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Rodrigo Lupanow
Rodrigo Lupanow

Renaissance Minsk Hotel

Savor fresh seasonal produce and Belarusian flavors at our Arborea restaurant.

The stunning Belorussian capital Minsk is one of the jewels in the crown of Eastern Europe and among the most beautiful of all former Soviet cities. With its jaw-dropping contemporary design, our Hotel captures the spirit of this unique city perfectly. Our 640-capacity Grand Ballroom is the ideal setting if you're holding any event, while the traditional focal fare at our Arborea Restaurant is a genuine treat for the senses. Our resident Navigator Natalia is on hand to tell you about the seemingly never-ending treasures that Minsk has to offer, all close at hand, including a vibrant bar and cafe scene.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC fragrance
  • RLife Magazine
  • Wireless Internet
  • Fitness Center
  • Valet Dry-Cleaning
  • Valet Parking
  • Virtual Concierge
  • Barber/Beauty Shop
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El Pushka

Cocktails of Latin America, colorful ponchos and infinitely pleasant barmen.
A small Latin American bar is a real space for the rest, which is located in the most picturesque center of Minsk. Its slogan is Love, Care, Skill and Pride. Guests can get acquainted with the culture of Latin America, as well as alcoholic drinks and cocktails of this beautiful corner of the world.
Address:Gertsena st., 17, Minsk
phone:+375 29 999 09 39

Strana Mini

It allows to get to know 18 unique interactive architectural models of Belarusian attractions in 2 hours
The Museum of Architectural Miniatures "Country Mini" is one of the youngest, which opened in 2016. At the moment it is the only one of its kind - there are no analogues either in Minsk or in the whole territory of our country. A good opportunity to see all the attractions of Belarus in 2 hours. Exhibits are real works of art, many are made up of several thousand details.
Address:Nezavisimosty ave., 25, Minsk
phone:+375 29 15 15 670


Try some of the best burgers in Minsk
ENZO is a “steaks and burgers” restaurant in the heart of Minsk. In addition, they also prepare one of the best coffee in Minsk. The distinctive feature is an open kitchen: all guests of the restaurant can see how their dish is prepared.
Address:Oktyabrskaya st 23, Minsk
phone:+8 029 177 00 88

Vialiki Dziakuy

Get memorable and pleasant gifts from Belarus for you and your loved ones
Vialiki Dziakuy is not only a gift shop but a small museum of souvenirs from modern designers. Here you will find a unique collection of unusual and exclusive souvenirs. A nice bonus for travelers will be the opportunity to send a postcard to their homeland or to any country in the world.
Address:Oktyabrskaya st 23A, Minsk
phone:+375 29 527 77 69


Try on and buy a unique collection with the Belarusian national ornament.
If you want to surprise your nearest, this shop will become a great place to buy not only souvenirs with Belarusian themes but also clothes decorated with national ornaments. You will be satisfied with the diversity of goods and all these presents will be a nice reminder of your trip to Belarus.
Address:Masherova Ave. 18, Minsk
phone:+375 29 177 35 18

The Catholic Church of Virgin Mary

Visit the main Catholic temple in Minsk built in the style of the Vilna Baroque
The Jesuit school attached to the Monastery of the Catholic Church of Virgin Mary functioned for decades. The system of its education was one of its best in Europe, and forbade any physical punishmnet of pupils.
Address:Svobody square 9, Minsk
Opening hours today:


Embargo is one of the most popular cocktail places in the city.
Embargo situated in the heart of the city is the place to be if you want to relish popular local, as well as, international cocktails in the company of young and lively locals. Trying Mr. Borsch, a cocktail that is made by blending the famous Belarussian soup and vodka in the right amount is a must for all cocktail lovers.
Address:Revolutsionnaya 7, Minsk
phone:+375 29 693 93 34


Try over 24 types of Belarussian craft beer, wine rack and hard alcohol.
The only place in Minsk where you get the opportunity to try almost every type of Belarussian beer there is. Pena offers self- service and gives you the freedom to choose the type and amount of beer you would be drinking. So, drink at your own pace and re-fill whenever you feel like without having to worry about not getting a second glass for hours even on a busy weekend.
Address:Kuibysheva 45, Minsk
phone:+375 17 355 66 00


