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Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad

Picture endless sandy beaches, postcard sunsets and crystal clear water. Everywhere you turn in Curacao, and at the Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino in Willemstad, you’ll enjoy all three. From the unique experience of the elevated Infinity Beach Club to the nonstop party at the casino, our resort is all about fun and relaxation. And in addition to the entertainment right on your doorstep, you can discover the hidden gems of Curacao’s capital city with the help of our Navigator. Play a round at the Blue Bay golf course or soak up the culture and beautiful Caribbean architecture of Willemstad itself. And if it ever gets too hot, remember the beach is never far away.

Yubi Kirindongo Gallery - find
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Yubi Kirindongo Gallery

Renowned artist Yubi Kirindongo's home, garden and gallery stands as a testament to his creativity and hosts regular art exhibitions.
Curaçaoan artist Yubi Kirindongo built this eclectic house according to his own designs. The residence epitomizes the sculptor's singular artistic vision and features a gallery of work and an outdoor sculpture exhibition. Working primarily with what most would consider worthless, his work embodies the idea that art can be created out of the most unlikely of materials like car bumpers, used car tires, and corrugated iron sheets. Pride for the island and its unique heritage shines through in each of his one-of-a-kind pieces. Come explore this tribute to Curacao's artistic heritage by strolling through the garden and soaking in mesmerizing views from the hilltop.
Address: Kaya Reis 390, Souax, Willemstad, Curaçao
Phone: +599 9 869 3268
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM,Monday to Sunday from 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Hotel: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad
Distance: 6.4 mi
Royal Dutch Cheesery - find
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Royal Dutch Cheesery

Calling all cheese lovers! This restaurant/cheese/tasting shop is sure to please, with their variety of cheeses and option of fondues.
Taste the rich flavors of Reypenaer, a traditionally ripened Dutch cheese, at Royal Dutch Cheesery. Offering a variety of cheeses you can sample - with fruit and bread or in fondue form - this restaurant is a great place to go to enjoy a glass of wine and a light meal with friends. The cave-like dining room is the perfect intimate setting for a romantic outing. You can also pick up a bottle of wine or wedge of cheese to take home as souvenirs. 
Address: Riffort Village, Willemstad, Curaçao
Phone: +599 9 788 5599
Opening hours: 9 am - 10pm
Hotel: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad
Distance: 0.2 mi
Miles Jazz Cafe - find
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Miles Jazz Cafe

Join Curacao's hep cats every Saturday night for live local jazz in a swinging cocktail lounge at Miles Jazz Cafe.
Miles Jazz Cafe is a modern addition to Nieuwstraat, the one-time colonial center of the surrounding Pietermaai district. Named for Miles Davis, the owners do their best to let guests know that their love of the genre is unparalleled. A well-curated collection of vinyl has been amassed in the cafe, treating guests to a wide variety of classic jazz hits. With a standard line up of cocktails and swinging music, Miles Jazz Cafe is perfect for a low-key night out.
Address: 42 Nieuwestraat, Curacao, Kingdom of the Netherlands
Phone: +599 9 520 5200
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday from 04:00 PM to 02:00 AM,Friday to Saturday from 04:00 PM to 03:00 AM
Hotel: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad
Distance: 0.9 mi
Memory Lane - find
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Memory Lane

Discover solar active t-shirts, genuine Curaçao Liqueur, and gourmet Dutch cheese at this unique boutique in historic Otrobanda.
Memory Lane has all your vacation essentials covered with its selection of children's clothing, sunglasses, beachwear and more. Besides this, the little shop is an excellent place to find one of a kind souvenirs and gifts for people back home. Custom printed shirts, best quality Dutch chocolate, and colorful mementos like traditional windmills, hand-painted ceramic houses, and carved wooden figurines imbued with the vibrant spirit of the island are available here. The friendly service and excellent location in the heritage Rif Fort make this the perfect shop to conclude your vacation shopping on a great note.
Address: 1 Baden Powellweg, Riffort Mall, Unit 410, Willemstad, Curaçao
Phone: +599 9 465 0510
Hotel: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad
Distance: 89 m
Ristorante Di Zabbia - find
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Ristorante Di Zabbia

Ristorante Di Zabbia has been serving delicious Italian cuisine for generations.
Indulge in scrumptious pumpkin ravioli, delicious bruschetta, risotto with bacon-wrapped chicken and many other specialties at Ristorante Di Zabbia. The Italian restaurant is perhaps best known for their delicious sgroppino, a cocktail made with limoncello di Zabbia. Food is served by friendly staff in an intimate atmosphere.
Address: Gouverneur van Slobbeweg, Willemstad, Curacao
Phone: +5999 788 4020
Opening hours: 4pm - 10pm
Hotel: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad
Distance: 0.15 mi

