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Martin Robson

Renaissance Paris Vendôme Hotel

The perfect Paris location, plus luxury spa

A trip to Paris isn’t complete without visiting the most popular spots in the city. The Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel is within walking distance to many of these locations – from the famous Louvre and D’Orsay museums to the Jardin des Tuileries public park. Stroll one block outside the building and you’ll find the town square, La Place Vendome, featuring some of the best high-end shopping in the area. Once you’ve checked all of these well-known attractions off your itinerary, our Navigator, Steven, can let you in on some hidden gems that will make you feel like a true Parisian. And because exploring France’s capital can be exhausting, head back to home base and visit Vendome Spa, where you can relax by the indoor pool and treat yourself to a massage, a facial, and more.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC Fragrance
  • Fitness Center
  • Flat-Screen HDTVs
  • The Vendôme SPA by Asian Villa
  • Multi-Cultural Cuisine
  • Valet Dry-Cleaning
  • Indoor Pool
Full hotel details

Le Forum

Iconic Parisian cocktail bar in a New York's style decor.
Le Forum, a family business since the early 1930s has always been a Parisian institution when it comes to cocktails!
Address:29 Rue du Louvre, Paris, 75002
phone:+33 1 4265 3786

Patrick Roger

Roger uses chocolate as his medium for artistic expression, resulting in gigantic sculptures and delicious miniatures.
By opening his new shop on Madeleine Square, chocolate maker Patrick Roger shows off his large sculptures of chocolate, which look like an exotic jungle! In the basement, the famous chocolate maker has created a mine of cocoa: of high walls of dark gold strewed with the famous lemon-basil candy of the chocolate maker.
Address:3 place de la Madeleine, Paris, 75008
phone:+0033 1 4265 2447

Palais Royal

Palais Royal houses the Ministry of Culture & Council of State as well as boutiques and a beautiful gardens.
The Palais Royal complex, with the palace, garden, galleries, and theater, was built by Richelieu in 1628. The Palace-Cardinal bequeathed its use as the residence of the King in 1642, making it the Palais-Royal. Today it houses the Council of State, the Constitutional Council and the Ministry of Culture. Also a monumental composition, the columns of Buren, is in the main courtyard
Address:Place du Palais Royal, Rue de Valois & Rue de Montpensier, Paris, 75001
Opening hours today:

Les Jalles

Les Jalles is a typical Parisian restaurant offering seasonal cuisine in a cozy and chic decor inspired from the 1930s.
Experience a unique blend of tradition and innovation in a quintessentially Parisian neighborhood while at the chic Les Jalles. Situated just a few steps away from the Place Vendôme, Les Jalles is situated right in the heart of the city. The friendly staff and the cozy atmosphere will make you feel right at home!
Address:14 Rue des Capucines, Paris, 750002
phone:+33 1 42 61 66 71

Patisserie des Tuileries

Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious pastries from this charming patisserie by Sébastien Gaudard.
There are no unnecessarily complex flavors at Patisserie des Tuileries; everything revolves around childhood memories of caramel, almonds, hazelnuts, vanilla, and chocolate. Here, you will find a wide range of freshly-made pastries served in a no-frills environment.
Address:1 Rue des Pyramides, Paris, 75001
phone:+0033 1 7118 2470
Opening hours today:

E. Dehillerin

Dedicated to supply and sale of kitchen equipment, the house motto is "To help modestly promote French cuisine".
Since 1880, most chefs have been going to E. Dehillerin kitchen supply store to find what they are looking for. The place also happily welcomes non-professionals that are passionate about cooking or just want to give it a try. Not matter what the reason, you will always go back home with something unique!
Address:18-20 Rue Coquillière, Paris, 75001
phone:+33 1 42 36 53 13


The Michelin-starred chef Éric Frechon has conceived a new concept of restaurant located in a train station.
Michelin-starred Éric Frechon offers his signature vision of traditional French recipes updated with contemporary techniques at Lazare. This modern bistro is open from early morning until late evening. This is the place to be if you want to enjoy the best of local contemporary cuisine.
Address:Parvis de la Gare Saint-Lazare, Paris, 75008
phone:+0033 1 4490 8080

