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Medl Bräu - find
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Medl Bräu

Enjoy dinner in a comfortable and rustic ambiance with typical Austrian dishes.
You will find the Restaurant Medl Bräu located in one of the quiet districts of Vienna. In this former stable, visitors can enjoy a comfortable and rustic atmosphere with typical Austrian dishes that will make your heart beat faster. In addition to delicious food, enjoy beer made on site.
Address: Linzer Straße 275, Vienna, 1140, Austria
Phone: +43 1 9144340
Opening hours: Tuesday until Saturday 10am - 12am
U4 - find
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Haven for party-lovers in the city.
U4 has been a popular spot to take in the local music scene since the 1980s. This club is named after the underground station U4 that is right above the club. Every year the U4 host the Rosenball during the Wiener Opernball. Many well-known artists have played here. Every Friday, come out for this spot's "Addicted to Rock" night.
Address: Schönbrunner Straße 222-228, Vienna, 1120, Austria
Phone: +43 1 81711920
Opening hours: Tuesday until Saturday 10pm -6am
Meidlinger Markt - find
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Meidlinger Markt

Enjoy an afternoon wandering through this traditional Austrian market.
Exploring this traditional market may make you feel that time has stopped. It is located right between Niederhofstraße and Reschgasse. Visitors will find traditional Austrian character in a quiet Area. Enjoy a walk through the different shops and pick up keepsakes to remind yourself of this charming place.
Address: Meidling Hauptstrasse, Vienna
Opening hours: Monday till Friday 6 am until 9 pm


A must visit for trying local delicacies.
You can have breakfast or a hearty meal at this lovely restaurant situated on the corner of the street. The interiors here feature vintage furniture and modern decor providing a contrast effect. Beyond the standard menu, a specialty of this place is the Picnic basket. You'll have to do order it 2 days in advance, but it's well worth enjoying while picnicking with your friends and family.
Address: Invalidenstrasse 19, Vienna, 1030, Austria
Phone: +43 1 971 6093
Opening hours: Monday -Friday 8:30 am until 5 pm and Saturday 9 am until 2 pm


Unwind with friends at this pub with a fun atmosphere.
This bar is located on a corner street and doesn´t look like much from the outside. The name of the bar gives a little bit of a hint as to what it might be popular for. You'll find numerous tables large enough to accommodate 4 people or more They regularly have fun theme nights where they play boogie and even have ladies nights.
Address: Ungargasse2, Vienna, 1030, Austria
Phone: +43 1 712 3212
Opening hours: Monday till Friday 4 pm until 4 am/ Saturday 6 pm until 4 am and Sonndays 6 pm until 2 am

Zum Weißen Rauchfangkehrer

Enjoy traditional specialties at this typically Austrian restaurant.
An Austrian restaurant where you can just feel the tradition, Zum Weißen Rauchfangkehrer is decorated in a rustic manner. The tables are set in niches and you have very comfortable benches that have back-pillows attached to the walls. The food is simply wonderful and you're sure to have a memorable meal here.
Address: Weihburggasse 4, Vienna, 1010, Austria
Phone: +43 1 512 3471
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 12 pm until 12 am


Enjoy your drink with great views and an amazing atmosphere.
At Kleinod, you'll feel the stylish vibe as soon as you enter. The bar's roof-deck is instantly welcoming, and a particular favorite of patrons in the summertime. The barkeepers are convivial and charming. Drinks are served very quickly and the selection is gigantic, so choosing a drink can be a challenge.
Address: Singerstrasse 7 Top 45-50, Vienna, 1010, Austria
Phone: +43 1 512 0325
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 3:30 pm until 4 am and Sunday 5 pm until 2 am


Eat your heart out at this market which has something for every foodie.
Naschmarkt is a delightful mixture of a bazaar, a market and snack-bars. The market offers shopping, drinking, eating all at one location, and if you just need a place to pass some quality time, this is perfect. All products that are sold at the market are of exceptional quality and are produced in a professional manner.
Address: Naschmarkt 16, Vienna, 1060
Opening hours: Monday until Saturday 6 am until 7:30 pm

......said the butcher to the cow

The best steak in town, served with a pinch of macabre humor and paired with a huge gin selection.
Have you ever wondered what the butcher says to the cow when she is afraid to get old? Maybe - "Don't worry my love, it will never happen". If that has made you smile at least a bit, this restaurant is the one for you. Enjoy amazing steak, delicious burgers or just mix your very own gin & tonic while enjoying some dark humor.
Address: Opernring 11, Vienna, 1010, Austria
Phone: +43 1 5356969
Opening hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 5pm - 1am, Thursday - Saturday 5pm - 2 am, Sunday & Mondy closed

The Third Man Tour

Follow in the footsteps of Orson Welles AKA Harry Lime, known as "The Third Man".
Visit the original location of "The Third Man" - descend into Vienna's underground and learn about city's sewer system then and now. This tour combines interesting historical facts with the footsteps of Harry Lime. You can book this tour from May until October and you will find the entry at Karlsplatz, Girard park.
Address: Girardipark, Vienna, 1010, Austria
Phone: +43 1 40003033
Opening hours: 08:30


Krypt is an exclusive underground bar where communication is a must!
Located under the streets of the 09th district of Vienna, Krypt is a hidden gem and an exclusive underground cocktail bar. The entry is through a simple metal door beyond which is a cocktail-wonderland. Poor network connection at Krypt means that you have to actually mingle and talk to people like the good ol' days instead of burying your head in the mobile screen.
Address: Berggasse/Wasagasse, Vienna, 1090, Austria
Opening hours: 07:00 P.M.


Visit Zweitbester for experiencing the best of local gastronomy.
Zweitbester is located in the heart of the hipster area, 05th district, in Vienna. You need to try out their Beef Tartare or for that matter, any of their homemade and fresh dishes which are capable of satiating diverse palates. The "Zweitbester" transforms into a hip Cocktail bar in the evening, where quite often concerts take place.
Address: Heuhmühlgasse 2, Vienna, 1040, Austria
Phone: +43 19459386
Opening hours: 11:00 A.M.