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Renaissance Samara Hotel

The Renaissance Samara Hotel has all the charm and quirkiness of a boutique hotel combined with the outstanding facilities and exemplary service you expect from Renaissance. Our heated pool and Asahi Spa will help you unwind, while dinner in our A La Carte Italian Restaurant 'In Alto' comes complete with stunning views of the Volga. With so much going on, it might be hard to leave the hotel, but an exploration of Samara’s river promenade can’t be missed. Take a stroll along the banks of the river, enjoy some shopping at the MegaCity Mall or ask our Navigator Evgeniya to let you in on her top tips for the area.

Samarskaya Luka National Park - find
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Samarskaya Luka National Park

With borders carved by the Volga, this park has several unique landscapes to explore from the Molodetskiy Mound to the Verblyud Mountains.
The vast Samarskaya Luka National Park lies across from the city of Samara on the opposite bank of the Volga River. This park features magnificent panoramas and rare wildlife. Nature enthusiasts will love hiking the myriad trails. The wild natural beauty of the Zhiguli Mountains will take your breath away with its splendid views and green vistas. Visit the park's Samara office for tips on the best routes and to purchase weekend or season permits. Must visit sights here include the Dev'ya Mountain, Visly Kamen and the Stepan Razin Cave.
Address: 27 Kuybysheva street, Samara, 445350, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 9397010694
Hotel: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Distance: 5.3 mi
Varenye - find
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This bright cafe breathes new life into nostalgic dishes and serves them with a contemporary twist; try the beet risotto with salmon pesto.
Organic decor meets contemporary aesthetics at this chic cafe featuring an innovative menu and cheerful ambiance. Sleek modern furniture is juxtaposed with rustic wooden tables and comfortable plaid-covered couches to create a space that is relaxed and inviting. Aptly named "Varenye," which translates as "jam," the restaurant specializes in desserts and light eats. The pina colada dessert and the matcha green tea profiteroles are a must try here. Each dish is elegantly plated, offering a play of colors, flavors and textures that appeal to all your senses. Come here on a sunny afternoon and unwind with a refreshing drink on the cool patio.
Address: 60 Leningradskaya ulitsa, Samara, 443099, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 846 200 1448
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM,Friday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to 01:00 AM,Sunday from 11:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Hotel: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Distance: 5.4 mi
Premier Product - find
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Premier Product

Discover an exclusive collection of Ronnelfeld tea, Hausbrandt coffee, handmade chocolates, Italian meats and gourmet cheeses at this store.
Premier Product is a fine food store that gastronomes will love to visit. Browse their well-stocked aisles for unique epicurean items you won't find elsewhere like Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Siberian caviar from Mr. Osetroff, French foie gras with currants and much more. Head down to the climate-controlled wine cellar for some of the finest wines from around the globe. The patisserie counter is an ideal place to pick up Belgian chocolates, elegant boxes of macaroons or fragrant loaves of fresh bread. The store's gift baskets and beautifully-packaged boxes make for the ideal business or personal gift.
Address: 3 prospekt Lenina, Samara, 443110, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 846 263 8070
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Hotel: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Distance: 2.8 mi

Biblioteka Bar

Stylish bar in the heart of the city with antique furniture, a friendly staff, and amazing cocktails.
Stylish and cozy restaurant-bar Biblioteka is located in heart of the city and is hidden in the inner yard of one of the oldest buildings in Samara. Antique furniture, leather armchairs, and walls filled from top to bottom with books create an elegant bar.
Address: 40 Galaktionovskaya St., Samara, Russia
Phone: +7 846 202 20 80
Hotel: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Distance: 5.21 mi

MotoWorld Museum

Private museum of motorbikes that are waiting for you to test them.
MotoWorld Museum presents the great collection of motorbikes from the 20th century, the golden period of motor-creation. The founders of the museum have searched for different models all over the world and then renovate them. MotoWorld offers some excursions and also test-drives of some motorbikes. I recommend to take some friends and choose a group tour and have fun riding on a BMW R61.
Address: p. Petra-Dubrava, 2B Klimova St., Samara,, Russia
Phone: +7 846 332 61 32
Hotel: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Distance: 10.71 mi

Sweater Cafe

Cozy cafe in a historic part of the city with panoramic windows and amazing breakfasts.
Sweater Cafe is a place with modern interior design, tasty food, and reasonable prices. Pancakes with berry toppings, wafers with maple syrup, and other delicious desserts are offered here. You can also enjoy the view of Samara's architecture masterpieces through the panoramic windows.
Address: 94 Kuybysheva ul., Samara, Russia
Phone: +7 846 201 01 20
Hotel: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Distance: 5.48 mi

Penthouse Beauty Salon

This salon has a creative team of professionals and an amazing of the Volga from the open terrace.
Penthouse Salon offers customers a wide range of services, such as different types of make-up, nail service, special care for hair, trendy haircuts, massages, and other unique procedures. Moreover, you'll enjoy the pleasant interior full of light and panoramic views of the Volga River.
Address: 60 Solnechnaya ul., Samara, Russia
Phone: +7 846 200 09 09
Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday 08:00 - 22:00
Hotel: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Distance: 2.74 mi