Marché aux Fleurs et aux Oiseaux

A floral oasis on the banks of the Seine, this market has been a serene sanctuary on the island for over two centuries.
Dedicated to flowers, this small picturesque market of “Ile de la Cité” will be your most perfumed stop on banks of the Seine. Settled since 1808, this bucolic market is sheltered under pleasant metallic detached houses. On Sundays, the market is completed by the Market of Birds, where we find rare species and accessories.
Address:Place Louis Lépine, Quai de la Corse, Paris, 75004
Opening hours today:

Boutique Yam' TCha

Tea salon and to-go window selling delicious steamed buns (bao).
This boutique was opened by chef Adeline Grattard, who also has the Michelin-starred restaurant Yam T'Cha, is the perfect place for tea lovers.
Address:4 Rue Sauval, Paris, 75001
phone:+0033 1 4026 0606
Opening hours today:


Share creative small plates like broccoli with anchovy butter, lemon and sesame or rabbit sausage corn dogs
Discover American cuisine with a contemporary twist at this cozy wine bar and sister restaurant to the popular Verjus. The interiors are charmingly decorated in a country-chic style with warm woods and soft leather seating and feature an elegant marble-topped bar. Their menu offers an eclectic array of comfort specials elevated to gourmet heights by the use of seasonal local ingredients
Address:34 rue de Richelieu, Paris, 75001
phone:+33 1 4260 5966

Musee Jacquemart Andre

This private museum was left as a legacy by the wealthy Jacquemart-André family, bankers in the 19th century.
The Jacquemart-André Museum was the home of a couple of collectors (Edouard André and Nelie Jacquemart) whose whole lives were devoted to their common passion: collecting works of art.
Address:158 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris, 75008
phone:+33 1 4562 1159

Septime Cave

Spend an evening at this wine bar affiliate of the famous Septime that serves fine wines and small plates.
If you do not manage to have a table at Septime, try their "cave" with a great wine selection and nice staff to advise you. You can drink and eat shared plates from the Septime kitchen or purchase bottle of wine to go!
Address:3 Rue Basfroi, Paris, 75011
phone:+33 1 4367 1487

Fromagerie Quatrehomme

A family business providing incredible cheeses since 1930. Awarded with the "Best Craftsmen on France" distinction.
Every cheese lover in Paris knows about the Fromagerie Quatrehomme, very first "Maison de Fromage" established in Paris in the 1930's. Since, the place became an institution in Paris, especially when it's owner, Marie Quatrehomme, was the first woman awarded "Best Craftsmen of France" in this specialty.
Address:62 rue de Sèvres, Paris, 75006
phone:+33 1 47 34 33 45

Une glace a Paris

Two giants of the pastry world join forces to recreate the sensational flavors and aromas of 18th-century ice cream with a modern twist.
The stylish interiors of this Le Marais parlor are fitted with elegant geometric wallpaper and baroque mirrors, creating a chic yet inviting ambiance. Chefs Emmanuel Ryon and Olivier Ménard combine years of culinary expertise to handcraft an astonishing array of flavors from the classic to the exotic. Even the seemingly simple chocolate is elevated to new heights by the use of smoked Tanzanian cocoa and orange blossom extract. The Medovick is a must try here; made with rich cream and flavored with buckwheat honey, it is a revelation. Bestsellers include the pistachio, smoked vanilla, crunchy caramel and raspberry.
Address:15 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, Le Marais, Paris, 75004
phone:+33 1 4996 9833


Mingle with Parisian glitterati at this ultra chic two-story bar/club/restaurant in the heart of the Golden Triangle. Dress to impress.
Yeeels is an architectural jewel situated just off the Champs-Élysées. The opulent decor blends the exclusivity of a 1920s NYC club with the inherent elegance of a Parisian salon. The central cocktail bar juxtaposes sleek modern furniture with luxury fittings like black marble, silk, handcrafted leather, and ornate mirrors. The bar's award-winning beverage program has a lot to offer from gourmet cocktails to a carefully-curated list of wine, champagne and liquors. Sip on a drink as you take in the luxurious, upscale vibe. Head up the grand staircase to the club to dance the night away to the latest tracks spun by the best DJs.
Address:24 Avenue George V, Paris, 75008
phone:+33 1 4288 7575

