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Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun

The breathtaking natural beauty of the island of Okinawa is one of the jewels in Japan’s crown and a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to East Asia. Discover the incredibly diverse local marine life, take some time to explore the immaculate beaches, or take a boat trip around this stunning island — all from your base at our Kunigami-gun resort. Our resident Navigator Risa can tell you how to make the most of your stay, with a host of hidden gems and cultural experiences up her sleeve. For a truly one-of-a-kind experience try Sea Walk, our underwater stroll. Or if you just want to relax and unwind, try the sumptuous food at any one of our seven restaurants and lounges.

Sea Side Drive-In - find
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Sea Side Drive-In

Located right by the beach, this 24-hour drive-in is a favorite for its views, and American diner classics like burgers.
Among the myriad Japanese restaurants in Okinawa, Sea Side Drive-In is a unique find. Located in the Onna Village, it is a classic 1950s-style American diner offering stunning ocean views. Sit by the large windows to enjoy the sunset as the jukebox plays crowd favorites. Their menu features staples like cheeseburgers and fries, a club sandwich, as well as Mexican spring rolls and taco balls, served with delicious sides and beverages. The interiors are replete with aquariums and eclectic collectibles; the family-friendly atmosphere makes it popular among tourists. Open 24 hours, come in anytime.
Address: 885 Nakadomari, Okinawa, 904-0415, Japan
Phone: +81 98 964 2272
Hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun
Distance: 1.2 mi
Chikyu Zakka Warehouse - find
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Chikyu Zakka Warehouse

Exploring this never-ending treasure-trove of gifts and arty objects will take you some time, but the rewarding finds will be well worth it.
When it comes to volume, there's hardly anyone who can match Chikyu Zakka; the 'store' is literally a warehouse as the name suggests. A collection of large traditional sculptures greet you outside the shop, probably because the insides are full. Step in, and you'll find yourself surrounded by an amazing collection of gifts, souvenirs, art, antiques, musical instruments and more. Exploring it is a joyride and interesting finds are guaranteed.
Address: Namihira 2470, Yomitan, 904-0322, Japan
Hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun
Distance: 5.8 mi
Flagship Okinawa - find
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Flagship Okinawa

Be dazzled by the variety of local crafts, souvenirs and clothing you can find here; we recommend taking home a fine Ryukyu glass piece.
At Flagship, you will find a huge selection of traditional Okinawan products. Expect to see everything from ceramics to clothing, accessories, art and gifts. It is the perfect place to snag a memento from your time in Japan or to pick up a traditional, unique gift.
Address: Kubota 3-chome 1-12, Okinawa, 904-0023, Japan
Phone: +81 98 862 4671
Hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun
Distance: 10.5 mi
Okashigoten Onna - find
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Okashigoten Onna

Indulge your sweet-tooth at this dessert specialist in the little village. Local specialties are like nothing you have ever seen.
Sweet tooths will have a field day trying out all the delights offered at Okashigoten. The huge facility produces some of the best sweets in Okinawa and specializes in tarts made from Beni-imo, a locally grown sweet potato that is purple in color. The entire facility is built to resemble a Japanese castle and attracts scores of curious visitors. There is also a little cafe-style restaurant within the building.
Address: 100 Serakaki, Onna, 904-0404, Japan
Phone: +81 98 982 3388
Hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun
Distance: 8.3 mi
Okinawaryourishimabutaya - find
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Savor the steaming baskets of meat delivered hot to your table at this one-of-a-kind eatery which displays a good example of local cuisine.
A cozy little restaurant in Onna, the name Okinawaryourishimabutaya is a mouthful but serves some of the best local cuisine in town. The restaurant's decor is striking, yet earthy with ample use of greenery outside and wood in the interiors. The specialty of the restaurant is steaming baskets containing flavorful strips of the local Aguu pork, which are brought right to your table.
Address: 6369-1 Onna, Onna, 904-0411, Japan
Phone: +81 98 966 1450
Hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun
Distance: 5.7 mi
First Round Last Round - find
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First Round Last Round

Swing to rock and country tunes at this cozy little bar with some of the best live music in town and a great selection of beer and spirits.
Located in Kin town, First Round Last Round is a delightful pub with a regular roster of live rock and country music acts. On any given day, you'll find a good number of expats and tourists hanging out at the bar or shooting pool and catching up on the scene back home. There's a great selection of beer and other spirits to keep the night alive.
Address: Off National Highway 329, Outside Camp Hansen Gate 1, Kin, 904-1201, Japan
Hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun
Distance: 9.4 mi
Beach Bar Coconut Moon - find
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Beach Bar Coconut Moon

