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Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

Our truly palatial lakeside Hotel offers something for every Mumbai visitor, whether you’re in the city for work or pleasure. Business travelers will find unparalleled service, modern amenities and a fully equipped business center as well as easy access to the nearby Mumbai Convention Centre. Guests can relax on the sun deck of our 12,500-square-foot executive lounge — the largest in India — or in our spectacular fan-shaped outdoor swimming pool. A fleet of cars is always available to whisk you away to the myriad local attractions nearby. And if you can’t decide, just ask our resident Navigator Anthony, a member of the Concierge Association of India, about his favorite spots and hidden gems.

Ling's Pavilion - find
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Ling's Pavilion

Chef Sem Tian Ling's signature style cooks up a satisfying Cantonese storm. Try the pork dim sum in chili garlic.
Ling's Pavilion is one of the city's most frequented and well-patronized Chinese joint. The place is adorned with oriental artifacts and intimate lighting. The friendly ambiance is enhanced by the emerald lights and the charming fish pond. Classics like the mushroom and sweet corn soup can be found on the menu alongside more creative dishes such as grilled pomfret, sweet and sour fish and jumbo prawns. Other selections include an array of beef and pork specialties. For a sweet ending, indulge in popular desserts like honey noodles with ice cream and choco mocha brownies.
Address: apollo bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, 400001, Maharashtra, India
Phone: +91 22 2282 4533
Hotel: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Distance: 16.53 mi
H2O Water Sports - find
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H2O Water Sports

Set out on a short-cruise or enjoy the adventurous jet ski ride. This water sports complex has something for everyone.
Looking to jet ski, parasail or enjoy other water sport activities in the center of Mumbai, then head straight to the H2O Water Sports complex. Located along the Girgaon-Chowpatty coastline is this water-sports hub that rents out kayaks and speed boats. Adventure out to the sea with the fun cruises that it offers. Get to the place and explore a whole lot of fun!
Address: N. S. C. bose road, Girgaon, Mumbai, 400007, Maharshatra, India
Phone: +91 22 2367 7584
Hotel: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Distance: 14.73 mi
Mysore Concerns - find
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Mysore Concerns

Forget mocha and cappuccino; go for the filter coffee served here. If you like it, the shop sells coffee powder too.
Considered one of South India's premium exports, coffee is best savored in Mumbai at Mysore Concerns. The frothy concoction works into your soul with its deep flavors and sweet after tastes and at, Mysore Concerns is blended with skill and perfection. Being around since 1939, it is only fitting that you skip the styrofoam and head to this unique spot in town.
Address: Matunga,, Kings Circle, Mumbai, 400019, Maharashtra, India
Phone: +91 22 2402 339
Hotel: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Distance: 8.49 mi
Carpets (Rugs) - find
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Carpets (Rugs)

These rugs are made of animal hair and are imported from Kashmir and Nepal.
Imported from Kashmir and Nepal, the rug business is the main source of income of Kashmiris and Nepalis. Rug stores are located behind Taj Hotel Colaba. These shops customize rugs according to the client's preferences and they have a large selection.
Address: Colaba Causeway, Colaba, Mumbai, 400005, Maharashtra, India
Phone: +none
Opening hours: 10.00am to 20.00hrs
Website: none
Hotel: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Distance: 37 mi
Sandy Art - find
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Sandy Art

One will find everything from miniature furniture to quirky bar accessories. It's a perfect stop for unique gifts for friends and family.
This tiny treasure trove of fun goodies is hard to miss while shopping along the bustling Lokhandwala market. The shelves of the shop are lined with fun and quirky items that will surely add some pizzazz to one’s home. Some of the interesting items include funny human shaped bottle holders and miniature tea cups, scented candles and chimes, drink stirrers and much more.
Address: Lokhandawala Complex, Andheri, Mumbai, 400053 , Maharashtra, India
Phone: +91 22 26338507
Opening hours: 10:00am to 20:00hrs
Website: None
Hotel: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Distance: 20 mi
Gajalee - find
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Maharashtrian coastal delicacies can't be savored in a better ambiance than at this celebrity haunt. The Prawn Pickle is sublime.
Gajalee is one of the best seafood restaurants in Mumbai serving traditional Maharashtrian fare. The decor of the restaurant is bright and spacious with beautiful Indian paintings adorning the walls. Their stellar menu attracts quite a fan following that includes several Bollywood and Indian television celebrities. A worthy meal while in the city.
Address: jvpd scheme, Juhu, Mumbai, 400049, India
Phone: +91 22 2610 7040
Hotel: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Distance: 4.11 mi
21 Fahrenheit - find
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21 Fahrenheit

