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Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel

Explore one of the lesser known parts of the Mediterranean or trek into the lush vegetation of the Taurus Mountains. In the dramatic setting of Antalya, you can do both in a single day. And our 5-star Antalya Beach Resort & Spa is the perfect place from which to explore this oceanside paradise. Local Navigator Eren can tell you all about the best beaches and mountain hikes or help you discover the magical Karain Cave, inhabited by humans as far back as the Stone Age. Or if you enjoy water sports, how about trying your hand at sailing, surfing or jet skiing along this pristine stretch of coast. Back at the hotel, treat your taste buds to a meal in one of our many restaurants where you can enjoy the finest local fare or your favorite international flavors.

Emirseyh Nedim

Sit inside its palatial dining room, under the painstakingly designed ceiling. The setting is perfect to devour traditional Ottoman fare.
You wouldn't find a more perfect setting to savor the delicacies from the traditional Ottoman cuisine. Located on the Tebriz Avenue, Emirseyh Nedim takes fine dining to a level that's difficult to match. To begin with, the decor of its main dining room, which is inspired from Ottoman palaces, is painstakingly decorated with the ceiling, itself, took four years to complete. Adding to the decor is the excellent preparation of Ottoman cuisine. Try the kofte kebap or Tandir kebap and you are in for a delectable treat. With such a winning combination, it doesn't come as a surprise that the elite prefer to dine here.
Address: 172 Tebriz Kapı Caddesi Number, Erzurum, 25100, Turkey
Phone: +90 442 213 92 92
Hotel: Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel
Distance: 2.7 mi
food / 2.7 mi

Konaklı Ski Resort

Ski downhill from a height 3000 meters, or the less daring can simply come to enjoy the spectacular views form the resort.
Located at a distance of 18 kilometers (11 miles) from the center of Erzurum, Konaklı Ski Resort is one of the latest ski resorts in Turkey. Spread across approximately 182 hectares (450 acres), this upcoming tourist attraction has infrastructure that meets the standards of ski resorts like the Val d’Isere and Courchevel. This ski resort is located at the height of close to 3000 meters (10,000 feet) and was host to the 2011 Universiade Winter Games where Alpine Ski races were held. This resort facilitates thrilling downhill ski runs, and includes the chair-lift facility. A number of restaurants and hotels are developed at the resort, hence, making it a perfect stop for your adventure holiday in Erzurum.
Address: Off Erzurum Bingöl Yolu, Konaklı Mahallesi, Erzurum, Turkey
Phone: +90 442 218 56 97
Hotel: Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel
Distance: 11.2 mi
see / 11.2 mi

Cafe Lavinya

Don't forget your dancing shoes as the live music spices up the air here. Tasty pizzas and fresh drinks take care of your hunger pangs.
Situated inside the Ataturk building, Cafe Lavinya is a modern cafe which is known for serving delicious breakfast, pizzas and an array of drinks. Sit back, relax and sip on beer and cocktails, or dance to the stellar music played by local bands. With a capacity to host up to 300 guests at a time, Cafe Lavinya wouldn't run out of space even if you want to throw an impromptu party with a group of your friends.
Address: Atatürk evi Caddesi, Erzurum, Turkey
Phone: +90 442 233 37 17
Hotel: Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel
Distance: 1.2 mi
drink / 1.2 mi

Aziziye Cafe & Restaurant

This delightful cafe has both Turkish and international dishes, but the real treat is their excellent drink selection.
The comfy cafe-style restaurant located near the Ataturk University in Erzurum has an excellent range of Turkish favorites along with a smattering of select European and Asian specialties. The casual ambiance is well-suited for a quick lunch. There is also a good selection of beverages and spirits.
Address: Ataturk Universitesi KavsagI, Erzurum, 25240, Turkey
Hotel: Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel
Distance: 1.9 mi
drink / 1.9 mi

Erzurum Evleri

This cafe is set in an old wooden house near the main street in town. The relaxing atmosphere makes drinks here even more tasty.
When you enter this café it’s hard not to believe that you’ve stumbled upon a history museum. Look closely and you'll notice that it is indeed a restaurant, but with a lot of historical items. With a stunning amount of paraphernalia strewn around the expansive dining area, Erzurum Eveleri provides one of the most unique settings for a meal. On the menu is a selection of Turkish favorites to savor as you marvel at the decor.
Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Erzurum, 25100, Turkey
Hotel: Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel
Distance: 2.1 mi
drink / 2.1 mi

