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Puccini Museum - Casa Natale - find
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Puccini Museum - Casa Natale

One of the great Italian opera composers of his time, Puccini's childhood home is a Lucca treasure.
See the house where Giacomo Puccini was born in 1858. He lived in the house for much of his early childhood. The modest, red brick building is located in a small plaza with a statue of Puccini, seated, out front. Inside, you can explore the house and see relics from Puccini's life and career, including the piano upon which he composed music and one of the costumes from the first performance of Madame Butterfly, his most famous work. 
Address: 9 Corte San Lorenzo, Lucca, 55100, Italy
Phone: +39 0583 584 028
Opening hours: Wednesday to Monday from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Pozzo Di Bacco Di Fornari - find
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Pozzo Di Bacco Di Fornari

Shop for rare and vintage wines at this local shop. Ask the friendly staff for recommendations!
Pozzo Di Bacco Di Fornari is a great stop for wine connoisseurs. Their selection of vintage wines is impressive. They also offer a number of gourmet ingredients, including 25-year-old balsamic vinegar and olive oils. If you have any questions about the wines or any other product, the helpful staff will be able to tell you what you want to know. 
Address: 6 Via Olinto Dini, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, Italy
Phone: +39 0583 62 361
Il Lago di Gramolazzo - find
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Il Lago di Gramolazzo

This tarn is encircled by thick coniferous woods and picturesque cottages. Only a hazy cloud cover separates paradise from this Tuscan gem.
Il Lago di Gramolazzo is a lake situated at the foot of the peak Monte Pisanino. Located 604 meters (1981.63 feet) above sea level, this lake has a curved shape and is surrounded by rugged hills, alpine trees and tiny cottages. Its crystal-clear water forms beautiful reflections of the woods, mountains and flimsy, white clouds. Its shore is ideal for a romantic stroll during misty days, but when it is blessed with clear weather, children and adults alike head here for canoeing and fishing. Visitors can also enjoy lakeside picnics seated on wooden tables placed nearby, under the canopy of trees. One can participate in nature trails and hiking trips on the nearby hills to discover breathtaking Tuscan landscapes.
Address: Off Strada Provinciale 51, Piazza al Serchio, 55034, Italy

Monte Matanna

A mountain escape with coniferous woods, tarns of clear blue water, rocky slopes covered with grass and sightings of the
The 1317-meter (4320.87-foot) Monte Matanna is the highest peak of the Tuscan mountain range Apuan Alps. This natural formation has a unique shape, largely due to the absence of soil erosion and mining activities. Climbing up its summit and enjoying panoramic views is a favorite activity among locals. Its height and terrain offer a moderate level of difficulty for mountain bikers and trekkers. Its
Address: Monte Matanna, Stazzema, 55040, Italy
Phone: +39 0584 75 7325


While waiting for your dish to be prepared you can watch the chefs at work on TV screens.
In old medieval walls of Barga, this restaurant is managed by a younger generation with a lot of passion for gourmet dishes with local ingredients from the Garfagnana Valley. The stone decor of this restaurant gives you a warm, country Tuscan atmosphere. When I go to savor "Tagliolini Al Tartufo," Riccardo accommodates me near the TV screen so I can watch and learn from the chef's in the kitchen.
Address: Via del Mezzo, Barga, 55050, Lucca, Italy
Phone: +0583 711368
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 12:00AM - 14:30PM / 19:30PM - 22:00PM