Don's Ice Cream Shop

At this delicious ice cream shop you can get an incredible assortment of delicious ice cream in one place.
Don's Ice Cream Shop makes a fresh batch of vanilla ice cream each day, which means that the place always smells a little like heaven. Aside from their delicious vanilla, the shop offers a wide selection of ice cream flavors, shakes, smoothies, frozen coffees, brownies, fresh made waffles, copas and drinks.
Address: Gouverneur van Slobbeweg, Willemstad, Curacao
Phone: +5999 465 3666 / 513 5225
Opening hours: 10am - 7pm
Hotel: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad
Distance: 0.15 mi

Mundo Bizarro

Enjoy a daily happy hour in the colorful and historic Pietermaai.
The name itself says it all! In this Cuban-themed restaurant and lounge you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails & live music on Saturdays. Beside the daily happy hour where you can have a delicious drink after work, you can also enjoy the 'plato di dia' for only $10.
Address: Nieuwestraat 12, Willemstad, Curacao
Phone: +5999 461 6767
Opening hours: 8am - 10pm
Hotel: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad
Distance: 0.94 mi

Nena Sanchez Gallery

Experience unique colorful paintings inspired by the Caribbean's bright full colors.
Unique Caribbean paintings inspired by our blue skies and turquoise waters are there to admire at Nena's gallery, either at one of her galleries(the historic plantation house of Jan Kok or in downtown Punda) or on different murals around the island. You can admire the beautiful blue Goddess acrylic on canvas and many more.
Address: Windstraat 15, Willemstad, Curacao
Phone: +864 0965/738 2377
Opening hours: 10am - 6pm
Hotel: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad
Distance: 0.56 mi

Serena's Art Factory

Chichi represents the vibrant, dynamic and responsible oldest sister.
Chichi is a sensual well rounded Caribbean figure. She is handmade and hand painted in bright colors by local craftsmen and painters at Serena's Art Factory. Representing the oldest sister, that binds the family together and looks out for the younger brothers, Chichi is a name that is also used when you don't know a woman's name. You can find her in different shapes and sizes.
Address: Windstraat z/n, Willemstad, Curacao
Phone: +738 0648
Opening hours: 9am - 17:00pm Mon-Sat
Hotel: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad
Distance: 0.51 mi

Cafe Italia

Enjoy Curacao's pastechis in a green, white and red atmosphere. Viva Italia!
Just got off the bridge in Punda? In front of the authentic yellow Penha building there is an 50 year old kiosk that brings life to your tastebuds with delicious pastechis and Johnny-cakes. While you are eating take a look at their bill collection, featuring old Curacaoan Guilder bills and bills from all over the world.
Address: Breedestraat Punda Z/N, Willemstad, Curacao
Phone: +59994613730
Opening hours: 7.15am-6pm
Hotel: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad
Distance: 0.48 mi

Dutch Treat

Before crossing the famous Queen Emma Bridge just stop and "Dutch treat" yourself.
The delicious 'funchi hasa' fries at Dutch Treat are accompanied by wings, home made clippers, mexicano and many more (not to mention the variety of sauces they have to offer). At Dutch Treat you can either take out or enjoy your food in the open air while enjoying the beautiful Queen Emma Bridge and the big ships that pass trough. This is the perfect stop for a Dutch menu with a local touch.
Address: De Rouville weg z/n, Willemstad, Curacao
Phone: +5999461 2007
Opening hours: 10.30am-10pm
Hotel: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad
Distance: 0.28 mi

Eethuis Paloeloe

Suriname cuisine has never been more delicious that at this restaurant in the heart of Willemstad.
For breakfast, lunch, or just a delicious snack this is the place to be. This take-out restaurant has a big variation of Suriname and Javaans food prepared with a lot of dedication by Mrs. Lisa (the owner) and a friendly staff. Enjoy their delicious bami or nasi mix with roasted, Javaans chicken or pork, or their famous saoto soup with chicken, white vermicelli, potatoes, and a boiled egg.
Address: Rialtostraat 8, Willemstad, Curacao
Phone: +5999462 1635/515 9593
Opening hours: 9am-4pm
Hotel: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad
Distance: 0.15 mi

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