Discover the world of French cuisine and incredible baking
To date, the assortment of the bakery includes more than 140 types of bread, as well as authentic French croissants, sandwiches and desserts. You can also try real French onion soup and other European dishes. Baking recipes go back to the traditions of 1889 and is kept secret.
Address:Internationalnaya 21, Minsk
phone:+8 029 177 22 12

Azgur Museum

Visit the workroom of the most celebrated Belarusian artist of the Soviet era and find sculptures of Stalin and Lenin
The only place where you can get acquainted with the works of Zair Azgur - the most outstanding portraitist of the 20th Century. The special importance of the museum's collection is the authenticity and uniqueness of its stock collections. The exposition includes more than 400 sculptures of leaders, war heroes, representatives of science and culture from different countries.
Address:Azgura str. 8, Minsk, 220088
phone:+375 17 3800632
Opening hours today:

TNT Rock Club

Discover some of the best local and nationally-famous bands and authentic rock memorabilia at this "museum of rock" in a historic building.
Regarded by many as the place for die-hard rock fans in the city, this club hosts live bands each evening. The stage has welcomed famed Belorussian and international performers like Kryvi, IQ 48 and EASY DIZZY. Appreciate the classic combination of perfectly-seared steaks and ice-cold craft beers as you listen to your favorite tunes. Don't forget to view the collection of music artifacts that include the guitars of Slash, AC/DC and Brian Setzer. Head out to the summer terrace with a drink and mingle with fellow music aficionados in a casual, relaxed setting.
Address:9 Revalyutsyynaya Vulitsa, Minsk, 220030
phone:+375 29 655 5555

Slavutast Gallery

Come to peruse their selection of items, all of which are handmade by Belarusian artisans.
This charming shop features an array of products from Belarusian artists. From artwork to clay pottery and hand carved wooden boxes, everything found here tells a story of the rich folk art and culture belonging to this historic region. Craft Glory is chock full of traditional crafts as well as monthly exhibits, where the artists themselves come to speak and share their expertise.
Address:21 Vulitsa Maksima Bahdanovicha, Minsk
phone:+375 17 334 4985
Opening hours today:

Utopia 60

Plunge into the atmosphere of the 1960s while enjoying a coffee at this cafe.
This cafe is an utopian project in the style of 1960s. Pleasant music and antique furniture create a very pleasant and authentic atmosphere. Here you can enjoy different types of coffee and try local drinks like the coffee "kompot" with cherries in half-liter jar.
Address:Lenina str. 9, Minsk
Opening hours today:

Mai Thai

Enjoy real Thai food with a king of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej.
At Mai Thai try the fiery tom yam or the sweet and sour pad Thai. People love the food here for the vivid flavors - spicy, sour, sweet, and salty mix and complement each other. For dessert, we recommend traditional Thai dishes like the sweet rice with mango.
Address:Kirova str. 11, Minsk
Opening hours today:

The National Academic Janka Kupala Theatre

Visit the oldest theatre in Minsk to watch performances based on the culture and history of Belarus.
The City Theater (the first name of Janka Kupala Theatre) was opened on June 5th 1890, and rebuilt in the years between 2010 and 2013. The reconstruction fully restored the details of the building that were originally added in 1890. All performances are in the Belarusian language, but you can rent headphones to listen to the English translation.
Address:7 Engelsa street, Minsk
Opening hours today:

Minsk Botanical Garden

Visit the oldest botanical garden in Belarus to enjoy an afternoon in nature.
Minsk Botanical Garden is one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe. There are more than 10,000 kinds of plants here. Be sure to stop by the lake where you can feed swans and view statues of Greek characters.
Address:Surganova str. 2v, Minsk
Opening hours today:

Boulders Museum

An impressive number of stones have been put together to create an outdoor museum with a beautiful landscape
The museum features 2134 ancient boulders that have been arranged to form a map of Belarus. Large stone crosses, boulders with mysterious symbols and text labels — cold forbidding blocks — are sure to inspire your imagination.
Address:Kuprevicha street, Minsk
Opening hours today:

