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Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa

Our exquisite resort and spa on the shores of the South China Sea has everything you could ever need to relax and unwind. Our Haitang Bay location is the ideal base from which to explore the many pristine, white sandy beaches just a short journey away. Local Navigator Levi will recommend the very best the area has to offer and point you in the direction of the ever-popular hot springs at Nantian. Back at the resort, enjoy restorative massages and treatments at our Quan Spa or experience the incredible cuisine offered at our range of Chinese and international restaurants.

Luhuitou Park

Stroll meandering paths while contemplating the legends of Sanya's past at the beautiful and romantic Luhuitou Park.
Luhuitou Park dominates a hill overlooking Sanya, offering perfect panoramas with a dash of local culture. Translating to "deer turning its head back," Luhuitou's grounds were supposedly the sight where a young hunter took aim at a deer he had been pursuing for nine days. Upon turning around, the deer metamorphosed into a beautiful woman with whom the hunter fell in love. Countless lovers have made the trek to Luhuitou's peak to place a padlock along a chain as a symbol of the transformative power of love. A statue commemorating the legend of the deer is located at the end of the hiking trail. Numerous other locations along the path to the peak allow visitors to interact with nature and get a sweeping view of the bay below.
Address: Luhuitou Park, Sanya, 572021, China
Phone: +86 898 8821 3740
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 07:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Hotel: Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa
Distance: 4.5 mi
see / 4.5 mi

Allen Club

Drop in for a relaxed time at this friendly bar with an easy vibe. Enjoy spirits as well as tea and coffee to fuel your night.
A great after-hours hangout, Allen Club offers an extremely relaxed atmosphere to chill out. Apart from the varied selection of spirits, they also have tea and coffee if you're looking for a sober experience. The interior, with dim lighting and colorful lanterns is inviting. With an ambiance that encourages conversation, this is a frequent haunt for singles as well as those out for a quiet night.
Address: Yuya Road, Times Coast Bar Street, Sanya, 572000, China
Phone: +86 898 8860 0009
Hotel: Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa
Distance: 3.4 mi
drink / 3.4 mi

Chun Yuan Seafood Square

Get a great deal on the day's fresh catch at the on-site market and have them cooked at the stalls for an unrivaled seafood meal.
Chun Yuan Seafood Square is your best bet for seafood in Sanya. Sprawling over 5,500 square meters (59,201 square feet), a wholesale market occupies one end while the remaining area is lined with cooking stalls. Select from vegetables and a plethora of coastal fare of crabs, clams, sea urchins, snapper and shrimp that are freshly brought in by the boats. Take your purchase to one of the 100 stalls and have them steamed or fried to your liking and spice preference. In addition, sample Hainan specialties like vermicelli, coconut rice and shanlan wine. Bustling with locals and tourists alike, this place promises one of the most authentic local experiences the city has to offer.
Address: Sanyahe West Road, Sanya, China
Hotel: Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa
Distance: 1 mi
food / 1 mi

Kqiusha Russian Bar

If vodka is your poison, look no further than Kqiusha to indulge. The Russian bar is a popular hangout for tourists and vodka lovers.
A riot of neon lights will greet you at the entrance of this splendid bar located at the Times Coast Bar Street. Step in and you'll find the interiors equally eccentric with the entire area bathing in a red glow. The Russian-themed bar is one of the rare places in the city where lovers of vodka can congregate to share their passion. Apart from vodka, there's a great selection of other spirits as well.
Address: Yuya Road, Times Coast Bar Street, Sanya, 572000, China
Phone: +86 898 8860 0299
Hotel: Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa
Distance: 3.4 mi
drink / 3.4 mi

Haiyu Pearl

Reward yourself with some of the best pearls and jewelry at this factory. If you're intrigued you can also witness the cultivation process.
It's no secret that the coastal city of Sanya is home to some of the best pearls in the region and you're bound to find tons of shops and stores selling them. For a truly unique experience however, you can visit the Haiyu Pearl factory where you can witness how pearls are cultivated and end up as the final product. They have a number of exhibits to check out after which you can shop to your heart's content.
Address: 338 Nanbianhai Road, Sanya, 572000, China
Phone: +86 898 8870 1474
Hotel: Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa
Distance: 4.5 mi
shop / 4.5 mi

