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Renaissance Suzhou Hotel

Located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, our Renaissance Suzhou Hotel has everything you need for the perfect business trip. We are a short walk from the subway and offer quick access to the Suzhou International Expo and China-Singapore Industrial Park. Our facilities and friendly, attentive staff mean you can also work happily from the comfort of your own luxury room. Our Renaissance Brasserie offers world-class dining, while our event space is perfect for any occasion. If you have any spare time, ask resident Navigator Mike to point you in the direction of the stunning old-world architecture and peaceful Suzhou Gardens within steps of our front door.

Shengze Xiaomai

This chef-driven restaurant offers a unique twist on traditional dim sum with savory protein-rich meat dishes.
Originally trained at the Jufeng Hotel, the two chefs known as "Little Dumpling" and "Little Dango" brought their original style to historic Shengze with a new twist on the classic dim sum. While original xiaomai dumplings are crafted from sticky rice, these were inventively prepared sans rice during a period of rice shortage. Soon this style of making dumplings caught on and became popular throughout the town; this is the place to try the original recipe of the famed all-meat dim sum. 
Address: 1970 Xinnan Road, Shengzezhen, Wujiang, Suzhou, 314016, China
Hotel: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Distance: 31 mi
food / 31 mi

Silk Strand Steamed Buns

Inspired by the city's long silk tradition, this restaurant's specialty dumplings are handcrafted to resemble wound-up skeins of silk.
Silver thread rolls are a Silk Road specialty, found all along this ancient route. This restaurant has perfected the art of crafting these intricate culinary creations, adding its own particular twist to the Chinese staple. Each segment of dough is painstakingly rolled by hand, shaped into a "thread" and then wound around to create a feather-light bun. Steamed to perfection, they are fragrant and visually appealing with a unique texture and flavor you won't find elsewhere. Located in the picturesque Jinghu Park by the lake, this restaurant is ideal to appreciate a relaxed, one-of-a-kind meal.
Address: 999 Ruyi Road, Shengzezhen, Suzhou, 314016, China
Hotel: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Distance: 30.7 mi
food / 30.7 mi

Xiao Cai Flowers

Surprise someone special in your life with a beautiful bouquet of teddy bears from this delightful florist.
If you're looking for a beautiful gift for a special occasion, head to Xiao Cai Flowers. This local florist offers spectacular bouquets sure to impress their lucky recipients. Choose from every color of rose you can think of, or if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, opt for one of their delightful teddy bear bouquets.   
Address: 236 Yang Yu Xiang, Suzhou, 215000, China
Phone: +86 4008885205
Hotel: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Distance: 3.1 mi
shop / 3.1 mi

Korean Kim Sun

Bring the family and enjoy delicious Korean barbecue in a laid-back atmosphere at Korean Kim Sun.
Korean Kim Sun is a local restaurant offering delicious barbecue and more in a casual environment. Wooden booths and tables create an intimate ambiance, perfect for a family dinner. Friendly service and well-portioned meals make this a popular destination for locals. It may take you a while to find this eatery in Hengyue Square, but it's worth finding. 
Address: Hengyue Square, Suzhou, China
Phone: +86 512 6306 6516
Hotel: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Distance: 30.7 mi
food / 30.7 mi

Jane's Pub Bar

Come for the friendly atmosphere of this British pub, where you can enjoy a bite of food with a pint of European brew.
Perhaps you are in China and are feeling a bit homesick - if that is the case, then come and visit Jane's Pub Bar, an old fashioned pub that is equipped with a pool table and large televisions. It is the perfect place to grab a few beers, meet new people and chat the night away in comfort. There are a wide selection of beers on tap such as Guinness, Chimay and Duvel and a variety of others that wouldn't break your bank. Enjoy the live entertainment that consists of singing and karaoke and indulge in Western bar food and meat pies. 
Address: 621 Shiquan Street, Suzhou, China
Hotel: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Distance: 2.5 mi
drink / 2.5 mi