The Literary House

Visit this is you are shopping for Belarusian literature.
When walking around Minsk, turn off of Independence Avenue and you will find yourself in a labyrinth of Belarusian alternative literature. The Literary House, or "Logvinau", includes a bookstore, a publishing house, a printing house and a public organization.
Address:Nezavisimosti ave. 37A, Minsk
Opening hours today:


Enjoy the taste of Belarusian cuisine and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of Slavic culture.
At Litviny you can get acquainted with new national cuisine based on old national traditions, featuring modern presentations in accordance with contemporary tastes. The basis for some recipes was the book "The Lithuanian Cook," published in 1885. Here you can find dishes made from natural, familiar-to-us products that were popular on the land of the Great Lithuanian Duchy. Enjoy!
Address:Pobediteley ave. 119, Minsk, 220062
phone:+375 44 557 11 11

Vinny Shkaf

Revel in happiness while listening to live music and drinking a glass of wine.
You can try interesting Latin American and Mediterranean snacks in combination with delicious drinks at Vinny Shkaf. Thanks to the open kitchen, you can even observe the cooking process straight from the hall.
Address:30 Revolutsionnaya St., Minsk, 220030
phone:+375 29 166 60 88

Let it be

Enjoy warm meetings, good wine and homemade pastries
Incredibly cozy place where you can drown in the aroma of freshly baked bread and enjoy the taste of homemade wine. "Bread, wine and life" - the main slogan of this place.
Address:Oktyabrskaya st 23A, Minsk


Step into virtual reality with the help of special glasses
Teleport is one of the largest virtual entertainment parks in entire Europe. Here you will find as many as 6 fields of virtual reality with almost two dozen unique gaming simulators. One of the major attractions is the V-Cafe, where food is prepared by Drones. People of all ages find Teleport interesting.
Address:Pritytskogo Street 156, Minsk

SeaFood Bar

Enjoy perfectly cooked fish with a glass of sparkling wine.
This unique bar and shop are divided into 2 zones. In the first zone you can buy the freshest food, and in the second one - you can choose from diverse seafood options. The talented chefs at this restaurant will prepare these dishes right before your eyes. Moreover, friendly staff will offer you the most suitable drink based on your preferences and the choice of seafood on your plate.
Address:Revolutsionnaya 17, Minsk
phone:+375(29)187 70 70


On cold winter evenings discover the unique taste of craft beer in relaxing atmosphere
The bar is named after, Mayor Jan Karol Chapsky, the famous person who is loved by all Minsk dwellers. The main attraction of this bar is craft beer, which changes every week. The changing menu here allows you to always try something new and discover the world of Minsk craft beer.
Address:Zybitskaya str. 6, Minsk
phone:+375(29)178 80 80
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Upcoming events

Live music!

Live music!

From 8 p.m. Sergey Mayevsky will be waiting for you in our lobby bar to entertain you with his repertoire of great live music!

From 8 p.m. Sergey Mayevsky will be waiting for you in our lobby bar to entertain you with his repertoire of great live music!

Minsk, Belarus
Venue: Renaissance Minsk Hotel
Address: Dzerzhinsky Avenue 1 E, Minsk, 220036, Belarus
Phone: +375 17 309 90 90


We invite you to the event in "Dip & Dine" format....

We invite you to the event in "Dip & Dine" format. “Dip” – aqua-zone access “Dine” – wide assortment of snacks and salands, dishes of national cuisine, desserts, soft & alcoholic drinks
– kids’ corner with games & chef's master class – live music We offer the best price! • 44, 00 BYN per person, including aqua-zone, lunch buffet, soft drink & alcoholic welcome drink • 54, 00 BYN per person, including aqua-zone, lunch buffet, soft drinks and flow red & white house wine

Minsk, Belarus
Venue: Renaissance Minsk Hotel
Address: Dzerzhinsky Avenue 1 E, Minsk, 220036, Belarus
Phone: +375 17 309 90 90