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Enjoy Santiago from our luxury hotel in Chile and pamper yourself at DBar and Lounge or Kaitek Terrace.

Our chic, modern Santiago hotel in the trendy Vitacura district is the perfect place from which to explore the delights of one of South America’s must-see destinations. You can start your adventure with a glass of pisco sour — the local specialty — at the bar and lounge of Catae Restaurant. With the help of resident Navigator Antonia, venture out and discover why this city is fast becoming a destination every traveler wants to visit. Our hotel offers the high-tech amenities you’d expect from Renaissance as well as 12,000 square feet of event space and fantastic restaurants where you can sample the unique flavors of authentic Chilean cuisine.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC Fragrance
  • RLife Magazine
  • 24-hour room service
  • House keeping Service
  • Newspaper In-Room
  • Gift and Newsstand
  • Valet Dry-Cleaning
  • Book Store
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Our spin on a concierge, Renaissance Hotels Navigators are local experts who have been hand-picked to help you find what the guidebooks can't tell you.

Antonia Miranda's top finds

Milaires Boutique del Libro

Peruse their beautifully arranged racks for art books on everything from visual design and comics, to graffiti and fashion design.
Milaires Boutique del Libro is an independent bookstore in the neighborhood of Vitacura, specializing in publications of visual art and design. It offers an eclectic selection on anything from architecture and photography to graphic and industrial design. Professional artists are sure to find everything from basic texts to hard-to-find editions There is also an area dedicated to kids, with a fine selection of children's literature.
Address:Alonso de Cordova 2843, Santiago, 13132
phone:+56 2 2953 5193

Museo de la Moda

This museum houses an interesting collection of clothing. See pieces worn by Marilyn Monroe and other icons.
Opened in 2007, Museo de la Moda works to showcase the history and significance of fashion. Here, you'll find a variety of items from different eras. They even have a collection of garments worn by famous fashionistas, like Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor. The museum also features fascinating temporary exhibits, so check the website to see what's on display today. 
Address:4562 Vitacura, Santiago
phone:+56 2 2219 3623
Opening hours today:

Factoría & Co

Eat in or take out? At La Factoria and Co. you can choose to take your food to go or settle in at the restaurant to enjoy a fresh meal.
La Factoria & Co is a friendly neighborhood shop and restaurant in Vitacura that allows diners to choose whether they would like to eat in the restaurant of take it home for later. All of the food in the shop is vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness whenever you decide to eat it and the restaurant serves up fresh cuisine if you would prefer to eat on site.
Address:Vitacura 3708, Santiago
phone:+56 2 2933 5623

Bar The Clinic

Located in a historic building, this bar offers a great wine menu and Chilean cuisine.
Everyone is welcomed at Bar The Clinic. This local bar has won fame locally for its chic, lively atmosphere and amazing selection of wine. Walking up, you'll be impressed by the facade of the historic building. Once inside, the first thing you notice might be the towering shelves holding bottles of wine. The decor is modern and simple - aside from the political cartoons that cover the walls.
Address:Monjitas 578, Santiago
Opening hours today:


LARRY STORE is all about furniture, design, and trends.
Located in "Barrio Italia", one of the iconic vintage shopping neighborhoods that are full of design galleries and stores, and Larry's is one of them. You will be able to find everything to decorate your house from coffee cups to sofas and after shopping it's a must, try one of the many coffee shops in the area!
Address:Av. Italia 1392, Santiago
Opening hours today:

Museo Ralli

Come enjoy a collection of contemporary art from artists all over Latin America.
Museo Ralli is a non-profit museum, with a focus on 20th Century works from artists throughout the Americas. Their exhibits display both works by up and coming artists and established standards, like Salvador Dali. Though they focus on contemporary art, they also have a hall of classical art, which features pieces from the Renaissance and the 15th to 18th Century. This is a great place to enjoy a leisurely afternoon exploring the art world.    
Address:4110 Calle Alonso de Sotomayor, Santiago, 7630202
phone:+56 2 206 4224


Come taste the true flavors of Chile, with traditional cooking techniques and seasonal ingredients sourced from all over the country.
Borago is dedicated to creating a menu using only the true flavors of Chile. The ingredients are all seasonal, and they are sourced from everywhere in Chile from Patagonia to the tops of the Andes. This means fresh meat and seafood as well as foraged herbs and berries. Plus, they're cooking all of this up using traditional techniques, including cooking with hot rocks and smoking with native Chilean wood. Even the presentation is inspired by this natural sourcing, and one can expect to receive their food tucked inside a bonsai tree or stacked on twigs and flowers. This is considered to be one of the best restaurants in the county, so make sure to stop by when you are in Santiago.   
Address:Avenida Nueva Costanera 3467, Santiago, 7630546
phone:+56 2 953 8893