Summit Classic Life Club

Shopping convenience coupled with a globe-spanning inventory of foods and products can be credited to the success of this supermarket.
Summit Classic Life Club is your one stop shop for foreign imports on food and beverages. This supermarket is the second outlet of the chain in Suzhou and its prime location makes it widely popular. Peruse their ingeniously-arranged aisles for fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, spices, preserves and cooking items, as well as snacks and baked goods. Their impressive selection of beer, wine and spirits is globe-spanning. Available parking facilities is an added advantage.
Address: 128 Jinjihu Road, Suzhou, 215000, China
Phone: +86 512 6767 1578
Hotel: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Distance: 2 mi
shop / 2 mi

Plum and Bamboo Storytelling Garden

Stand witness to the art forms that weave Chinese traditionalism, Pingtan & Kun Opera and tea-making, at this wonderful tea house.
Soft shadows of greenery are cast across a stage meant for the most dedicated of art forms, Pingtan and Kun opera, at the Plum and Bamboo Storytelling Garden. But this only forms the entertainment as the main feature here is the tea. Prepared with perfection and subject to the remarkable traditions that the country is known for, tea drinking at this local spot is simply a must experience. Come, be one with all the beauty of China.
Address: 30 Taipingfang, Suzhou, 215005, China
Phone: +86 512 6533 1854
Hotel: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Distance: 1.8 mi
drink / 1.8 mi


Chandeliers drip from the ceiling of this posh bar. Feel free to ask for a pair of dice and start some local drinking games.
Maximize your Suzhou nightlife experience at Scarlet, the city's red-hot bar and club. The plush interiors, complete with glamorous chandeliers, make for a hip and sophisticated atmosphere. A popular choice among locals and tourists; enjoy some delicious cocktails at the bar, loosen up to the mood-enhancing beats on the dance floor or indulge in a good old drinking game at the lounge for an unforgettable night of merriment and good times.
Address: 1912 Ligongdi Road, Suzhou, 215021, China
Phone: +86 512 6272 8999
Hotel: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Distance: 2 mi
drink / 2 mi

Master of Nets Garden

The scholars who designed this serene garden make it seem much larger than it actually is. Its beauty is unrivaled.
Acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic Master of Nets Garden in Suzhou gets its inspiration from the simplicity of the Chinese fisher-folk that is evidently depicted in the philosophical writings on the wall. Over the years, the magnificent garden has been subjected to many remodeling and restoration programs, but its authenticity is retained in every stone, sprout and detail.
Address: The Master of Nets Garden, Suzhou, 215006, China
Phone: +86 512 6529 3190
Hotel: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Distance: 2.5 mi
see / 2.5 mi

Tianping Mountain

Tianping Mountain is beautiful in any season. The maple trees, crystal springs and beautiful pavilions are a sight to behold.
The majestic Tianping Mountain in Suzhou prides itself on its picturesque scenery, natural springs and geological richness. The panoramic views from its peak are the very definition of beauty. The best season to visit is autumn, when the fiery maple landscape looks more alive than ever.
Address: Tianping Hill, National Taihu Lake Scenic Area, Suzhou, 215101, China
Phone: +86 512 6656 3357
Hotel: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Distance: 12.5 mi
see / 12.5 mi

Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill features a leaning pagoda and a pond that is reputed to contain hundreds of swords. The vistas are incredible.
One of the most attractive historic spots, Tiger Hill is one place that just cannot be missed. This beautiful scenic spot in the Jiangsu province is described as the most meaningful tourist destination. It also features a leaning Pagoda and the Yunyan Temple that dates about 1,000 years back. If in Suzhou, this place is a must visit.
Address: Huqiu Mountain Gate 8, Suzhou, 215008, China
Phone: +86 512 6532 3488
Hotel: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Distance: 6.1 mi
see / 6.1 mi

Huan Tian Yuan

When all else fails, food is often the best thing to give that particularly picky friend. These pastries should do the trick.
The sinful baked goodies on offer at Huan Tian Yuan in Suzhou has a citywide reputation for being the best available. It features a host of luscious and visually appetizing pastries, cakes, desserts and confectioneries, most of which have traditional Chinese roots but keeping up with contemporary times. Indulge your senses in the heavenly variety or take a batch as a souvenir; this quaint store caters to every kind of sweet tooth.
Address: 86 Guanqian Jie, Suzhou, 215005, China
Phone: +86 512 6727 7033
Hotel: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Distance: 2.4 mi
shop / 2.4 mi

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