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Renaissance Malmo Hotel

Our very first hotel in Sweden, the Renaissance Malmo Hotel combines sophisticated modern style with charming historic touches, like exposed brick walls. Our 128 unique guest rooms are well appointed and comfortable, perfect whether you’re in town to sightsee or do business. If it’s the latter, we also have state-of-the-art meeting facilities available at a moment’s notice. Our enthusiastic and helpful local Navigator, Christer, can help you find the very best attractions Malmo has to offer or point you in the direction of the train station, just five minutes away, if you want to discover more of Sweden.

Carib Kreol

Join the young Swedes who flock here after work for tiki rum drinks and island beach snacks, especially during the dark winter months.
Address: Claesgatan 11, Malmo, Sweden
Phone: +46 40 96 55 05
Hotel: Renaissance Malmo Hotel
Distance: 1.3 mi


Join a crowd of hundreds dancing to disco on their lunch break at this strange, wonderful Swedish party.
Address: Bergsgatan 29, Malmo, Sweden
Phone: +46 40 30 65 93
Hotel: Renaissance Malmo Hotel
Distance: 1.1 mi

Tres Bien Shop

Find ultra-stylish menswear, from limited-edition New Balance trainers to a snow-white Martin Maison Margiela suit.
Address: Friisgatan 6C, Malmo, Sweden
Hotel: Renaissance Malmo Hotel
Distance: 0.9 mi


Pick up vintage jewelry, a 60’s Chanel handbag or a worn-in leather motorcycle jacket at a great price.
Address: Kärleksgatan 3, Malmo, Sweden
Phone: +46 733 39 21 71
Hotel: Renaissance Malmo Hotel
Distance: 0.6 mi


Try the whitefish roe with potato pancake, red onion and crème fraîche with a glass of Gruner. It’s the delicious local version of caviar and champagne.
Address: Adelgatan 13, Malmo, Sweden
Phone: +46 40 12 12 53
Hotel: Renaissance Malmo Hotel
Distance: 0.2 mi

Moosehead Bar

Eating alone? Wash down a moose-meat burger with a couple of pints of Åbro, a locally brewed lager, at this friendly, casual pub.
Address: Lilla torg 1, Malmo, Sweden
Phone: +46 40 12 04 23
Hotel: Renaissance Malmo Hotel
Distance: 0.2 mi

Årstiderna I Kockska Huset

Eat elegant Nordic cuisine under beautiful brick arches at this Swedish splurge restaurant.
Address: Frans Suellsgatan 3, Malmo, 211 22, Sweden
Phone: +46 40 23 09 10
Hotel: Renaissance Malmo Hotel
Distance: 0.1 mi

Malmö Central Station

Cross the famous Oresund Bridge via train and be in Copenhagen in 30 minutes.
Address: 1 KM from Center 55°36'33\N 13°0'4\E, Malmo, 211 22, Sweden
Phone: +46 498 20 33 80
Hotel: Renaissance Malmo Hotel
Distance: 0.3 mi

Travel Shop

Rent a bike for a day and ride to the beach, to the beautiful Bokskogen park or all the way to Lund via a four-lane cycling-only highway.
Address: Skeppsbron 10, 211 20, Malmo, Sweden
Phone: +46 40 330 570
Hotel: Renaissance Malmo Hotel
Distance: 0.6 mi
Bar Italia - find
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Bar Italia

This cute Italian bar offers quick service for Italian café fare and also serves some of the best coffee in the city.
This blissful seaside bar is a must-visit for anyone for a perfectly prepared cup of coffee, tea or even an gelato treat. Bar Italia is located in the west harbor and they also serve some mouth-watering pasta salads and paninis. Their Baguette Parmaskinka is worth a try and their cappuccinos are just heavenly. The queues here can be a little long, but it's definitely worth the wait.
Address: 3 Scaniaplatsen, Malmo, 211 17, Sweden
Phone: +46 40 23 67 54
Hotel: Renaissance Malmo Hotel
Distance: 1.5 mi
Mayfair Tunneln - find
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Mayfair Tunneln

One of the best ways to relax after a long trip is spending time with some refreshing cocktails at this friendly, cozy bar.
A namesake of the Mayfair Hotel within which it is located, the Mayfair Tunneln is a vibrant place to stop for a quick drink or chill out in the company of friends. The bar features a contemporary design and makes lavish use of glass and lustrous metallic installations for a cutting-edge effect. The bright red chairs and low-level cushioned stools add a dash of color to the bright interiors. An excellent selection of spirits to suit all tastes is available at the cheery bar.
Address: 4 Adelgatan, Malmo, 211 22, Sweden
Phone: +40 40 10 16 20
Hotel: Renaissance Malmo Hotel
Distance: 0.2 mi
Fiber Fin - find
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Fiber Fin

This place carries an array of towels, clothes, bedclothes and footwear, all of which are responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly.
Environmentally-conscious shoppers will be more than delighted to visit Fiber Fin. This fashion boutique is an organic, fair trade producer of ecological clothing. Fiber Fin features a broad range of clothing for all ages and sizes. You can also buy fabrics, towels, bed linen and even cute footwear. All of their products are environmentally labeled and most are fair-trade. They even sell bags made of eco-friendly products and secondhand clothing.
Address: 13 Tornavägen, Malmo, 211 36, Sweden
Phone: +46 046 85973
Hotel: Renaissance Malmo Hotel
Distance: 0.6 mi

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Why Not Wednesdays?

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Why not join us for a mid-week treat?

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