Its snowing in Mumbai! At this ice lounge, you actually have to wear a winter coat. So you can literally chill out here!
21 Fahrenheit, India's first permanent bar made of ice, lets you lounge in a winter wonderland without going too far from home. The temperature inside the restaurant is set to below freezing point, and remains so irrespective of the weather outside. The restaurant charges an acclimatization fee as admission charge and provides you the required gear for the 'weather' inside. Also, each guest receives a complimentary cocktail. You can choose to roam around or warm yourself with a drink at the ice bar. The restaurant offers an extensive variety of Indian, Asian, Chinese, Japanese and Thai fare to suit every palate.
Address: Andheri West,, Mhada Colony, Mumbai, 400102, Maharshtra, India
Phone: +91 22 2631 0021
Opening hours: Sunday to Saturday from 12:00 PM to 01:30 AM
Hotel: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Distance: 4.29 mi

Film City

Romantic interludes, fight sequences, we are talking about making of Bollywood movies. See all that here; entry allowed only through tours.
Mumbai is the hub of the Indian film industry. And it is in Film City that most of the movies are made. These studios are located away from city life, on a secluded piece of land in the vicinity of Aarey Colony in Goregaon. There are large studio complexes for indoor shootings, and facilities like recording rooms, theaters, gardens, lakes, and heli-pads. The Film City is only open for admission with prior permission.
Address: Film City Road, Goregaon, Mumbai, 400063, India
Hotel: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Distance: 4.75 mi
Leopold Cafe - find
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Leopold Cafe

Since 1871 this cafe has served Indian, European, and Chinese snacks.
Leopold Cafe opened in 1871 and since then has had one of the best menus for meals and wine in Mumbai. They serve Chinese, European and Indian food. Many ex-pats visit the restaurant. They serve beer in pitchers with delicious chips.
Address: , Colaba Causeway,, Colaba, Mumbai, 400001, Maharashtra, India
Phone: +91 22 2282 8185
Opening hours: 10:00AM to 01:00 AM
Hotel: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Distance: 16.91 mi

Ittar Market

Variety of high quality perfumes are sold here that have been made traditionally more than 5000 years.
Ittar Market is located in Crawford Market in South Mumbai. They sell pure and high quality perfumes free from alcohol and chemicals.
Address: Crawford Market, CST, Mumbai, 400001, Maharashtra, Ind
Opening hours: 11:00AM to 08:00PM
Hotel: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Distance: 35 mi
Prithvi Theatre - find
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Prithvi Theatre

A stage for new artists, this theater plays host to more than 400 plays each year. It gives a vivid view of the city's creativity.
Prithvi Theatre, started by the late actor Prithviraj Kapoor, is the venue for theatrical performances with social themes. Four generations of the Kapoor family have contributed in a big way to the Hindi film world as actors, producers and directors, and the theater has played a huge role in reviving regional, especially Hindi plays. Theater and film festivals, retrospectives, discussions and book readings are constantly organized in this charming complex.
Address: Juhu Church Road, 20 Janki Kutir, Mumbai, 400049, India
Phone: +91 22 2614 9546
Hotel: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Distance: 4.8 mi
Purepur Kolhapur - find
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Purepur Kolhapur

This one serves spicy cuisine from Kolhapur region. You must try the pandhra and tambda rassa (curries). Caution! Keep drinking water handy.
Purepur Kolhapur derives its name from the cuisine it serves. A fabulous spread of Kolhapuri delicacies, cooked in the most authentic way, is a sheer delight for your taste buds. The stars of its menu are the chicken and mutton preparations that find mention in elite food lists across the city. Gorge on Tambda Rassa and Pandhara Rassa, two of the most sought-after non-veg items on the platter. Besides its fair share of chicken, mutton and lamb, Purepur Kolhapur has plenty of options for rice, roti, and snack eaters as well. In the busy by-lanes of Vile Parle, Purepur Kolhapur is perfect for one who's looking out for traditional Indian food. Call ahead for more information.
Address: Parleshwar Road, vile parle east, Mumbai, 400057, Maharshtra, India
Phone: +91 22 2613 4569
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:00 PM to 12:30 AM
Hotel: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Distance: 20 mi

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