All Your Friends

Craft beer bar where even strangers are the best of friends.
If you want to have some beer during hot summer evenings in Samara City, All Your Friends is a bar that is the place to visit. More than 16 types of the best Russian beer, as well as the most popular Belgian, English and German beers and ciders are served here. On weekends you can listen to local DJ's sets as well.
Address: 65 Molodogvardeyskaya ul., Samara, Russia
Hotel: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Distance: 5.25 mi
New Garden - find
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New Garden

This contemporary city center restaurant specializes in upscale European fare; try the duck leg with pear and sweet-sour cherry sauce.
New Garden features stylish modern decor with its cream and grey interiors, cozy banquettes, low-hanging lamps and sleek bar. Effortlessly morphing from day to night venue, the restaurant is equally ideal for a business lunch or romantic evening dinner. The talented chefs craft such gourmet creations like pork loin with sweet and sour peppers, pike perch filet with mushroom tartar, and a perfectly-seared filet mignon. A carefully-chosen collection of Italian wines, top-shelf vodkas and whiskies perfectly complement your meal.
Address: 24А Novo-Sadovaya ulitsa, Samara, 443110, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 846 334 2773
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Hotel: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Distance: 2.7 mi
Tea Card Samara - find
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Tea Card Samara

Discover rare and exotic Chinese teas like the fermented Sheng Pu-erh, Shou Mei white tea and delicate Biluochun green tea at this boutique.
Russian tea culture dates back to the 17th century when tea was introduced by a Chinese diplomat to the court of Tsar Aleksey Mikhaylovitch. Since then it has evolved into an art, with its own unique rituals and traditions. The Tea Card shop gives tea drinking its due, offering a selection of the finest quality blends and single origin teas as well as the necessary accouterments to prepare them to perfection. If you're looking for a unique gift or souvenir of your travels, their tasteful array of tea accessories, traditional cups and brewing equipment makes for ideal gifts for fellow tea connoisseurs or business associates. Regularly held tea tastings and a wide variety of options makes this a great place to expand your knowledge of tea and surprise your palate with something new.
Address: 117 ulitsa Kuybysheva, Samara, 443010, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 846 333 0214
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM,Saturday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Hotel: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Distance: 5.2 mi
Victory Park - find
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Victory Park

Discover Samara's very own Arc de Triomphe and the Eternal Flame at this park dedicated to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.
The Victory Park is a sprawling 13-hectare (32-acre) heritage park dedicated to preserving the memory of all those who sacrificed their lives in World War II on the Eastern Front. The park features several monuments to explore, patriotic graffiti for art enthusiasts, amusement park rides like a toy train and Ferris wheel for kids, exhibitions of original war machinery and much more. Take a break and head to the summer cafe for refreshments and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the central avenue shaded by towering linden trees. A major attraction for locals and visitors alike, this park is a great place to learn about Samara's history as well as appreciate a sunny day out.
Address: 90 Aerodromnaya ulitsa, Samara, 443074, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 8927 205 5934
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Hotel: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Distance: 3.4 mi
Divini Caffe - find
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Divini Caffe

Sip on exclusive drinks like the Dia Pason as you take in the vibrant ambiance and mesmerizing city views at this glass-roofed lounge.
This classy concept bar exudes style with its modern architecture, contemporary art work and panoramic windows. The space effortlessly transforms from upscale lunch venue to happening after-hours club, and offers a well-balanced menu of gourmet food and drinks. Live bands and guest DJs on most weekends makes it a mainstay of the city's nightlife scene, attracting a chic, younger crowd. Pair signature drinks like the Glamor or Beauty with shared plates like the Russian herring rolls, tuna niçoise, and pâté with caramelized onions on toast. Come here for the excellent prix-fixe lunch menu or post work for a trendy rooftop party.
Address: 17 Moskovskoye shosse, Vertical, Third Floor, Samara, 443013, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 846 244 4277
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 12:00 PM to 01:00 AM,Friday from 12:00 PM to 04:00 AM,Saturday from 03:00 PM to 04:00 AM,Sunday from 03:00 PM to 01:00 AM
Hotel: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Distance: 3 mi

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  • Multi-Cultural Cuisine
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  • Valet Dry-Cleaning

Upcoming events

Beer Tasting

Beer Tasting

Take part in beer tasting, dedicated to 135 anniversary of the Zhiguli Brewery - 6 local varieties by 1881 year recipes!

Take part in beer tasting, dedicated to 135 anniversary of the Zhiguli Brewery - 6 local varieties by 1881 year recipes!

Samara, Russian Federation
Venue: Renaissance Samara Hotel
Address: Novo-Sadovaya St. 162 V, Samara, 443011, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 846 277 8340