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Alexxx Malev

Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel

Celebrate life with a cocktail on our sixth floor Terrace boasting stunning views of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

An incredible journey through Russian history and culture is just a short walk away when you stay at the Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel. St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Mariinsky Theatre and the world-famous Hermitage Museum are just a few of the nearby landmarks in this city steeped in its own history. Ask local Navigator Anna about the best ways to make the most of your time in Russia’s former capital. And to relax after a day of soaking up the sites, why not enjoy a cocktail and dine at our T-Lounge and Bar. Or, if you choose,  head down to our stylish fitness center to for a workout and sauna.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC Fragrance
  • Fitness Center
  • Multi-Cultural Cuisine
  • Complimentary Champagne at Check-In
  • Live Music
  • Outdoor Terrace Bar
  • Valet Dry-Cleaning
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This splendorous lounge features a row of sparkling golden lights and attracts celebrities for its early-morning hours and Russian classics.
The magnificent decor of Arka belies its pleasantly surprising prices. A series of golden skylights and lamps twinkle and bathe the brick-walled interiors in a warm glow. This luxurious lounge and restaurant attracts famous personalities from glamorous professions such as design, cinema and television. The DJs set the tone for the night with their groovy melodies as guests lounge on soft sofas and sip classic cocktails. Conversations abound right until early morning at 6a, which is its closing time! Guests can savor dishes prepared using traditional recipes with a few creative tweaks, and the Mushroom Crème soup, prepared using porcini mushroom and accompanied by rye bread, is one of the most popular items.
Address:27 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Ulitsa, St Petersburg, 191186
phone:+7 812 339 8939

Viatsky Promysel

Explore this craft shop that sells the creations of local artists.
Viatsky Promysel sells traditional folk art made by local artists. When walking around this fascinating store, you may find Dimkovskaya toys macrame, Viatskaya matreshka, and wooden paintings. The shop also sells items made out of flax, leather and fur items, as well as pieces made from forged and cast iron.
Address:street Gorohovaya 32, St. Petersburg
phone:+7 812 570 28 55

Republic of Cats

Spend your afternoon sipping on tea and playing with cute cats.
This adorable cat cafe is the perfect place to spend a fun afternoon. The cafe, which doubles as an art gallery and library, serves coffee and tea, but the main draw of this establishment is the many cats the call this cafe home. Guests are welcome to play with the kitties while enjoying their beverage of choice.
Address:10 Yakubovicha Street, St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel
phone:+7 812 312 04 87

Stroganoff Steak House

The best steaks in the city are served here.
Situated in a historical building where Horse Guards used to be located in the 19th century, Stroganoff Steak House is the perfect spot for an elegant dinner. Some of the antique horseshoes that were found on the grounds were used in interior decorations, giving this place a unique touch. Aside from intimate dinners, this spot is also perfect for business breakfasts.
Address:4 Konnogvardeisky Bulevar, St. Petersburg
phone:+7 812 314 55 14


Enjoy delicious dishes in the heart of the city.
Diners can choose from a variety of European and Russian dishes at Prospect, an elegantly designed restaurant in the heart of St. Petersburg.
Address:21 Malaya Morskaya street, Saint Petersburg
phone:+7 952 236 01 24


A very local bakery where you can enjoy some coffee with different kinds of fresh pastries.
Come visit Bushe, a bakery where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and try different kinds of pastries. The bakery also serves Russian piroshki, delicious cakes and traditional Russian bread.
Address:7 Malaya Morskaya Street, Saint-Petersburg
phone:+7 812 315 5371

Russian Vodka Museum

The museum gives a fascinating insight into Russian history, culture and drinking traditions.
Fans of vodka and cultural anthropologists alike will be fascinated by this engaging museum. During the guided tour around the museum visitors will hear about Russian dining traditions, vodka’s origin, and traditional drinking practices.
Address:4 Konnogvardeysky Boulevard, St. Petersburg
phone:+7 812 570 6422


Shop for a cause at this nonprofit boutique and feel good about your purchases.
Opened in 2010, Spasibo is the first shop in Russia dedicated to charity. When you shop there, your money goes to various causes, including helping the homeless. It also aims to be more than just a shop, hosting meetings and community events. Enjoy browsing for toys, furniture, books, knickknacks, and more. This quirky shop's quality merchandise and admirable mission make it a great spot to pick up some uncommon souvenirs. 
Address:50 Gorokhovaya St, St Petersburg, 191023
phone:+7 812 332 54 40

Leningrad center

Check out this unique, modern theater that hosts contemporary performances.
This modern and elegantly designed theater draws crowds of stylish audience members to the many contemporary performances that it hosts. Be sure to take some time before the performance to explore the theater and marvel at the modern technologies housed within its refined exterior.
Address:Potemkinskaya 4, St. Petersburg
phone:+7 812 242 99 99

JFC Jazz Club

Reserve a table for an evening of jazz.
Check out the JFC Jazz Club for an evening of fantastic jazz in an intimate setting. Make sure to reserve a table at this popular venue.
Address:street Shpalernaya 33, St. Petersburg
phone:+7 812 272 98 50

Natura Siberica

This shop sells an organic Siberian cosmetic made with special recipes of wild herbs and flowers.
Siberia is a fascinating and majestic area of Russia that is as intriguing as it is remote. The cosmetics sold at Natura Siberica are made with wild plants grown in this distant land, making these high quality products truly unique.
Address:prospect Nevsky 108, St. Petersburg
phone:+7 812 240 48 46


Sample the cuisine of the USSR. Enjoy live music almost every night!
This restaurant focuses on the unique tastes of USSR cuisine. Here you will find USSR decor alongside interesting details and dishes that will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time.
Address:prospect Suvorovsky 62, Saint Petersburg
phone:+7 812 577 15 48

Cafe Senoval

Cafe Senoval serves a varied menu that includes everything from soup, salad, and seafood, to sushi, pizza, and quesadillas.
Cafe Senoval is a popular local hangout where you can enjoy a lively atmosphere and a variety of cuisines. They offer Mediterranean, Japanese, and Russian options, among other things. This spot is popular in the afternoons with kids who are getting out of school, so visit for lunch or earlier in the evening for a quieter dining experience. 
Address:13 ulitsa Dekabristov, St Petersburg, 190000
phone:+7 812 314 69 32

Erivan Restaurant

Experience authentic Armenian cuisine at Erivan Restaurant, while you admire rugs and ceramics from the region that decorate the restaurant.
At Erivan Restaurant, the food on your plate is 3000 years in the making. Authentic cuisine is served in dining rooms where great attention has been paid to make sure every detail transports you to Armenia, if only for an evening. Traditional pottery and woven rugs decorate the smaller dining room, while the larger one is decorated with a combination of Armenian and European sensibilities. Armenian cuisine is rich in vegetables and fruits, which are often used in the preparation of the meats. The service is professional and attentive, making for an enjoyable evening out. 
Address:51 Naberezhnaya Reki Fontanki, St Petersburg, 191023
phone:+7 812 703 38 20

Goose Goose

For a glamorous night of fine Italian cuisine and molecular cocktails, head to this elegant restaurant in the heart of the city.
Goose Goose is a sophisticated restaurant in the heart of Saint-Petersburg. Its elegant and chic interior design reflects the refined flavors of classic Italian cuisine on its menu. Exposed bricks, antiquarian chandeliers and fine art adorn the dining room that is perfect for hosting private social and corporate events. Specialties include salad with squid and Kenyan beans, spaghetti Bolognese and gnocchi with truffles paired with fine wine and cocktails.
Address:27 Bolshaya Konyushennaya ulitsa, St Petersburg, 191186
Opening hours today:

Saint Alexander Nevsky Lavra

At this final resting place of great Russian cultural figures, tombstones are engraved with art work representing the person buried beneath.
Alexander Nevsky Lavra or the Saint Alexander Nevsky Monastery is a must-visit site. This cemetery is the final resting place of many cultural figures who have immensely contributed to the cultural activities of the country. Founded in 1710, the grounds have a monastery and two churches that are worth visiting for their splendid architecture.
Address:1 Ploshchad Aleksandra Nevskogo, St Petersburg, 190000
Opening hours today:

Muzei Akhmatovy Anny

This museum is a testament to Anna Akhmatova's life and work. She was considered by many to be Russia's greatest female poet of the 20th Century.
Renowned Russian poet and writer Anna Akhmatova was a prominent and acclaimed literary figure. The Anna Akhmatova Museum is a tribute to her life, showcasing her opuses. This museum is located in the former home of the poet, Fountain House. Visitors can explore her artistic works alongside original photographs. Other exhibits include manuscripts and autographed editions of her books.
Address:53 Liteynyy Prospekt, St. Petersburg, 191014
phone:+7 812 272 58 95
Opening hours today:


St. Petersburg's Oceanarium is where you want to go to find out more about the ocean and marine life native to Russia.
Ever felt like feeding sharks and piranhas? The Oceanarium at St. Petersburg is the ideal place for you. With marine life distributed over three levels, visitors can observe fish of all varieties. The aquariums are huge with more than 1.5 million liters (396,000 gallons) of water. There are 38 aquariums in all and 4500 specimens of fish. Trained sharks and seals perform live shows. Children can also feed the sharks. The aquarium boasts specimens of tropical fish, rare fish and coral.
Address:86 Marat, St. Petersburg, 191119
phone:+7 812 448 00 77
Opening hours today:

Grand Palace Boutique Gallery

If you're up for a luxurious afternoon of shopping, spare no expense at this grand boutique. Only the highest quality on display here.
This supreme structure of modern European architecture and luxury is the fashion center of the city. Presenting luxuries from various leading fashion houses around the world, Boutiques Gallery Grand Palace will take care of your every lifestyle need. This is a hot-spot for the fashionable and stylish crowd of the city. Shop for luxury clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelery, home decor and various other lavish goods. Brands like Escada, Burberry, Armani, Swarowski and tons of other luxury names can be found here. The restaurant complex here will take care of your hunger pangs after a long day of shopping.
Address:15 Ital'yanskaya ulitsa, St. Petersburg, 191186
phone:+7 812 449 9330

Onegin Art Gallery

This renowned art gallery celebrates Russia's deep ties with the art world both past and present. Be sure to take home some souvenirs.
Situated opposite the Russian museum, Onegin Art Gallery is a fantastic place if you have even the slightest interest in arts and crafts, especially Russian arts and crafts. Find a vast collection of Amber boxes, traditional paintings and art pieces which are the finest examples of Russian Art. Also, look for the Faberge jewelery, crystals, chinaware and original Russian matryoshkas which depict fabulous Russian fairy-tales. This can be a great place to take home some fantastic souvenirs of the city.
Address:11 Ital'yanskaya ulitsa, St. Petersburg, 191011
phone:+7 812 570 00 58
Opening hours today:

Pkhali Khinkali

Enjoy Georgian cuisine in a homey atmosphere.
Sample eclectic dishes that draw on the traditional recipes of Georgia. Pkhali Khinkali is known for its cozy, intimate interior and incredibly reasonable prices. You may find yourself wanting to come back for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Address:27 Bolshaya Morskaya street, Saint-Petersburg
phone:+7 812 920 00 12


A spacious pastry shop and cozy restaurant serving European cuisine with an extensive dessert list.
Gosti serves a great selection of grilled dishes and steaks. They also have a colorful room for children to play in with toys and games.
Address:13 Malaya Morskaya Street, Saint-Petersburg
phone:+7 812 312 5820

Music Bar 11

Check out this great place for having some drinks late at night and sing along with deluxe karaoke performances.
As the name suggests, Music Bar 11 is a music bar with deluxe karaoke equipment that includes sound recording and backing vocalists. Besides music shows, which start at 11 p.m. everyday, there is a good wine list and delicious dishes.
Address:11 Malaya Morskaya Street, Saint Petersburg
phone:+7 812 571 1111

