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Daniel Garcia

As a writer, a trained actor, and a lover of music, Daniel is always on the look out for the latest cultural happenings in the city.

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A native Texan (Austin!), Daniel has always marched to the beat of his own drum. He has lived in NYC , his chosen home, for 14 years. “There is nothing like the energy of New York. Its palpable!” Always curious and adept at finding the next best thing, Daniel has always had a passion for the offbeat. From finding the best red bean buns in Chinatown (Lung Moon Bakery) to the quirkiest downtown speakeasy (Cienfuegos) he is happiest when on the hunt for that one spot that maybe has been overlooked by everyone else. "New York is for discoverers. I don’t know if I can uncover all New York's hidden gems, but it's fun trying. There’s nothing like finding a unique spot and feeling as if no one else knows about it.” The Fashion Walk of Fame , FIT Museum, and dozens of clothing workshops for the worlds most renowned designers make the garment district of Manhattan a must see! Daniel is thrilled to be a part of this thriving area and relishes sharing his favorite places with coworkers and guests. When not on the clock , Daniel enjoys going to see live music and attending whatever eclectic film festival the city has to offer.

PDT (Please Don't Tell) - find
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PDT (Please Don't Tell)

Enter PDT through a phone booth and enjoy quality cocktails in a quiet ambiance.
Please Don't Tell (or PDT for short) is one of the city's best secrets. The address will lead you to Crif Dogs, a hot dog place, which contains an interestingly placed phone booth. Place a call at the phone booth, and a hostess from PDT will open the door to reveal the secret entrance to the bar. PDT has a few rules: no talking on cell phones, don't hit on strangers, among others.
Address: 113 St. Mark's Place, New York, 10009, United States
Phone: +1 212 614 0386
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 06:00 PM to 02:00 AM,Saturday to Sunday from 06:00 PM to 04:00 AM
Fort Tryon Park - find
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Fort Tryon Park

No matter the season, Fort Tryon Park has some of the most scenic views in the city.
The history of Fort Tryon Park dates back to the Great Depression, when the construction project created much-needed jobs. Today, the park boasts some of the most beautiful views of the natural world in New York. The Cloisters (a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art) is among the main attractions here. Take a walk along cobblestone paths and enjoy views of the George Washington Bridge.
Address: Margaret Corbin Drive, New York, 10040, United States
Phone: +1 212 795 1388
The Cloisters - find
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The Cloisters

See the famous Unicorn Tapestries and other works of medieval art at these reconstructed European abbeys.
The Cloisters brings a bit of medieval Europe to New York. This branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is composed of five abbeys from Europe that were disassembled and rebuilt in Fort Tryon Park. See distinctive architecture, a medieval herb garden, and art from the era. Some of the most famous works here are the Unicorn Tapestries, a series of woven tapestries depicting a unicorn being hunted.
Address: 99 Margaret Corbin Drive, Fort Tyron Park, New York, 10040, United States
Phone: +1 212 923 3700
Opening hours: Mar to Oct - Monday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 05:15 PM,Nov to Feb - Monday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 04:45 PM
Sustainable NYC - find
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Sustainable NYC

Shop for eco-friendly decor and more. Make sure to stop by the cafe for vegan ice cream!
Spend an afternoon browsing through an amazing selection of home decor and gifts at Sustainable NYC. Sniff the soy candles, shop for scarves made locally, and check out their all natural hair care products. Add some environmentally friendly flair to your wardrobe with handcrafted bracelets, recycled wallets, and fair trade scarves.
Address: 139 Avenue A, New York, 10009, United States
Phone: +1 212 254 5400
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 08:00 AM to 09:30 PM,Friday to Sunday from 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Toy Tokyo - find
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Toy Tokyo

Collect toys from Japan and Hong Kong at this shop. Be sure to explore the gallery space displaying designer toys.
Toy Tokyo's well-curated selection of vintage toys, designer toys, and toys from Japan and Hong Kong will give you quite a bit to browse. Shop for action figures, blind boxes, plush toys, and more. Kids aren't the only ones who will enjoy a visit here. The gallery space in the store displays designer toys that could be called works of art for the more analytically minded. 
Address: 91 Second Avenue, 91 2nd Ave, New York, 10003, United States
Phone: +1 212 673 5424
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday from 01:00 PM to 09:00 PM,Friday to Saturday from 12:30 PM to 09:00 PM
Highline - find
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Running through one of the trendiest sections of Manhattan, the Highline offers amazing views of Midtown and Chelsea.
The Highline is an elevated park that stretches across Hudson Yards to Chelsea. The walkway was once an abandoned railroad that was formerly the West Side Line. Today, visitors can walk along this linear park while enjoying the views of the surrounding neighborhoods.
Address: 30th Street and 11th Avenue, New York, 10001, USA
Opening hours: 7AM - Sunset
Morgan Library & Museum - find
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Morgan Library & Museum

This library holds J.P. Morgan's collection of books and periodicals.
Originally built to house J.P. Morgan's private collection of books, drawings and collections, the Morgan Library & Museum is now a National Landmark and museum. Visitors can peruse the library's breathtaking collection and view touring exhibits that are hosted by the museum.
Address: 225 Madison Ave, New York, 10016, USA
Phone: +(212) 685 0008
Opening hours: Tuesday through Thursday: 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday: 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


A homey Italian venue supplying housemade pastas and other traditional fare near the Port Authority.
An authentic trattoria bar located on spirited 39th Street, Mercato serves a blend of locals and tourists alike. The Michelin-rated gem is easy to walk by without noticing, but it is a treat for those who do find it.
Address: 352 W 39th St,, New York, 10001, United States
Hester Street Fair - find
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Hester Street Fair

From hand made jewelry and rare vintage items, to lobster rolls and ice cream sandwiches, this street fair has it all.
Quickly becoming one of the New York's hottest weekend adventures, the Hester Street fair features booths offering jewelry, clothing and crafts. If you get hungry while wandering along this reoccurring fair's many stalls, be sure to check out one of the booths selling tasty treats like lobster rolls or ice cream.
Address: Hester Street Fair, Essex St, New York, 10002, USA


This charming trattoria is a hidden gem near Flatiron that's serves handmade pastas, Italian wines, and cocktails.
Ulivo is the second establishment opened up by famed chef Emanuel Concas, who earned a Michelin rating with his restaurant Mercato. Diners at Ulivo will be treated to inspired pasta dishes and unique craft cocktails, as well as an extensive wine list.
Address: 4 W 28th St, New York, 10001
Phone: +212 684 8000
Opening hours: 11:30AM - 11PM
Strand - find
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With a huge selection of books, Strand is a staple for artists, poets, and writers in the heart of Union Square.
Just shy of a century old, Strand in the largest independent bookstore in New York City. The bookstore boasts a massive collection of books, and its slogan "18 Miles of Books" plays into this huge collection. The store was built in 1927 by Benjamin Bass on a road that once housed 48 bookstores and was known as "Book Row."
Address: 828 Broadway, New York, 10003, US
Phone: +(212) 473 1452
Opening hours: 9:30AM

Sushi Roxx

This is a flashy, fun and completely original sushi restaurant and entertainment explosion.
This "Tokyo nightlife inspired" restaurant is a dazzling spectacle of lights, dancers, singers and of course awesome food and festive cocktails! You will have the time of your life at this hip and delightfully over the top venue. The energetic performances mixed with the eye popping décor and top notch Japanese cuisine make for a night you won't forget!
Address: 120 East 39th Street, New York City, 10016, USA
Phone: +2127269500
Opening hours: Tues & Wed 5pm-12am / Thurs-Sat 5pm-1am