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Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel

Our Shanghai hotel near the Jing'an Temple offers four unique and upscale restaurants infused with local flavors.

The old and new are in perfect harmony at our boutique Shanghai Putuo Hotel. The nearby Jing'an Temple, with its peaked gold roofs, is one of Shanghai’s must-see historic attractions, whether you’re staying with us for business or pleasure. And if you are here to work, our location in the ZhenRu Sub-City Economic Polymer means you couldn’t find a better location in the city to do business. You can even impress your clients and colleagues with a meal in one of our in-house restaurants, including New Dynasty, serving some of the finest Cantonese cuisine in the area with Szechuan and Shanghainese offerings. Ask local Navigator Raymond for tips on exploring the neighborhood, including the famous Tongchuan Lu Fish Market.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC Fragrance
  • Fitness Center
  • Rooftop Balcony
  • Life Style Library & Family room
  • Outdoor Terrace Garden
  • Spa Services
  • Multi-Cultural Cuisine
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Invite a new client to this cocktail lounge and leave an unforgettable impression.
Shiny parquet floors, mismatched classic furniture, and a centerpiece bar carved from white marble combine to make this cocktail bar on the Bund hard to forget. The tapas served at the bar are from Michelin-starred chef Mauro Colgreco.
Address:3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, Shanghai
phone:+86 21 5308 5399

Global Harbor

This building has a total area of 480,000 square meters and contains the largest roof garden in Shanghai.
Global Harbor is the world's biggest shopping center, with its main building having a total height of 248 meters. The building itself blends contemporary design elements with a European architectural style, making it worth a visit on its own.
Address:Zhongshan North Road No. 3300, Shanghai
phone:+021 52835821

1933 Lao Chang Fang

An engaging historical landmark to explore.
Built in 1933, this beautiful art deco building draws crowds hoping to take a look at its unique architecture. The building has been restored and now houses a variety of businesses. Be sure to take a peek at the beautiful domed ceiling in the main building.
Address:Li Yang road No:611, Shanghai

Lv Bo Lang

Check out this restaurant housed in an ancient bridge.
Situated in the Jiuqu River Bridge, this famous restaurant sells some of Shanghai's best pastries, as well as delicious savory dishes. This unique space delights visitors and locals alike.
Address:Yuyuan road No:115, Shanghai


K11 is located in a landmark building.
Located on the elegant Huaihailu Road, K11 is a location that celebrates art appreciation, cultural experiences and natural environmental protection all in one building.
Address:Huaihai Zhong Lu No300, Shanghai
phone:+021 23103188

De Refter

Escape the ubiquity of Tsing Tao with a proper Belgian beer at this European drafthouse.
This is a bar with a European style and a restaurant that will make you feel like you are in Belgium. Bring friends or that special someone to this elegant establishment and savor deliciously brewed beers.
Address:181号 Jinxian Road, Lu Wan Qu, Shanghai, 200020
phone:+86 21 3230 2595

Noodle Bull

A great spot for a romantic dinner in the park.
Noodle Bull is notable for its comfortable and cozy dining atmosphere, which is housed in a building situated in the middle of the People's Park. Diners can tuck into delicious noodle dishes packed with vegetables and various kinds of meat.
Address:Tai An Road No:99, Shanghai
Opening hours today:

Blue Frog

One of Shanghai's most popular western restaurants. Enjoy classic American cuisine.
Blue Frog is a popular restaurant with a great outdoor area. Try one of their burgers or an American-style steak! You won't be disappointed when you sample any of their dishes, which are all bursting with flavor.
Address:Zhen Hua Road No950, Shanghai
phone:+021 60706908

Xin Xiang Hui

Xin Xiang Hui is a popular restaurant that serves creative Sichuan cuisine.
Founded in 2003 and originated in Shanghai, Xin Xiang Hui is a high-class restaurant that serves delicious Sichuan cuisine. The restaurant is fashionable and provides an interesting take on Sichuan food.
Address:Zhen Hua Road No950 2F, Shanghai

Joy City

Be sure to visit this landmark shopping center.
You are sure to find whatever you need at Joy City, a complex made up of a shopping mall and entertainment center. The complex also includes residential spaces and offices, making the complex its own little world. The highlight of the complex is the large ferris wheel located on the premise.
Address:North Xi Zang Road No 166, Shanghai
phone:+021 36338833

Tian Zi Fang

Explore the buildings of Tian Zi Fang.
Tian Zi Fang's lanes and narrow alleys contain creative shops, galleries, and a variety of coffee shops. On an idle afternoon, with the cool wind blowing gently, the air is full of the fragrance of coffee.
Address:Taikang Road No.210, Shanghai
phone:+021 5465 7531

Duolun Lu Cultural Street

Visit the vibrant, landmarked enclave where Shanghai’s literary community thrived in the 20s and 30s.
Address:123 Duolun Lu Cultural Road, Shanghai
Opening hours today:

Aegis Shanghai

Find butter-soft leather goods, raw denim jeans and colorful, casual footwear in this New York-style boutique.
Address:777 Julu Road, Shanghai
phone:+86 21 5403 9869
Opening hours today:

Dong Liang Studio

Find China’s emerging designers and international stars like Vega Wang spread through three rooms of this breathtaking former lane house.
Address:184 Fumin Lu, Shanghai
phone:+86 21 3469 6926
Opening hours today:

Dr Beer

Reserve a private table with its own beer tap at this sleek brewery.
Address:83 Fumin Lu, Shanghai
phone:+86 21 5468 1077
Opening hours today:

Yang's Fry Dumplings

One of the famous snacks in Shanghai, taste delicious
Yang's Fry Dumplings is famous throughout Shanghai. Their specialty, as hinted in the name, are the fried dumplings. These dumplings are fluffy little pillows of dough filled with soup and pork and then fried in batches in a huge wok. This produces a tender dumpling with a crispy, pan-fried bottom. If you want a genuine taste of Shanghainese street food, a stop at Yang's is definitely called for.
Address:401 Changshou Road, Yaxin Square, Shanghai, 200060
phone:+86 21 62 995 967
Opening hours today:

Red Dawn

Within the extravagant walls of Red Dawn, jewelry fanatics will find some of China’s most precious pearls, stones and jewels.
Shop for elegant pieces of finely crafted jewelry at this eclectic jewelry boutique in Yangpu. The designer makes intelligent use of a host of precious and semi-precious stones to create some stunningly unique pieces of jewelry. The collection of bracelets is worth a special mention and has to be checked out.
Address:210 Taikang Lu, Room 105, Building 3, Shanghai, 200023
phone:+86 21 6473 5066
Opening hours today:

Zendai MoMA

This small art museum packs a wallop! you’ll find tons of great video installations.
A stunning addition to Shanghai's ever evolving art scenario, Zendai has a firm focus on not only exhibiting art, but also promoting it among the general populace. The eclectic gallery features a good mix of upcoming as well as established artists. While the collection of contemporary Chinese art is fantastic, there's an equally good array of international art on display. The museum is actively involved in the city's cultural scenario and hosts a number of events aimed at disbursing art. A must-visit for art-lovers in Shanghai.
Address:199-28 Fangdian Road, Shanghai, 200120
phone:+86 21 5033 9805
Opening hours today:

Shanghai Grand Theater

Magnificent building that hosts live performances.
The Shanghai Grand Theatre is a magnificent addition to the city's arts and culture scene. On the northwest side of the busy People's Square, this architecturally striking and modern theater, hosts major international concerts and performances. It has played host to the Russian Kirov Ballet and the British Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Visitors can buy a ticket to tour the building, however, they would do better to purchase a ticket for a performance and have a look around for free.
Address:No.300 Renmin Road, People's Square, Shanghai, 200003
phone:+86 21 6372 8702
Opening hours today:


With plush patio seating and gorgeous views of the Huangpu River, Stiller’s Restaurant defines class.
Standing at a prime location in the Bund, Stiller's is a fine dining experience like no other. The dining room exudes class and elegance with wooden flooring, stylish couches and excellent use of lights to create a warm ambiance. The gigantic windows offer some of the most stunning views of the Bund while you enjoy your food. The menu is a European sojourn with a contemporary spin. There's also a cooking class conducted by the chef himself if you just can't get the memorable meal out of your head.
Address:Zhongshan Nan Road, Sixth Floor, Building 3 Cool Docks, Shanghai, 200060
phone:+86 21 6152 6501
Opening hours today:

Big Bamboo

This sports bar is suitable for business banquets, family gatherings, and dinner parties with friends.
The Big Bamboo is one of the most popular sports themed bars in Shanghai. They currently has three locations that are filled with the relaxed and lively style of American sports bars. There are both seats at the bar and on the outdoor patio.
Address:Hongmei Road No.3338, Shanghai
phone:+021 6405 8720

Daning International Plaza

This is a convenient, comfortable, fashionable, and innovative urban center.
Daning International Business Plaza has a pedestrian street mall that is 2 kilometers long, a large shopping center, and a variety of restaurants. The plaza is very conveniently located close to the hotel, making it a great place to visit.
Address:Gong He Xin Road No.1878, Shanghai
phone:+021 6630 0066

Korea Family Barbecue

This is one of the most popular restaurants in Shanghai.
Serving mainly Korean cuisine, this local restaurant is very authentic. Meat is the main item on the menu, with each type being particularly tasty and fresh.
Address:Wu Zhong Road No.1339, Shanghai
phone:+021 5118 2777

Shanghai Hongqiao International Pearl City

This trade center specializes in pearls, crystals, jade, and antiques.
Visitors to the Shanghai Hongqiao International Pearl City will find rows of stalls selling a variety of beautiful goods. Many of the stall owners specialize in pearls, though shoppers can also find crystals, jade, and other beautiful handicrafts.
Address:Hongmei Road No.3721, Shanghai
phone:+021 64650000