Fun is always on the menu at this bar with tons of cocktails, awamori (local drink) and some of the best live acts in Okinawa.
While the name is a dead give-away, the bar sits right on the beach and has some pretty amazing ocean views. The interiors are a delight, with a thatched wooden roof and plenty of greenery strewn across for an earthy feel. Evenings are particularly striking with clear skies and a fairytale-like atmosphere. The choice in drinks is amazing and ranges from beer and wine to awamori and cocktails. Live music adds a great touch.
Address: 3085 Yamada, Onna, 904-0416, Japan
Phone: +81 98 965 3601
Hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun
Distance: 0.3 mi
Paddy Macs Irish Pub - find
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Paddy Macs Irish Pub

Get ready for a typical Irish experience at Paddy Macs with good drafts, a mean Guinness, great food and good music.
If you're craving for a bit of Irish hospitality in Okinawa, head straight to Paddy Macs. Located near the air-base, this delightful Irish pub has a lot of character that'll make you forget that you're in Okinawa. The crowd here is an eclectic mix of the military staff, tourists as well as locals. An amazing selection of beers includes Guinness, complement pub food favorites like Shepherd's Pie and Irish stew. The St. Patrick's day celebrations are not to be missed if you're lucky enough to be in town.
Address: 2-17-25 Chuo, Okinawa, 904-0004, Japan
Hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun
Distance: 9.4 mi
Onna Cultural Information Center - find
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Onna Cultural Information Center

Overlooking the Nakadomari site, the East China Sea and Iejima Island, this cultural center is a great place to learn about the resort town.
This three-story building is a treasure trove of information about Onna's cultural landscape. The first floor has audio-visual aides and guides to help you plan your visit. Head up to the second floor to explore the library with resource materials, magazines and newspapers; it has a spacious reading room for visitors to read in peace. The third-floor observation room offers magnificent views of the ocean and is a great place to enjoy a leisurely hour with a cool drink or hot coffee. The Onna Village Museum is located adjacent to the center and features exhibitions on history, anthropology and archaeology where you can learn about the daily life of the people of this village, both past and present. There are temporary exhibitions held here and informative documentaries screened at the theater.
Address: 1656-8 Nakadomari, Onna, 904-0415, Japan
Phone: +81 98 982 5432
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM,Saturday to Sunday from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun
Distance: 0.4 mi
Gala Aoiumi - find
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Gala Aoiumi

Make your own sea salt, learn traditional Okinawan pottery or Ryukyu glass making, and explore a reef at this cultural hub by the ocean.
The Gala Aoiumi offers a variety of unique experiences for all ages, including craft classes, guided visits, and workshops. Opt for the step-by-step tour of the sea salt factory and see firsthand how salt is manufactured in small batches using time-honored technique right from the condensation to the brewing process. Explore the Sango Batake, or artificial coral reef, where coral is grown to repopulate the Okinawan waters and learn about its complex ecosystem. There are restaurants where you can savor specialties like traditional Ryukyuan dishes, sea salt ice cream, and handmade rice crackers sprinkled with salt. This center provides visitors a multi-sensory adventure and promises that some great memories will be made.
Address: 915 Takashiho, Yomitan, 904-0323, Japan
Phone: +81 98 958 3940
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun
Distance: 6 mi
Yomitan Pottery Village - find
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Yomitan Pottery Village

Discover traditional Okinawan pottery and hand-blown Ryukyu glass at this quaint village; celebrated artist Jiro Kinjo made his home here.
An hour's drive from Naha, this pottery village (also known as Yachimun No Sato) is a must-visit for art enthusiasts. With over 45 workshops and studios, this enclave offers a firsthand look of the painstaking craft of pottery making from shaping the clay to firing the kiln. Walk along the gently meandering streets and take your camera along for artistic shots of the red-roofed kilns, glass workshops with bright wares, and the fascinating Noborigama or climbing kiln. You'll find everything from glazed pottery to traditional unglazed Ryukyuan ceramics here, with a wide variety including everything from small decorative items to pairs of elaborate "shisa" or mythical guardians for the home. Each unique creation is a testament to the artisan's creativity uniting fire and earth with exquisite craftsmanship.
Address: 2653-1 Zakimi, Yomitan, 904-0301, Japan
Phone: +81 98 958 4468
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun
Distance: 3.8 mi
Okinawa Craft Village (Okinawa Kougei Mura) - find
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Okinawa Craft Village (Okinawa Kougei Mura)

For the best of Ryukyu glass, this place is a must go. From colorful glassware to beads and other artifacts, there's endless variety here.
One of the best areas for picking up a piece of Okinawa's beautiful Ryukyu glass is this intriguing destination. Okinawa Craft Village is a delightful facility with a great variety of glass products from colorful tumblers to decorative pieces. If learning the art of the trade interests you, many also conduct a number of workshops on activities like glass-blowing and vase-making.
Address: 6203-1 Onna, Onna, 904-0411, Japan
Phone: +81 98 966 2910
Hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kunigami-gun
Distance: 6 mi

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