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Renaissance Tianjin Downtown Hotel

Enjoy a signature High Tea in the Lobby Lounge for the ideal blend of relaxation and indulgence.

Culture, commerce and natural beauty spectacularly combine at our downtown Tianjin hotel. With a large indoor pool, fantastic exercise facilities and abundant sauna rooms, you’ll find this the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day in the city, whether you’re visiting to work or simply to explore the picturesque banks of the Haihe River. You can also enjoy one of our signature high teas in the beautifully decked out Lobby lounge and the world-class Chinese cuisine at Dynasty Restaurant. Tony, our friendly and knowledgeable local Navigator, can give you the lowdown on Tianjin’s best shopping, dining and culture, all just a short trip from the hotel.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC Fragrance
  • RLife Magazine
  • Multi-Cultural
  • Indoor Pool
  • Sauna
  • Table Tennis
  • Valet Dry-Cleaning
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Han Jin Bai Restaurant

You might mistake this restaurant for an aquarium. Large tanks teem with fresh lobster, crab, and conches take your pick.
Flanked with fishes, fresh lobsters, crabs and conches in a tank, this restaurant is a definite visit for coastal food lovers. Han Jin Bai Restaurant is a seafood specialty restaurant, cooking up some of the most delicious seafood dishes in town. Taste traditional dishes like Yan chi, abalone and pigeons, as you take in the sights, sounds and decor of the unique restaurant.
Address:985 Dagu Nan Lu, Tianjin, 300210
phone:+86 22 8832 6666
Opening hours today:

China House

Thousands of pieces of broken pottery dating from 618 CE to 1911 CE were made into a house. The result is strangely alluring.
The China House, also known as the Porcelain House, is an exceptionally-built piece of architecture. This western-style building is decorated with 4,000 pieces of ancient porcelain, 400 pieces of jade stone carvings, 20 tons of crystal as well as agate and million pieces of Chinese ceramic chips. This building is a must-visit while in the city of Tianjin.
Address:72 Chifeng Avenue, Tianjin, 300041
Opening hours today:

Tianjin Natural History Museum

Expand your scientific knowledge at this museum.
Tianjin Natural History Museum is the only one is Asia that features the international dinosaur exhibition, The Last Giant. If you want to discover something new, I think the Tianjin Natural History Museum would be a good choice.
Address:Intersection Of Pingshan Rd And Yuexiu Rd, Hexi Dist, Tianjin, 300020
phone:+86 22 23352504

Sala Home

Unique souvenirs and artwork.
The owner of this shop really likes to travel abroad and has collected souvenirs and artwork that she loves to sell here. You will find a huge variety of souvenirs and artwork in the hall and each piece has a story. If you fall in love with a piece, you'd better ask the clerk because some pieces are not for sale.
Address:1Basement Langxiangjie Jianshe Rd, Heping Dist, TianJin, 300042
phone:+86 22 23028910

Si Tong Bar

This bar stays open later than most in the area.
Si Tong Bar is one of the most famous bars in Tianjin. It attracts a large amount of young people, both local customers and tourists. Enjoy the energetic atmosphere and watch a show as you sip on cocktails such as a Bloody Mary, Angel’s Kiss, or Tequila Sunrise.
Address:B1 Olympic Building, No.126 Chengdu Rd, Heping District, Tianjin, 300042
phone:+86 22 23377177

Big Eyes Restaurant

Big Eyes Restaurant has grown into one of the largest restaurants in town.
Even though this once small restaurant has certainly grown, the home cooking here is still delicious. Be sure to try the pan-fried Chinese dumplings, which are very tasty.
Address:No.106 Bawei Rd, Hedong District, Tianjin, 300171
phone:+86 22 24151251

Maan Coffee

The perfect coffee drinking experience, with great coffee and a cozy environment.
What makes a perfect coffee shop? You may say it should be small with warm atmosphere, cozy seats, and private spaces to chat. Maan Coffee has all of this as a part of its three-story building. You will love it - trust me!
Address:Minyuan Sports Center, Heping District, Tianjin, 300042
phone:+86 22 28206517

Niu Zi Niu Bookstore

A very cozy bookstore where the environment is elegant,quiet,bright, and clean.
Here all books from a variety of categories are displayed in an orderly fashion. A nice dating place, you can bring your favorite book back home. It is also a very pleasant place to visit in the day.
Address:5F Galaxy Plaza Hexi District, Hexi
phone:+022 60860000


You'll want to replicate Coffice's elegant ambiance in your own home. Order a Turkish or Irish coffee to go with your tiramisu.
Set within the modest confines of what looks like a living room, this inviting and unpretentious establishment pours out divine coffee concoctions to match. A great place for the like-minded to mingle and indulge in some healthy conversation or simply a niche to catch up with the clique, treat yourself to frothy cappuccinos, delicious espressos and sinful lattes on offer, or opt for a hot brew of the Irish or Turkish variety.
Address:169 Chongqing Dao, Tianjin, 300050
phone:+86 22 2339 2938
Opening hours today:

Feng Guo

At Feng Guo, local artists can rent out a small space to display their wares. Find a cornucopia of gifts for friends or family.
Discover various types of different arts, crafts and unique items at this fantastic store. Local artists and designers rent out stalls, thus patrons have a plethora of colorful, creative and artistic expressions to shop for. Toys, clothing, dolls and various other kitschy items can be found here. Visit this store and you are guaranteed to find a souvenir or two.
Address:2 Nanmenwai Dajie, Tianjin Joy City, Tianjin, 300101
phone:+86 22 2010 0401
Opening hours today:

Ancient Cultural Street

You can not miss this area with ancient buildings that has more than 600 years of history.
Ancient Cultural Street should be first place tourists visit in Tianjin. There are a lot of traditional Tianjin items for sale here, such as calligraphy brushes, kites, clay figurines, and other handcrafts and local specialties.
Address:Intersection Of Tongbei Rd And Dongma Rd, Nankai Dist, Tianjin, 300090
phone:+86 22 27339666


A traditional steamed bun with duck grease stuffing shop.
This is a state-owned brand restaurant that was once visited by Chairman Mao. Go inside and you will find Chairman Mao's picture hanging on the wall. The side window sells steamed buns. It's not expensive, but you may have to wait for a while in a long line if you want to try it.
Address:No.117 Liaoning Rd Heping, Tianjin, 300042
phone:+86 22 27303335

Florentia Village

Built to look like Venice, this complex has fountains, plazas and a canal complete with gondolas. Shop the top Italian designers.
Don't be surprised by the sudden appearance of a Venice-canal and reconstruction of classic Italian buildings with strikingly European architecture. Florentia Village is a shopping village, just 20 minutes away from Tianjin, which is an astounding reconstruction of a beautiful 16th century Italian town. This romantic setting houses some of the most sought of after brands in the world like Prada, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Burberry and various other luxury brands.
Address:North of Qianjin Dao, 100 meters from Jing Jin High Speed Railway Wuqing Station, Tianjin, 301700
phone:+86 22 5969 8000
Opening hours today:

Gu Yi Jie

Translated to Ancient Clothing Street, Gu Yi Jie houses hundreds of historic shops, including tailors and jewelers.
Get ready for some action packed local shopping at Gu Yi Jie. Stretched over 800-meters, Gu Yi Jie is a local shopping strip. There are over 130 shops and you can expect clothing items, shoes, hats and various other accessories. You can buy textiles too and there are tailors present to stitch-up whatever you like. The name 'Gu Yi Jie' literally translates to 'Ancient Clothing Street' and this can be a great place to pick up some souvenirs.
Address:Dahutong, Dongbeijiao & Beidaguan, Tianjin, 300091
phone:+86 22 8837 3183
Opening hours today:

Jingyuan Garden

The Last Emperor of China made this Spanish-Japanese villa his home from 1929-1931. He drew strength from its peaceful environs.
Built with a combination of both European and Chinese architecture, Jingyuan Garden has a renowned 80 year history. Built in 1921, this establishment was a private residence of Lu Zongyu, a minister-counselor to Japan. The building with its beautiful Spanish-influenced architecture has a dining room, kitchen, guest room, bedrooms, chamber and library whereas the garden is full of large poplars, pagoda trees, along with some plants and ponds.
Address:70 Anshan Dao, Tianjin, 300020
phone:+86 22 2731 1618
Opening hours today:

Five Great Avenues

Home to the political elite during concession-era Tianjin, this area contains 2,000 gorgeous villas built in the Western style.
The Five Great Avenues is a combination of six famous streets namely Munan Avenue, Dali Avenue, Changde Avenue, Chongqing Avenue, Chengdu Avenue and Machang Avenue. The English, Spanish and French architectural style of approximately 2000 villas are worth the view. The streets are filled with a number of bars and restaurants and a walk along this place will make you go back to its beautiful history.
Address:Machang Road, Tianjin, 300050
Opening hours today:

Bed Bar

Here you can order cocktails or wine and sit or lie on a bed and listen to music.
Located in Minyuan Sports Center in the Five Avenues Scenery District, this is a very neat and elegant environment that's a pretty good space for sharing dinner with a sweetheart or a chat and drinks with friends.
Address:No.6 MingYuanXiLi Changde Rd, Heping, 300050
phone:+022 23300896

Le Procope Lounge

This is a relatively quiet bar where you can enjoy a variety of different cocktails.
This relatively quiet bar has dim light and friendly bartenders serving a variety of different styles of cocktails. I prefer a potent cocktail called Don't Go Home.
Address:Chengde Road, Heping
phone:+022 27119858

Old Streetcar Restaurant

Try some country food with fresh ingredients and warm and thoughtful service at this highly recommended restaurant.
We highly recommend the Old Streetcar Restaurant, a comfortable eatery where you can try some country food that is made by fresh ingredients that are grown in local villages.
Address:No.106 Henan Rd, Heping Dist, Tianjin, 300055
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