Cotton Club

This famous jazz bar attracts many foreign travelers.
Cotton Club is the perfect spot for an intimate date. This unpretentious jazz bar offers up jazz performances each night of the week, which means that you can get your jazz fix no matter what day it is. Grab a cocktail and enjoy the smooth sounds of blues and jazz.
Address:Huaihai Zhong Lu No1416, Shanghai
phone:+021 64377110


Visit this gallery that features unique visual arts exhibits.
M50, situated near to the Suzhou River, is housed in a stylish industrial building. This gallery has become famous for its visual art exhibits and creative design, making it a landmark in the industrial park area of Shanghai.
Address:Mo gan shan road No:50, Shanghai

Disney Store

Visit one of the world's largest Disney stores!
If you are a fan of Disney movies, be sure to stop by Shanghai's flagship Disney Store for all of your Disney shopping needs. This store is massive and boasts a variety of Disney toys and apparel, from stuffed animals from The Lion King to costumes that will transform you into one of the characters from Frozen.
Address:Feng He Road No 180, Shanghai

people 6

Enjoy modern Chinese cuisine in this minimalist space.
people 6 is the perfect spot to bring that special someone on a date. The restaurant is sleek and minimalist, and serves up modern Chinese dishes with creative flair. The restaurant is spread across three levels, which means you will enjoy intimate seating no matter where your table is located.
Address:Yue Yang Road No 150, Shanghai
phone:+021 64660505

Wooden Paradise

Grab a drink at this very popular cocktail bar.
Wooden Paradise is a cocktail bar that is located on Fuxing Road, where the young and hip of Shanghai come to enjoy drinks out with friends. The bar serves delicious cocktails, many of which fit into the tiki theme, including the Ginkgo Fragrance cocktail.
Address:Fu Xing Xi Road No:63-3, Shanghai
phone:+021 34280468

Xin Bai Lu HangZhou Restaurant

This is a very popular, cheap and beautiful Hangzhou restaurant.
This popular restaurant almost always has a line out the door of diners hoping to enjoy some of Xin Bai Lu HangZhou Restaurant's incredible cuisine. Don't let the popularity of this place deter you -- their fusion cuisine is truly fantastic and worth the wait.
Address:1288 4F Zhen Guang Road, Shanghai
phone:+021 61810276

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

One of the world's largest aquariums.
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is a modern large-scale marine aquarium with international water standards. The institute houses more than 12 thousand rare and endangered sea creatures. This aquarium also has one of the world's longest underwater tunnels, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in their surroundings.
Address:Lu Jia Zui Huan Road No:1388, Shanghai
phone:+021 58779988

Sweet Love Lounge

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with your significant other.
Housed in a classic European-style building, Sweet Love Lounge is the perfect place to gave into your loved one's eyes over a cup of deliciously prepared coffee. Come for the espresso, stay for the romantic atmosphere.
Address:Tian Ai Road No:129, Shanghai
phone:+021 56665341

Disney Park Shanghai

The most famous and popular theme park in China.
The first Disney resort in mainland China draws visitors with its inventive rides and magical experiences. Explore the different zones and have the time of your life with the whole family.
Address:sheng di bei road No:753, Shanghai

Zheng Tai Gong

Enjoy steamed seafood in this modern establishment.
Meichuan Road Pedestrian Street finally got its own steamed seafood shop. Zheng Tai Gong serves authentic seafood alongside cooked porridge. Bring the whole family to this popular spot.
Address:Mei chuan road No:1420, Shanghai
phone:+021 52992890

Jin Yuan

Enjoy authentic Shanghai dishes.
Enjoy a meal at this clean and elegant spot that is popular with both locals and tourists alike. The restaurant is perhaps best known for its delicious fried shrimp that is prepared to crisp perfection.
Address:jin xian road No:124, Shanghai
phone:+021 52202717

Shanghai International Financial Center

This impressive center features office buildings, hotels, apartments and shopping malls.
Located in Pudong, north of first Century Avenue, the Shanghai International Financial Center is a bustling commercial center where you can find a variety of shops and institutions that can accommodate all of your needs.
Address:Century Avenue No:8, Shanghai
phone:+021 20207000

Taoker Bar & Restaurant

Grab a brew and a bite in this trendy bar.
Enjoy fresh and delicious food served up by a German chef that prepares both Western and Chinese cuisine. Be sure to snack on some fresh oysters and sample one of the many beers this bar has on tap.
Address:Wu ding Road No:1111, Shanghai
phone:+021 62669962
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Single malt whisket night

Single malt whisket night

All single malt whiskey buy 1 get one free

All single malt whiskey buy 1 get one free

Shanghai, China
Venue: Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel
Address: 50 Tongchuan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, 200333, China
Phone: +86 21 2219 5888
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Renaissance ladies night

All alcohol drinks 50% off for ladies

All alcohol drinks 50% off for ladies

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Global beer festival

All beer buy 1 get 1 free

All beer buy 1 get 1 free

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Cocktail carnival

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Haed bartender selected cocktails buy 1 get 1free

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Phone: +86 21 2219 5888