café

This café is located in the south of the city and specializes in hand-roasted coffees as well as fine wines and whiskies.
Address:93-59, Building 616, Zone 6, Dong Hu Garden, Huizhou, 516002
phone:+86 13680898835
Opening hours today:

Daya Bay

This beautiful bay has a long coastline and is a popular destination for the freshest seafood and relaxing beach days.
Address:Daya Bay, Off V09 Xiang Dao (Dayawan Recreation Ground), Huizhou, 516081
phone:+86 752 5562391
Opening hours today:

Huizhou Museum

This fascinating museum has local historic relics, from pottery to calligraphy and even the building itself.
This museum is housed in an ancient building that dates back to 1254 CE and was originally Feng Lake College. The museum houses artifacts from a wide variety of eras, including archaeological artifacts like fossilized dinosaur eggs and stone carvings. There's also a large collection of historic cultural artifacts from the Huizhou and Guangdong area, such as paintings.
Address:3 Minleyuan West Road, Jiangbei, Huizhou, 516003
phone:+86 752 2828818
Opening hours today:

Aeon Shopping Center

Find unique shops as well as big name brands. Be sure to visit the food court, where delicious international delicacies can be found.
Opened in 2008, the Aeon Shopping Center covers all your shopping needs. You'll be able to find great souvenirs or even a new wardrobe. This mega center offers over 125 specialty shops with everything from international name brand stores, beauty retailers, to a home appliance shop. Spread throughout three floors and over 66,000 square meters, this shopping center is impressive!
Address:Donghu West Road & Dongping Avenue, Huizhou, 516002
phone:+86 752 2153688
Opening hours today:


Discover China’s best-kept beauty secrets in this luxury shop. Pick up the perfect shade of lipstick or a new skin care regimen.
Address:11 Yanda Avenue, Ganghui Shopping Centre, Huizhou, 516008
phone:+86 752 5316283
Opening hours today:

Zhuyuan Farm Food Restaurant

Want to have a meal under lychee trees?
This is a farmer's restaurant our Navigator highly recommends. Signature dishes there you have to taste include the steamed streaky pork with salty eggs, roasted duck in three sauces, and Cantonese soup.
Address:Hui Min Ave, Huizhou, 516003
phone:+86 752 2793938

Red Tea House

Establishment that maintains local citizens’ childhood memories.
While this shop has ordinary decoration, this red teahouse is a part of many local citizens’ childhood memories. This classic old shop is still in business. Recommended dishes include Red Bean Dessert Soup and Black Glutinous Rice.
Address:No. 2-1 Nantan West Road, Huizhou, 516001
phone:+86 13532155509

Hong Hua Lake

A local spot of tranquility.
Come to Hong Hua Lake. The woods here always by you side, and the mountain breeze will never make you sweat. Either walking on the sidewalk or riding bicycle along the road, Hong Hua Lake always meets your sporting desire.
Address:Hong Hua Hu Road, Huizhou, 516001

Niu Zai Restaurant

Your taste buds will love the taste of the fresh chicken and delicious soup at this restaurant.
Niu Zai Restaurant is famous for its delicious chicken, which locals call ”Niu Zai” chicken. The chicken is steamed using a unique recipe that make the meat very delicious.
Address:Yong Ping Road, Qiao Dong, Huizhou, 516001
phone:+86 752 2256153
Opening hours today:

Gang Hui Shopping Mall

A one-stop shopping experience.
Gang Hui Shopping Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in the area. It includes shops, offices, hotels, entertainment and even education facilities. Enjoy a happy day on the fourth floor with your child.
Address:No.11, Yan Da Ave, Huizhou, 516000
phone:+86 752 5316655
Opening hours today:


Funhouse is the best spot in Huizhou to enjoy live music.
Sit at wooden tables flanked by ivy-covered walls as you enjoy a drink and the songs of whatever live band is playing at the time. If you are a lover of live music, this is the spot for you.
Address:No. 17, Nan Tan East Road, Huizhou, 516000
phone:+86 752 2650099

American Retro

Here guests can make themselves a unique cocktail.
This is a quiet American bar in Huizhou where you can even play traditional American board games while enjoying your drink. All of the drinks are blended on-site, making it a popular place for locals after work.
Address:No.11-2 Hui Sha Di 1st Road, Huizhou, 516000
phone:+86 15820715419

FU JIE Villa

This restaurant features one of the dishes Huizhou is famous for: Golden Roast suckling pig.
Fu Jie Villa uses tailor-made hollowware with charcoal in the middle to roast every single sucking pig they prepare. This process helps to keep the meat warm, and give the exterior a golden appearance and crispy skin. This delicious is a must-try while in Huizhou.
Address:No.6 Feng Shan Road, Huizhou, 516000
phone:+86 752 3366222

Duji Restaurant

Duji Restaurant is known for its tasty signature dishes, including grilled ribs and salty chicken.
This popular restaurant has a good reputation within the the local community. Its most popular dishes include a unique take on salty chicken and delicious grilled ribs. This spot is greats for groups of friends who want to try traditional dim sum while you experience the Hakka food and local culture.
Address:No.17 Xia Pu Ave, Huizhou, 516000
phone:+86 752 2109710

No.27 Grocery Store

Pick up unique local items at this engaging cafe.
This grocery store is actually a unique cafe stocked with interesting souvenirs collected from across China. The cafe is spread across two floors bathed in light. There is also a yard where you can enjoy your coffee or tea.
Address:No.27 Li Wu Lane, Ci Yun Road, Huizhou, 516001
phone:+86 752 2313299

Le Petit

Enjoy delicious drinks at this European-style cafe.
This European-style cafe offers delicious coffee served in a cafe brimming with worldly ambience. Sip a delicious Irish coffee in the morning, chat with friends in this cozy space in the afternoon, or sip a perfectly crafted cocktail in the evening.
Address:No.105 Di Jing Tai Building, Xi Ti Road, Huizhou, 516001
phone:+86 752 2109089

Wolf Den Bar

Tuck into a delicious meal or crafted drink at the Wolf Den Bar.
Enjoy a light meal alongside afternoon tea at the Wolf Den Bar. The unique space can house 130 people seated at roughly 24 tables. Many business lunches are conducted here, though it fills up with a hip crowd in the evening.
Address:No.5 Hui Sha Di 1st Road, Huizhou, 516001
phone:+86 752 2686199

Hui Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant

This famous vegetarian restaurant serves healthy dishes that are made of organic items.
Are you a vegetarian? If so, then this might be your paradise. Organic produce and ingredients are crafted into delicious vegetarian meals. Dine on delicate dishes while surrounded by the elegant interior of this popular spot.
Address:No.5 Huan Cheng West 2nd Road, Huizhou, 516001
phone:+86 752 2229197
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Mask Party Night

Mask Party Night

Enjoy the night og making friends at the bar,free of spcial wines,cocktails and wonderful music.

Enjoy the night og making friends at the bar,free of spcial wines,cocktails and wonderful music.

Huizhou, China
Venue: Renaissance Huizhou Hotel
Address: No 2 Dong Jiang Two Road, Jiang Bei, Hui Cheng District, Huizhou, 516003, China
Phone: +86 752 739 9999
Exploring good Times

Exploring good Times

Learn how to create delicious cocktail - Homemade Vermouth Let our bar tender teach you to makeit in the lobby

Learn how to create delicious cocktail - Homemade Vermouth Let our bar tender teach you to makeit in the lobby

Huizhou, China
Venue: Renaissance Huizhou Hotel
Address: No 2 Dong Jiang Two Road, Jiang Bei, Hui Cheng District, Huizhou, 516003, China
Phone: +86 752 739 9999