Le Nom m'echappe

Pair fine French wines with classic dishes served with a modern twist, like the Carpaccio de Saint-Jacques, at this refined Parisian bistro.
Le Nom m'échappe may translate as "the name escapes me," but there is little doubt that a meal here promises to be a memorable one. Polished wood, printed silks, and marble counters are warmly lit, suffusing the cozy bistro with a gentle glow. The French-inspired menu promises an epicurean treat to satisfy the most avid gourmet, blending quality ingredients and classic training in dishes like the filet de canette piqué au foie gras (duck on a bed of foie gras) and côté de cochon Basque pieds fumes, oreilles croustillantes (smoked pork trotters with crispy pigs ears). The ambiance is romantic and ideal for quiet dinners over shared bottles of wine from France's best wine-growing regions, including a selection of bio-dynamic and natural wines.
Address:28 rue Notre Dame des Victoires, La Bourse, Paris, 75002
phone:+33 9 8220 2041

La Cave des Tuileries

Fantastic wine bar.
This wine bar offers more than 500 different wines (Bordeaux, Burgundy, South-West, Rhône), champagnes, and spirits in a vaulted cellar.
Address:232 Rue de Rivoli, Paris, 75001
phone:+0033 1 7127 4500
Opening hours today:


Cocktail bar specializing in Gin-infused drinks!
Tiger is a unique Parisian cocktail bar combining a jungle-like ambiance to fantastic cocktails centered around Gin.
Address:13 rue Princesse, Paris, 75006
phone:+0033 1 8405 8174

Verjus bar à vin

The wine bar belonging to the famous Verjus restaurant.
An excellent wine bar where you can sip on a glass of wine from an independent wine-grower along with some excellent tapas. No reservations.
Address:47 rue Montpensier, Paris, 75001
phone:+33 4297 5440


Creative French restaurant.
A short walk from the hotel, the recently opened Zébulon is Pirouette’s sister restaurant. It offers a great selection of wines that are highlighted in the wooden wine cave. The inventive French cuisine is worth the trip, serving dishes like game and foie gras pie and Brussels sprout chocolate tart.
Address:10 Rue de Richelieu, Paris, 75001
phone:+00033 4236 4944
Opening hours today:


Pastry shop offering gluten-free sweets and low-sugar treats.
Foucade offers delicacies without allergens (lactose and gluten-free). The pastries are "healthy", with low sugar, and are made using natural and seasonal ingredients. So, give in to your temptations and bite on a soft and creamy pastry without having to worry about putting on extra kilos.
Address:17 Rue Duphot, Paris, 75001
phone:+00331 7371 5510


A trendy bar that hidden behind a taco counter.
This Mexican "taqueria" offers excellent cocktails in the hidden bar! A true hidden gem!
Address:52 Rue de Saintonge, Paris, 75003
phone:+0033 1 4274 4128

Palais Garnier

Historical Paris Garnier Opera house built by Charles Garnier in 1875.
Since 1875, the Opera Garnier is the center of Arts in Paris. The architect Charles Garnier designed it as a tribute to one of France's most famous composers.You can also admire in the main room, a fantastic ceiling painted by Chagall.
Address:8 Rue Scribe, Paris, 75009
phone:‪‪+33 171 25 24 23


Trendy restaurant and cocktail bar located in the heart of Saint-Germain des Prés;
Located on the Left Bank, L'Alcazar is a trendy French restaurant and cocktail bar with jungle-like decorations. Their special100% healthy brunch served on Sundays draws a large crowd from across the city. The sophisticated decor and prompt service add to your overall dining experience.
Address:62 Rue Mazarine, Paris, 75006
phone:+0033 1 5310 1999

Annette Girardon

Local jewelry designer reflecting clients’ personality.
A workshop in a backyard is where you will discover a secret entry into the world of fine jewelry. Annette Girardon designs unique jewels; she tries to breathe live into each of her creations. Every piece has a story to tell. In order to reach the highest quality, she cooperates with the best Parisian workshops, respecting standards & technics according to the tradition from the place Vendôme.
Address:7, rue du Mont Thabor, Paris, 75001
phone:+00 33 1 4824 5007
Opening hours today:

Lily of the Valley

Brand new tea room located in Le Marais with a great selection of pastries.
At this charming tea bar, savor the goodness in herbaland organic blends, as well as original concoctions like Amaretto or Parisienne.
Address:12 rue Du Petit Thouars, Paris, 75003
phone:+33 1 57 40 82 80

Bistro Volnay

Intimate and elegant Bistro with a decor inspired by the 30s.
The Bistro Volnay, located only a few steps behing the Opéra Garnier, takes you back to the "Années Folles" with its wooden decor and red velvet sofas. The cuisine is seasonal and tasty, inspired by French classics. For wine lovers, more than 400 references available!
Address:8 rue Volney, Paris, 75002
phone:+33 1 42 61 06 65

Marché des Enfants Rouges

Popular food market located in the hyped Marais neighborhood.
The Marché des Enfants Rouges is the oldest food market in Paris. You will find amazing and various stalls serving fresh food that can be relished on spot. Specialties from all around the globe such as Japanese Bento, Italian pasta or Moroccan couscous could be found here.
Address:39 Rue de Bretagne, Paris, 75003
Opening hours today:

Librairie Jousseaume

Come discover, admire, and buy rare books.
The special atmosphere of this library combines very old books and new books, all of which are used. Browse the shelves and be surprised by a title and give in to the call of the pages. More than a store, Librairie Jousseaume is a temple of reading.
Address:45-46-47 Galerie Vivienne, Paris, 75002
phone:+0033 1 4296 0624
Opening hours today:

L'As du Fallafel

For a quick meal, look no further than this fantastic Falafel stand on the Rue des Rosiers.
Leave dining etiquette behind and dig into arguably one of the best falafel in Paris. This place, located on a tiny street of the Marais, is as popular with locals as it is with tourists. Pocket-friendly and serving delicious food, L'As du Fallafel is a must visit for all.
Address:34 Rue des Rosiers, Paris, 75004
phone:+00 33 1 4887 6360


A culinary fusion of French, Japanese and Peruvian styles showcase celebrated chef Lucas Felzine's talent.
After having pigged out at the planet’s best restaurants, Guillaume Sudre accomplished his dream: opening a restaurant-cocktail bar with a French-Peruvian-Japanese influence. The restaurant has been very much inspired by Picca, L.A.’s star restaurant, that Lucas Felzine, formerly of L’Arpège and then lured away by Ze Kitchen Galerie, fills with panache.
Address:7 Rue du 29 Juillet, Paris, 75001
phone:+0033 1 4015 0815
Opening hours today:

Willi's Wine Bar

Life, wine, and friends in this beloved neighborhood place.
Opened by a wine and arts aficionado, the Willi's Wine Bar is the perfect place to enjoy simple tasty cuisine and a glass of wine.
Address:13, Rue des Petits-Champs, Paris, 75001
phone:+0033 1 85 81 11 11


Indulge in a cup of nostalgia with Angelina's signature hot chocolate!
Give in to temptation and enjoy the best hot chocolate in Paris at Angelina's in their richly decorated tearoom. Also, do not miss the Mont Blanc, their signature pastry with chestnut cream.
Address:226 Rue de Rivoli, Paris, 75001
phone:+33 1 4260 8200


New nautical-themed cocktail bar.
This nautical-themed bar serves up great drinks paired with gourmet eats. Try their signature Beast cocktail made with bourbon and bacon fat.
Address:5 Rue Bouchardon, Paris, 75010

Coq Rico

Savor specialty dishes of farm-fresh Challans chicken served with classic French sides at this Montmartre bistro.
Antoine Westermann’s culinary venture named Coq Rico is a classy bistro nestled into the heights of Montmartre. This is a place where boiled eggs, roasted Bresse or Challans chickens, and pigeon from Poitou become veritable gourmet delights. A list of the poultry producers can be read at the bottom of the menu.
Address:98 Rue Lepic, Paris, 75018
phone:+0033 1 4259 8289
Opening hours today:

Galerie Véro-Dodat

A beautiful 19th-century shopping arcade.
Built in 1826, Galerie Véro-Dodat is a historical covered passage connecting Rue de Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Rue de Croix-des-Petits-Champs. Today, many very elegant shops offering furnishings, decorations and art are located here.
Address:rue Croix des Petits Champs, Paris, 75001
Opening hours today:

Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III's ornate splendor is a perfect representation of Paris's Beaux-arts grandeur.
Connecting the Champs-Élysées area, the Invalides and Eiffel Tower area, Pont Alexandre III is classified as a historical monument. It is also a perfect point of view for capturing a beautiful photograph. This beautiful bridge is situated on Seine River.
Address:Pont Alexandre III, Paris, 75008
Opening hours today:

Gilles Marchal

Bakery and pastry shop located in the lovely Montartre district. A must visit for all pastry-lovers.
The former pastry chef of the Plaza Athénée and Bristol hotels who then became director of La Maison du Chocolat has now opened his own pastry shop on the top of Montmartre, only a few steps away from the Sacré-Coeur Basilica. Gilles Marchal is a haven for sweet-lovers.
Address:9 Rue Ravignan, Paris, 75018
phone:+0033 1 8534 7330


Discover the "Pascade", a famous specialty of the Aveyron region!
The "Pascade" is a specialty from the Aveyron region in the south of France. Alexandre Bourdas, famous Britanny chef, born in Aveyron, opened a restaurant entirely dedicated to it. You will only find fresh and tasty seasonal products at Pascade!
Address:14 Rue Daunou, Paris, 75002
phone:+33 1 42 60 11 00

Annick Goutal

Signature fragrances by this perfume house. Each tells their own story and makes a great gift for special occasions.
All products sold by Annick Goutal, such as men's & women's perfumes, bath & body and skincare products. are of the highest quality. Annick Goutal offers more than 30 original perfume creations for women's fragrances!
Address:14 Rue de Castiglione, Paris, 75001
phone:+33 1 4260 5282
Opening hours today:

Les Deux Magots

Popular cafe serving delicious French delicacies in a cozy setting.
Les Deux Magots is a famous café in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area. It once had a reputation as the meeting place of the literary and intellectual élite of the city. Have a drink on the terrace or relish authentic French delicacies inside the cozy dining space.
Address:6 place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, 75006
phone:+33 1 4548 5525

Ile Saint Louis

In the center of Paris, this historic island is a must-see. Take a romantic walk along the riverbank.
The island used to be separated into 2 blocks: the “ile Notre Dame” and “Ile aux vaches” grazing fields in the seventeenth century. The isle became the “île Saint-Louis” in 1725. The classical mansions with charming balconies participate in the majestic and special atmosphere that you find here. There are many restaurants, terraces overlooking the back of Notre Dame, and art galleries.
Address:Ile Saint Louis, Paris, 75004
Opening hours today:

Laurence Bossion

At Laurence Bossion, you will find amazing ornate hats constructed from fine vintage materials.
After working for Dior, Torrente and Guy Laroche, Laurence Bossion is now making hats and "sur mesure" accessories. Discover her wonderful hat creations!
Address:10, rue Saint Roch, Paris, 75001
phone:+33 1 4296 8050
Opening hours today:

Salon du Fromage Hisada

Japanese cheese master offering great selection of cheese.
Sanae Hisanda has been a master cheesemonger since 2008 and has been diligently developing the French cheese market in Japan. Sample fondue, tofu & cheesecake maison in a tasting room, along with Japanese soups & platters. Then take home some special cheese.
Address:47, rue de Richelieu, Paris, 75001
phone:+33 1 4260 7848
Opening hours today:

Bazar de Filles

A nice boutique dedicated to women.
This chic boutique showcases a new micro collection each week, including ethically-made garments, fine jewelry, accessories and shoes.
Address:115 Rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, 75003
Opening hours today:

Buly 1803

Dedicated to cosmetics and perfumes.
Inspired by renowned 19th-century perfumer Jean-Vincent Bully, this boutique uses time-honored traditions to craft original beauty products.
Address:6 Rue Bonaparte, Paris, 75006
phone:+0033 1 4329 0250
Opening hours today:

Le Cafe Marlette

Great coffee shop located on famous rue des Martyrs where you can try great arabicas and delicious pastries.
Start your day with a good cup of coffee and a simple breakfast at Le Café Marlette. It's easy to spend a long while at this charming cafe.
Address:51 Rue des Martyrs, