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Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel

The beguiling charm of the Jardins district is right outside your door when you visit the Renaissance Sao Paulo. Wander down Paulista Avenue or along Oscar Freire Street and discover the countless boutiques, trendy restaurants and exciting clubs in one of the coolest parts of this melting pot of a city. Our local Navigator Sérgio will help you make sense of it all and recommend the coolest places to visit. If you’re in town on business, our attentive staff will take care of your every need while our first-class location means you’re never too far away from your next meeting — or from a good bar to unwind in after your work is done.

Granado Pharmácias - find
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Granado Pharmácias

The official pharmacy of Brazilian royalty, Granado's partnership with nature gives way to a line of ethical and biodegradable cosmetics.
The name Granado has enjoyed a long-standing association with au naturale cosmetics. Established in 1870 by José Antônio Coxito Granado, the debut collection was manufactured with floral extracts from the founder's farm. Albeit having been inherited over three generations, the brand retains its original commitment to quality. The line of vegetable soaps, herbal creams and plant-based lotions is a by-product of a nurtured relationship with nature. Traditional techniques combine with European formulas to create breakthrough and effective products for beauty and wellness. It extends its environmental consciousness with ethical testing, the absence of artificial agents and recycled-paper packing.
Address: R. Haddock Lobo, 1353, São Paulo, 01414-003, SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3061 0891
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10am-8pm; Sun 9am-3pm.
Hotel: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
Distance: 0.4 mi
Zucco - find
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Wash down a contemporary Italian meal with their namesake martini that blends balsamic vinegar, vanilla vodka and strawberry creme.
Zucco is an Italian addition to Rua Haddock Lobo's eclectic culinary scene. Chefs Jurandir Meirelles and José Meirelles are the creative force behind the contemporary menu that illustrates a modern take on classical Italian flavors. Uncork a wine bottle from over 250 international labels and savor delectable appetizers that steer the palate towards a fine main course. Try dishes like noodles with squid ink and seafood, green ravioli with buffalo ricotta, pumpkin risotto and prawns, as well as inventive pizza and panini varieties are on offer. The aesthetic sense that inspires the plating extends to the elegant ambiance that sees Neno Ramos' art punctuate white-washed facades.
Address: R. Haddock Lobo, 1416, São Paulo, 01414-002, SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3897 0666
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12pm-12am.
Hotel: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
Distance: 0.5 mi

JAM Jardins

Japanese Food, Music and Arts promises just that; a great blend of flavors, sounds and libations in a communal milieu.
Bringing a taste of the Orient to the heart of Jardins is JAM - Japanese Food, Arts & Music. Sushi-making is a sublime art behind the counters of the extensive bar, as skilled culinary wizards roll the perfect shari-neta combinations. Versions of classics Sake, Sashimi, Donburi, Udon and Soba feature on the extensive menu, and are slightly tweaked to suit the local palate. The ambiance is warm and inviting; wooden accents, fiery undertones and lively banter contributing to the same. Enjoy occasional art exhibitions as live bands take to the unusual stage.
Address: R. Bela Cintra, 1929, São Paulo, 01415-002, SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3473 3273
Opening hours: Ask the Navigator for opening hours.
Hotel: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
Distance: 0.5 mi
Livraria da Vila - find
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Livraria da Vila

Browse through rows and rows of colorful books, read to your heart's content and bask in this gorgeous atmosphere.
Livraria da Vila is not your average book store - not only does it carry an impressive collection of books in every imaginable genre, DVD's, music and more, but the architecture of the store is simply gorgeous. Designed by Isay Weinfeld, the store features an open concept floor plan that includes atriums on the ground floor a basement with reading material for children.
Address: Al. Lorena, 1731, São Paulo, 01424-002, SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3062 1063
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-10pm; Sun 11am-8pm.
Hotel: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
Distance: 0.5 mi
Mirante 9 de Julho - find
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Mirante 9 de Julho

After more than 70 years abandoned, this place has been reborn as the newest and coolest cultural spot in São Paulo.
In the past, this was the place the stage for many celebration parties of the high-society of São Paulo. Decades after the owner gave part of the lands to the construction of MASP, this place was totally abandoned. A few months ago, after a huge renovation, Mirante 9 de Julho reborn as the newest and coolest cultural spot in São Paulo.
Address: R. Carlos Comenale, s/n, São Paulo, 01332-030, SP, Brazil
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-10pm.
Hotel: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
Distance: 0.6 mi
Parque Trianon - find
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Parque Trianon