Gel-Gor Cag KebabI

This simple and friendly restaurant offers mouth-watering traditional kebabs. Order the tasty Cag Kebab.
Prepare for a meat extravaganza at this delightful eatery specializing in kebabs and different forms of meat preparations. Cag Kebab is the specialty after which the restaurant is named and is an absolute must-try. There's not much to talk about in terms of interiors and decor; it's food all the way. Meat-lovers rejoice!
Address: Istasyon Caddesi, Erzurum, 25050, Turkey
Hotel: Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel
Distance: 2.7 mi
food / 2.7 mi

Guzelyurt Restaurant

This fine dining restaurant serves up old-world charm along with impressive Turkish cuisine. Try the delicious fried calamari.
Established in 1928, Guzelyurt is one of the oldest restaurants in town which is reason enough to visit it. The restaurant has done its part in keeping the nostalgia alive by not making too many changes to anything inside. The result is a charming old-world ambiance that is hard not to like. You are sure to enjoy the delectable Turkish specialties that are on the menu.
Address: 42 Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Erzurum, 25000, Turkey
Phone: +90 442 234 5001
Hotel: Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel
Distance: 2.2 mi
food / 2.2 mi

Lake Tortum

Relax by this beautiful lake as you take in the picturesque view. If you don’t want to unwind, then go swimming or rent a boat.
A stunning natural spectacle which lies about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Erzurum, Lake Tortum is unlike any other water body you've seen before. Formed as a result of a massive landslide in the surrounding mountains in the ancient times, the pristine lake is a major tourist draw today. The vibrant green colored waters with the backdrop of the mighty mountains makes for a breathtaking sight.
Address: Balikli Koyu Yolu, Erzurum, 25100, Turkey
Hotel: Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel

Tortum Waterfall

This waterfall is the largest and most beautiful waterfall in Turkey, especially during the months of May and June.
Born in conjunction with Tortum Lake due to the massive landslide, this waterfall is a breathtaking sight. With a drop of 48 meters (157 feet), this is one of Turkey's highest and most beautiful waterfalls. In recent times however, due to the dam and hydro-electric plant, the glory of the waterfall can only be witnessed a few months in a year. For those lucky enough to visit Turkey during those months, it’s worth the visit.
Address: Balikli Koyu Yolu, Erzurum, 25100, Turkey
Hotel: Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel


Browse through Ipekyol's chic clothing collection. The line has a timeless sophistication, perfect for women of all ages.
This boutique is located in the popular Erzurum Shopping Center. The stylish store has the perfect outfit for any occasion from casual to formal. Any woman is sure to love the sophisticated and chic clothing and accessories of Ipekyol.
Address: 43 Yavuz Sultan Selim Bulvarı, Erzurum, 25000, Turkey
Phone: +90 442 316 1611
Hotel: Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel
Distance: 0.9 mi
shop / 0.9 mi

Sabri Özel

Sabri Özel sells beautiful outfits for both men and women. The minimalist designs have a youthful contemporary edge.
Sabri Özel is located in the Erzurum Shopping Center in Solakzade Mahallesi. This stylish boutique sells some of the most chic and fashionable clothing for both men and women. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to help you create the perfect look for any occasion, or just stock your wardrobe with classic essentials.
Address: 43 Yavuz Sultan Selim Bulvarı, Erzurum, 25000, Turkey
Phone: +90 442 317 0808
Hotel: Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel
Distance: 0.9 mi
shop / 0.9 mi

Antik Sanat

Antik Sanat sells beautifully designed jewelry. You'll even find pieces with the beautiful Oltu stone that Erzurum is famous for.
This shop can be found in Solakzade Mahallesi in the Erzurum Shopping Center. Antik Sanat is a great place to come to get all kinds of gorgeous, quality jewelry. Especially don't miss out on considering a piece (or several!) with the Oltu stone (Black Amber) that this region is so known for.
Address: 43 Yavuz Sultan Selim Bulvarı, Erzurum, 25000, Turkey
Phone: +90 442 315 9500
Hotel: Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel
Distance: 0.9 mi
shop / 0.9 mi

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