Sample the delectable diversity of Chile's numerous wine producing regions at this wine bar and education center.
Bocanariz is a wine bar in the heart of Santiago meant to showcase the variety of fine wines produced all over Chile. They have a wine to represent every region and style of wine production within the country. In addition, they also have a restaurant with dishes specially prepared to accompany your wines.
Address:276 José Victorino Lastarria, Santiago
Opening hours today:

Cuatro Bocas Resto & Bar

Authentic Restaurant where the stars of each dishes are its meatballs
The meatballs in this place are called "Bocas" and they are made with a variety of fillings. From the traditional beef, chicken to seafood and they have options for vegetarians too. The "Bocas" you can be combined with various sauces and garnishes. Above all,they have an excellent bar to enjoy every dish that this restaurant present with some well-poured drinks..
Address:Manuel Montt 983, Providencia, Santiago, 7500972
phone:+56 9 7514 4423


Quintessential Chilean food served in an inviting atmosphere
Come Drink "Terremoto" (Earthquake) and eat "Sopapillas with Pebre" (Pumpkin fried dough with pebre sauce made with onion, chili pepper, and tomato) Typical Chilean! It is located in a bohemian iconic neighborhood of Santiago, perfect for enjoying the national drink and typical food!
Address:Manuel Montt 370, Providencia, Santiago, 7630454
Opening hours today:

Espacio Guerrero

Local clothing store selling Chilean designs
This place seeks to connect the local avant-garde creativity, entrepreneurs of art and design with an audience that increasingly values ​​local production and seeks to distinguish itself with unique pieces and with character.
Address:Providencia 2124, Providencia, Santiago, 7510095
phone:+56 2 2335 0822

Museo de La Memoria y los Derechos Humanos

Be inspired for a better future at this museum dedicated to human rights.
Established in 2010, the Museo de la Memoria exposes the horrors that were committed against the Chilean people between 1973 and 1990. This museum aims to educate the public on the severity of these human rights violations and start dialogues to further educate and heal.
Address:501 Avenida Matucana, Santiago
Opening hours today:

Da Carla

Enjoy Mediterranean dishes in a romantic atmosphere at Da Carla. Savor delicious pasta and meat dishes on the outdoor patio.
Low lighting and a small dining room create an intimate atmosphere at Da Carla. Specializing in Mediterranean dishes and offering a great wine list, this restaurant has made a name for itself. Start your meal with the fresh mozzarella on tomatoes, then move on to the lamb stew or fish with risotto. For dessert, you may find yourself with a few creative and delicious-sounding options, like the flan or chestnut mousse. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the dining room or eat on the patio facing the street for some great people watching. 
Address:Nueva Costanera, 3673, Santiago
phone:+56 2 2206 0892
Opening hours today:


Savor a hearty brunch on the lovely terrace at this gourmet delicatessen, or take home specialty foods and spirits from their storefront.
Coquinaria is a gourmet delicatessen on Alonso de Córdova. Nestled in a contemporary building, it features set menus of international cuisine as well as a fine selection of beverages. Enjoy a hearty English breakfast, Eggs Benedict, pasta, risotto, soups and more at their cafe. Their store offers artisanal cheeses, French pastries, preserves, sauces and spirits. Dining is great for groups and they also organize cooking workshops for those who share this passion.
Address:Alonso de Córdova 2383-2523, Santiago
phone:+56 2 2206 5018

Restaurant Quinoa

Nourish yourself at Restaurant Quinoa, where vegetarian dishes are lovingly prepared fresh each and every day.
Restaurant Quinoa is a family owned eatery specializing in healthy, vegetarian dining. For breakfast, stop by and enjoy freshly baked pastries and all-natural juices. Lunchtime brings a host of savory options to choose from, including hearty salads with brown rice and avocado, sandwiches, soups, and entrees that feature their namesake ingredient: quinoa. For a fresh, healthy, and delicious meal, Restaurant Quinoa is a must-try. 
Address:Luis Pasteur 5393, Santiago
phone:+56 2 2954 0283
Opening hours today:

El Mundo del Queso

For those who love cheese, this shop is the place to go. No matter your preference, you'll find a cheese you can't live without!
With a selection of dozens upon dozens of cheeses lining its shelves, El Mundo del Queso lives up to its name with products sourced both locally and internationally. From the conventional to the name brand and even designer, the wares at El Mundo del Queso could take hours to fully take in. Whether you're on the hunt for imported feta, top-notch Dutch varieties or some local specialties, this humble fromagerie has it all. Don't miss out on some of the premium dried meats that create a perfect complement to any of the quesos on site.  
Address:036 Calle Nueva de Lyon, Santiago
phone:+56 2 2231 9139

El Barrio

Celebrity chef Christopher Carpentier's chic restaurant serves up an eclectic menu of tapas, sandwiches and entrées like atún with kimchi.
Located in the fashionable Vitacura neighborhood, this lively restaurant effortlessly transforms from a day to night venue. Their contemporary décor draws influences from world cultures, much like the food served here. Their covered outdoor patio features cozy banquettes adorned with bright cushions and hanging lamps, ideal for a casual lunch or after-dinner drinks. Savor epicurean delights like duck confit with smoked carrot purée, beef jus and grilled asparagus; and eggplant ravioli with burro fuso. Their selection of fresh fruit mixes are great to beat the heat; try the Volcano cocktail (pisco, lime, passion fruit and berries). They also have a well-curated selection of the national favorite - pisco; choose from over 15 kinds like Waqar and Monte Fralle for a refreshing summer drink.
Address:4263 Alonso de Córdova, Santiago
phone:+56 2 5468 3531

Feria de Artesanos Santa Lucia

Lose yourself in the labyrinth of locally-made art and crafts at this street market.
Centro Artesanal Santa Lucia is a vibrant street market in the heart of the city. Located across the Cerro Santa Lucia, it reflects the country's cultural heritage by showcasing an array of crafts and collectibles by local artisans. Explore the stalls for clothes, jewelry, semi-precious stones, woolen accessories, handcrafted shoes, bags, fabric, leather goods, wooden instruments, and artwork.
Address:Corner of Carmen and Liber Bernardo O'Higgins, Santiago
Opening hours today:

Sarita Colonia Restaurant

Traditional Peruvian food with a modern twist.
Sarita Colonia is a Peruvian miracle worker that although unrecognized by religion has a strong and faithful following. She is the Saint Patron of the destitute, immigrants, those who live as outlaws, and the excluded ones. This restaurant takes several of these attributes and incorporates them in both their bar and kitchen, as well as in their picturesque interior décor.
Address:40 - 46 Loreto Street, Recoleta, Santiago
phone:+56 22 881 3937 / +56 9 8341 5572

Templo Bahá'í de Sudamérica

Considered the 9th Bahai temple in the world and the first in Latin America
Inaugurated in 2016, and designed by the architect Siamak Hariri, it has become one of the main and different attractions of the city of Santiago to visit. A place to discover and live the moment of many religions in one place
Address:Diagonal Las Torres 2000, Peñalolen, Santiago
phone:+56 2 3220 9942
Opening hours today:

Oporto Steak Bar

Modern steak bar serving amazing meats, vegetarian options. and drinks
Modern steak bar is designed using recycled materials that were part of an old meat house from the 1920s. The place's architecture and service come together to delight you with a unique experience that's complemented by innovative meat dishes. And also, you can enjoy a signature cocktail bar.
Address:Isidora Goyenechea 3477, Las Condes
phone:+569 4283 8028


Elegant Steakhouse highlights cuisine with premium cuts of meat
This is a steakhouse and brasserie. It is important to note that although it is a meat restaurant, there are also options for people who do not consume these. Try the Shrimp Risotto if you are not looking for a steak A great service makes the experience unforgettable.
Address:Nueva Costanera 3960, Santiago
Opening hours today:

Iglesia de la Veracruz

Historical Monument of the Lastarria neighborhood since 1983
Located in the Barrio Lastarria, the church of Veracruz is a patrimonial attraction that was declared a Historical Monument in 1983. For many years it was believed that the place occupied by this church was the residence of the conquistador Pedro de Valdivia. Over the years this error took hold until in 1852 when the Church rose in his name.
Address:José Victorino Lastarria 124, Santiago
phone:+226 33 15 84

Cerro Santa Lucía

One of the most important historical places in the city of Santiago.
This is a small hill originally called Huelén by the natives of the zone. Known as one of the most important places in the city, you can get to the top of the hill in 30 minutes by taking the old roads and stairs. The original castle constructions and amazing landscapes of the city and the Andes mountains are highlights of Cerro Santa Lucía.
Address:Cerro Santa Lucía, Santiago
phone:+56 2 23867185

Bar Liguria

Traditional Chilean bar with its kaleidoscopic decor and domestic wine and spirits. It's great to linger over a drink
Bar Liguria is synonymous with Chilean joie de vivre. A historic watering hole, popular among artists, expats and intellectuals in the 1990s, this Santiago tradition was started by the Cicali Genoese family. This bar exude a unique character reflecting the country's heritage and charm. Murals, paintings, vintage posters, rustic furniture and fairy lights, welcome to Liguria!
Address:Merced 298, Santiago, Santiago, 8320000
Opening hours today:

Barrica 94

Gastronomy with Chilean inspiration and a great selection of wines
Located inside Patio Bellavista, this modern and authentic restaurant invites to surprise your senses with the best Chilean wines, hand in hand with a unique gastronomy.
Address:Bellavista 052, Patio Bellavista, Santiago, 8320000
Opening hours today:

