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Take a soothing stroll down our Yellow Crane Tower walk which boasts a 360 degree view of the city.

As the only international 5-star hotel on Wuhan Avenue, we offer unparalleled luxury in the most stylish setting. From the lush red and gold lobby with its incredible water sculpture centerpiece, to the wonderfully well-equipped guest rooms, to the mouthwatering international cuisine of our restaurants, sophistication and world-class service abound. You can enjoy a dip in our indoor heated pool or a relaxing walk down to Wuhan’s famous Yellow Crane Tower to take in a stunning 360-degree view of the city. And if you want to explore further, our Navigator Jeremy can show you the way to the renowned Wuhan Botanical Garden or the spectacular East Lake.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC Fragrance
  • Multi-Cultural Cuisine
  • Fitness Center
  • Indoor Pool
  • Sauna
  • Valet Dry-Cleaning
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Renaissance Wuhan Hotel

Jianghan Walking Street

With over 200 shops to peruse and discover, Hanjiang Walking Street is quite the adventure. This iconic street has something for everyone.

Renaissance Wuhan Hotel

Hanzheng Street

Shop from one of the biggest wholesale markets in China where you can stumble on products ranging from colorful artworks to trendy clothes.

Renaissance Wuhan Hotel

Bailian Outlets Square

The first flagship shop in central China, this shopping mall focuses on domestic and overseas discount clothing.

Renaissance Wuhan Hotel

Dashui Coffee

This is a very unique coffee shop that takes you back to 1980s with its decoration and music.

Wuhan Tiandi

Wuhan Tiandi is located in the center of Hankou City, east of the Yangtze River and facing the beautiful scenery of Hankou Beach Park. Wuhan Tidandi is considered as the top spot for locals to relax and spend the day during their day off. Explore all kinds of unique shops and restaurants in this area.


NO.26, Lugouqiao Road, Wuhan

Jianghan Walking Street

This street has more than 100 years of history, and is similar to Chang An Street in Beijing and Nan Jing Road in Shanghai. Shoppers can peruse over 200 different shops. Jia Li Mall and Happy Station are the two most popular places visitors like to explore.


Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street, Wuhan, 430014

Opening hours

10:00 AM to 22:00 PM

Hanzheng Street

With a history dating back to the Ming dynasty when this was a bustling melting pot for artisans to sell their goods, Hanzheng Street has evolved into a wholesale market. Considered to be one of the biggest in China, this market attracts a number of tourists every day. Here, shoppers can shop for clothes, accessories, traditional artworks, edible products, and souvenirs.


Han Zheng Street, Wuhan, 430033

Beer Barn

Beer Barn recently opened and is affordable with a first-class quality of service. It provides a perfect destination for dating or just meeting friends. Don't miss offerings like the Mexican Chicken Corn Flakes or the Mexican Chili Ring.


NO. 3-85 Xibeihu Road, Wuhan

Opening hours

17:00 PM - 01:00 AM

Bailian Outlets Square

Bailian Outlets is located in the Huangpi district. It is the third outlet complex operated by Shanghai Bailian Group, but is the first flagship shop in central China. It is an shopping mall that focuses on domestic and overseas discount clothing of famous brands.


Bailian Outlets Square, Wuhan

Opening hours

10:00 AM - 22:00 PM

Dashui Coffee

This coffee shop's unique atmosphere attracts lots of young people who come and enjoy the time with a book in hand. Recommended drinks are the tequila sunrise and mocha.


NO.56, Tanhualin, Wuhan

Opening hours

9:00 AM - 22:00 PM

Meetings at the Renaissance Wuhan Hotel

With R.E.N. Meetings your every need is taken care of. Our Meeting Experts assist in every detail of your function - from sourcing local beverages and food, to organizing live events to entertain your guests. The possibilities are endless.

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Selected summer ice drinks, unique taste experience to your hot summer brings different cool.精选夏日冰饮,独特的味觉体验给你炎热的夏日带来不一样的清凉。






Beer supermarkets, wonderful nights, wonderful lights, dynamic atmosphere, live piano performances, local beer-made cocktails, all of which will...


曼妙的音乐和柔和的灯光配上品质上佳的葡萄酒,陪你度过一个美妙的夜晚。Beautiful music and soft light with a good quality wine, with you to spend a wonderful night.


探索之夜,邀请您一起开启烈酒探索之旅,在武汉吧沉浸于异地烈酒之旅 On the night of exploration, we invite you to join in the spirit Exploration Tour in Wuhan bar。



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