Relax in the little jungle on Av. Paulista and be whisked away from the bustle of the city at Parque Trianon.
Parque Trianon has stood in the heart of Avenida Paulista since 1892 and continues to be a landmark little jungle in its metropolitan surroundings. Opposite the MASP, the park features native plants and a number of sculptures sprinkled throughout the winding pathways and peaceful benches.
Address: R. Peixoto Gomide, 949, São Paulo, 01419-001, SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3289 2160
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6am-6pm.
Hotel: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
Distance: 0.5 mi
Capim Santo - find
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Capim Santo

Capim Santo is an oasis of tropical Brazilian cuisine nestled in the culinary hub Jardins. Sip the authentic Cachaça!
"Capim Santo" translates to "lemongrass" in Portuguese and the restaurant of the same name has influences of the plant everywhere - from the greenery that surrounds it to the flavors on the plate to the staff's aprons. This establishment is the manifestation of Sandra Marques and Nando Leite's dream and features a quintessential Brazilian menu designed around traditional recipes. Dine at the enchanting al fresco seating area beneath scattered umbrellas and amidst lively banter and exotic palm trees. Take a go at the lemongrass infused Caipirinha and their signature Brigadeiro.
Address: Al. Min. Rocha Azevedo, 471, São Paulo, 01410-001, SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3089 9500
Opening hours: Ask the Navigator for opening hours.
Hotel: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
Distance: 0.4 mi
Bixiga Antique Market - find
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Bixiga Antique Market

Sip on a cold beverage and enjoy the live music as you make a walk through this unique fair to dig for cool trinkets.
This market takes place every Sunday and you can find a vast array of items for sale, ranging from antiques and clocks to trinkets and furniture. There are not only a large quantity of collectible items available, but those of high quality as well. The goods are looked after and lovingly restored in over 300 stalls, so even if you don't make any purchases, it'd make for a nice stroll through the fair. After shopping, you can relax at the highly acclaimed restaurant - The Capuano - that is situated close to the market area.
Address: Pça. Dom Orione, Bela Vista, São Paulo, 01325-020, SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3262 2198
Opening hours: Sun 8am-6pm.
Hotel: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
Distance: 1.7 mi

Tomie Ohtake

See the history of Brazilian pop art straight from the source at this unique place.
Instituto Tomie Ohtake's red and black striped tower rises from the Pinheiros district, beckoning residents and travelers to explore a gallery that extensively covers Brazilian art from 1950 onwards. Named for artist Tomie Ohtake, the museum speaks to many of the pop cultural and political moments that have shaped the area's art scene over the post-modern era.
Address: R. dos Coropés, 88, São Paulo, 04526-010, SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 2245 1900
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am-8pm.
Hotel: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
Distance: 2.5 mi
Lilóri - find
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This bright local cafe specializes in innovative dairy and gluten-free baked treats; it's popular even with those without food restrictions.
While their freshly baked breads and delightful pastries are the main draw to this lively cafe, they serve an equally delicious selection of snacks and healthy light meals. Try their flat bread with hazelnut cream and Belgian chocolate; banana-cinnamon tapioca and chia bowl; or tuna on ciabatta with lime and browned almonds. Their pizzas, burgers and sandwiches are fresh and healthy; a good option for a more substantial meal. Choose a pastry from their eye-catching display or take home a freshly-baked loaf for later. For dessert, their chocolate brownie topped with rich ganache is a real treat.
Address: R. Peixoto Gomide, 1486, São Paulo, 01409-002, SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3064 0516
Opening hours: Ask the Navigator for opening hours.
Hotel: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
Distance: 0.7 mi

Choque Cultural

Stroll the mural-lined alleys of Beco do Batman on your way to this provocative outsider-artist gallery.
Choque Cultural translates as “culture shock,” which sums up the aim of this cutting edge gallery. The curator’s connections to the underground and street art worlds mean Choque exhibits stay at the edgy forefront of contemporary art. On your way out, ask the staff for directions to the famous street mural alley of Beco do Batman, just a few blocks away.
Address: R. Medeiros de Albuquerque, 250, São Paulo, 05436-060, SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3061 4051
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 12pm-7pm; Sat 1pm-6pm.
Hotel: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
Distance: 1.8 mi


São Paulo's premiere molecular gastronomy cocktail lounge, NOH Bar offers more options than simply shaken or stirred.
NOH Bar is equal parts cocktail bar, food laboratory and trendy tapas destination. Head mixologist and part-owner Pablo Moya spends his on-site time developing molecular gastronomy-inspired cocktail creations, altering and swapping ingredients to create one-of-a-kind oddities such as the Mojito NOH, in which watermelon cubes are dehydrated and then injected with a house-made mojito.
Address: R. Bela Cintra, 1709, São Paulo, 01415-002, SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 2609 3673
Opening hours: Ask the Navigator for opening hours.
Hotel: Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
Distance: 0.4 mi

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