Sever Confectionery

Cafe and shop that is famous among locals and dates back to 1903.
At Sever Confectionery enjoy the cozy atmosphere and have a cup of coffee with a delicious piece of cake. You can even buy a sweet gift to take home from St. Petersburg.
Address:44 Nevsky Prospect, Saint Petersburg
phone:+7 812 571 2589

Shop “Old Album”

The biggest collector’s shop in the city offers a wide selection of antique postal cards.
Antique aficionados will be impressed by Old Album's collection of vintage post cards. Shoppers can also browse a variety of other antiques, including books, lithographs, posters, and works of art.
Address:Moika embankment 95, St Petersburg
phone:+7 812 312 01 02

Russian Music Seasons

Enjoy classical music in the House of Architects.
Locals and visitors alike can take in a classical music concert in a beautiful and ancient palace known as the House of Architects. The chamber ambience and baroque style hall will impress even demanding audiences.
Address:Street Bolshaya Morskaya 52, St Petersburg
phone:+7 981 131 48 68


Visit one of the most beautiful steakhouses in the city.
Locals and visitors alike love to visit Block in the summer and sit out on one of its two open terraces. This trendy spot serves up delicious and perfectly prepared steaks. They also offer a variety of vegetarian dishes and sides.
Address:street Potemkinskaya 4, St. Petersburg
phone:+7 812 415 40 40


This cute restaurant serves Peruvian and Asian fusion.
While Godzhi may have a contemporary design, it is still intimate and cute despite its modernity. The restaurant serves up delicious Peruvian and Asian dishes, some of which feature fusion of these flavors.
Address:street Karavannaya 8, St. Petersburg
phone:+7 812 640 16 16


Shop where you can find designer clothes and different accessories from local designers.
If you are looking for something other than a shot glass or magnet to take home as a souvenir, be sure to stop by Museum. Talented local designers sell their clothes and accessories at this contemporary shop. You are sure to leave with a unique item that you will cherish long after your trip is over.
Address:Moika embankment 59, St. Petersburg
phone:+7 812 966 71 18

La Mare

This modern seafood restaurant sells premium delicacies from the sea.
La Mare buys fish and seafood directly from local fishermen, which means that the restaurant serves some of the freshest seafood around. Be sure to check out the shop attached to the restaurant where you can buy caviar and other seafood items.
Address:prospect Suvorovskiy 34, St. Petersburg
phone:+7 812 719 83 83


Delicious Russian food, an intimate atmosphere and beautiful interior design will make your evening here unforgettable.
Dom, a new Russian cuisine restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Saint-Petersburg. The exquisite food, good service and intimate atmosphere make for a great all-round experience.
Address:72 Moika Embankment, St. Petersburg
phone:+7 812 930 72 72

Dostoevsky Memorial Museum

Wander this famous writer's home and learn about his life.
Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote such classics as "Crime and Punishment" and "The Insulted and the Injured" in this cozy apartment, Visitors can explore the apartment and learn about Dostoevsky's life while surrounded by his belongings.
Address:5/2 Kuznechny Pereulok, St. Petersburg
phone:+7 812 571 40 31

Volna Gourmet Cafe

Enjoy healthy Russian cuisine in a pleasant setting.
Enjoy a meal in this two level restaurant with panoramic windows and wonderful views of the Neva river and Peter's the Great summer house. The menu features Russian cuisine. Foodies will delight, as the menu is packed with fresh, local ingredients.
Address:Petrovakaya embankment 4, Saint Petersburg
phone:+7 812 322 53 83


Enjoy a fresh take on some of the most delicious recipes from around the world!
Jerome is a very modern restaurant with a great menu and interesting wine list. This restaurant grows its own herbs on the premise.
Address:street Bolshaya Morskaya 25, Saint Petersburg
phone:+7 812 918 69 20


Dance the whole night away at this popular spot in the city.
Check out this hip restaurant and bar where you can dance until you drop. If you are in need of a break, grab a drink and head to the calmer second floor.
Address:12 Sadovaya street, Saint Petersburg
phone:+7 812 640 16 16
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