Dongjiao Yelin

Savor a quintessential Hainan meal, like the island locals do, of coconut rice and delectable seafood freshly caught from the Dadonghai Bay.
Gourmands visiting Sanya are far from disappointed with the abundance of food trends they can try. Those in search of an authentic meal in the southern tip of the island should head to Dongjiao Yelin. Located in the Dadonghai Bay, this restaurant specializes in Hainan cuisine with an emphasis on seafood caught fresh off the coast. Crab in honey and chili sauce, Wenchang chicken and Dongshan lamb are some of the favorites that are offered.
Address: 108 Yu Ya Lu, Sanya, 572000, China
Phone: +86 898 8821 0999
Hotel: Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa
Distance: 3.3 mi
food / 3.3 mi

Yanoda Rainforest

Explore the beautiful depths of China's only tropical rainforest and discover the amazing topography, plant life and waterfalls.
Encompassing the five rainforests on the Hainan island, a visit to the Yanoda Rainforest is something that should be included on any visitor's itinerary. The winding stone paths lead to a beautiful canyon with ancient banyan trees, tropical springs and pristine waterfalls. Marvel at the natural wonders of hanging gardens and astonishing landscapes that are truly one-of-a-kind.
Address: National Road, Sandao Town, Sanya, China
Phone: +86 898 8388 3333
Hotel: Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa
Distance: 25.4 mi
see / 25.4 mi

Honggang Market

Find the best of Sanya's dried food produce at this colorful market. From seafood to nuts and other specialties, there's lots to explore.
Located at the Shengli road near the southern end of the Jiefang road, this popular market is the hub for dry produce in the city from retailers to suppliers thronging here. Some of the finest dried seafood such as shrimp and sea cucumber can be found here. Apart from seafood, you'll also get a good range of other products like cashews and other nuts.
Address: Shengli Road, Sanya, 572000, China
Hotel: Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa
Distance: 4.5 mi
shop / 4.5 mi

Boundless Sea and Sky Thai Restaurant

Let the island breezes carry you away in the open air Boundless Sea and Sky Thai Restaurant.
Boundless Sea and Sky Thai Restaurant is located on the island of Hainan, tucked away in the forest near the Yalong Bay. The unique dining environment features open doors and windows, letting refreshing breezes wind through the dining room. There are also views of the sea and the surrounding forest to enhance the experience.
Address: Liupan Road, Sanya, China
Phone: +86 0898 3827 9375
Opening hours: Sunday to Saturday from 11:30 AM to 02:30 PM,Sunday to Saturday from 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Hotel: Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa
Distance: 15.5 mi
food / 15.5 mi

Jiefang Road

Visitors to Sanya should head to this main pedestrian street which is full of local shops, restaurants and entertainment.
This pedestrian street is one of Sanya's main attractions. For local products, clothing and souvenirs, Jiefang Road should be one of the visitor's first stops. This road is not just a shopping destination, however, as it also is home to many restaurants and entertainment options. This is also where you will find most of the Western chains in Sanya.
Address: Jiefang Road Pedestrian Street, Sanya, 572000, China
Hotel: Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa
Distance: 0.1 mi
shop / 0.1 mi

Houhai Fishing Platoon

Do not miss Houhai Fishing Platoon if you want to taste local fresh seafood.
Local fisherman have lived on fishing boats for generations, and those fishing boats are chained together here making the Fishing Platoon. They catch fish, shrimp and shellfish here, where you can see the fishing operation and enjoy the seafood on the boat.
Address: Houhai Village , Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hainan Province, China
Hotel: Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa

Hutaoli Music Restaurant & Bar

Hutaoli offers a cost effective dining experience that is more artistic than a normal bar.
At Hutaoli Music Restaurant & Bar, in addition to enjoying a pleasant afternoon tea, coffee and dinner, you can also look forward to the bar hours after 21:00.
Address: No.120#, Xiang Xie Zuo An 3# Tower, Hong Zhou Palza,He Xi District, Sanya, Hainan Province, China
Phone: +0898 88917779
Opening hours: 2 PM to 2 AM
Hotel: Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa
Distance: 28.14 mi
drink / 28.14 mi

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