Siam Thai

If you are looking for a good drink some Thai food then this is the place!
Located in one of the iconic neighborhoods in Santiago "Barrio Italia", this restaurant offers you a restobar option with amazing drinks and Thai food.
Address:Avenida Italia 1139, Santiago
Opening hours today:

Ciudad Vieja

A cantina and bar that is known for sandwiches and craft beer
Located in the bohemian "Bellavista Neighborhood" this place perfect for a starving crowd. There are several types of sánguches (popular Chilean word for sandwiches) and you can choose your favorite bread instead of a Typical Chilean option "Sopaipilla". Also, you will find a variety of craft and local beer to go with your food.
Address:Constitución 92, Santiago
Opening hours today:

Azotea Matilde

Terrace with delicious food and a beautiful view
Terrace named by Pablo Neruda's third wife, located next to La Chascona (one of the houses of a Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda). Azotea Matilde promises beautiful views from their 6th floor and delicious Chilean food.
Address:Chucre Manzur 2, Providencia, Santiago
phone:+9 3121 0017

Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral

A popular center of arts, culture, and people
Located at the downtown, near to the known Lastarria neighborhood, this place offers culture and pre-Columbian art. If the theatre is one of your interests, you can visit this center that has a lot of activities during the week, with libraries and urban spaces.
Address:Av Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 227, Santiago, Santiago, 8320000
phone:+2566 5500


Vegan ice cream made from liquid nitrogen
Most of the people think that something vegan cannot be tasty, but this family business can tell you otherwise. The only ice cream parlor that applies the concept of molecular gastronomy came up to offer you delicious vegan waffles, acai bowls and more.
Address:San Pío X 2387, Providencia, Santiago
phone:+9 4894 7331

Parque Rodelbahn

Located within the Mahuida Park, it is the only place in Santiago where you will find a toboggan run.
Rodelbahn means toboggan run in Austrian. You can enjoy this in the city of Santiago inside Park Mahuida in La Reina. A fabulous recommendation for large families, it will surely be an amazing experience here.
Address:Parque Rodelbahn, Av. Alcalde Fernando Castillo Velasco 11095, Santiago
phone:+56 2 2273 4819

Los Dominicos Village

You can find, a variety of handicrafts in this famous and lovely place
Located in the Dominicans park, Los Dominicos Village is considered as the most famous handicraft market in the city of Santiago. Here, you can find all kinds of souvenirs from the North to Patagonia, all in one place.
Address:Apoquindo 9085, Las Condes, Santiago
phone:+56 9 9253 3863

Juegos Diana

Juegos Diana is a game center that was founded in 1934
Diana's Games, located by Santiago's main square, is the ideal spot to pass your time playing vintage arcade games like pinball.
Address:Merced 839, Santiago
Opening hours today:

Santiago Cathedral

National monument and permanent cradle of the archbishopric in Santiago
Located in the heart of the city, the Cathedral is the main representative construction of Catholicism in Chile. The visiting schedule is as follows: Monday 11 am to 7:30 pm - Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 7:30 pm - Sundays 9 am to 7:30 pm.
Address:Plaza de Armas 444, Santiago
Opening hours today:
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Discover a new gastronomic experience with show cooking at Catae Restaurant.

Discover a new gastronomic experience with show cooking at Catae Restaurant.

Vitacura Santiago, Chile
Venue: Renaissance Santiago Chile
Address: Avenida Kennedy 4700, Vitacura Santiago, 7630454, Chile
Phone: +56 2 26788888
P&B - Pizza & Beer

P&B - Pizza & Beer

Enjoy a pepperoni, Neapolitan, vegetarian pizza and a cold beer at DBar & Lounge

Enjoy a pepperoni, Neapolitan, vegetarian pizza and a cold beer at DBar & Lounge

Vitacura Santiago, Chile
Venue: Renaissance Santiago Chile
Address: Avenida Kennedy 4700, Vitacura Santiago, 7630454, Chile
Phone: +56 2 26788888
P&B - Pizza & Beer

P&B - Pizza & Beer

Enjoy a pepperoni, Neapolitan, vegetarian pizza and a cold beer at DBar & Lounge

Enjoy a pepperoni, Neapolitan, vegetarian pizza and a cold beer at DBar & Lounge

Vitacura Santiago, Chile
Venue: Renaissance Santiago Chile
Address: Avenida Kennedy 4700, Vitacura Santiago, 7630454, Chile
Phone: +56 2 26788888
B&B - Burgers & Beers

B&B - Burgers & Beers

Enjoy a Renaissance Burger and a cold beer at DBar & Lounge

Enjoy a Renaissance Burger and a cold beer at DBar & Lounge

Vitacura Santiago, Chile
Venue: Renaissance Santiago Chile
Address: Avenida Kennedy 4700, Vitacura Santiago, 7630454, Chile
Phone: +56 2 26788888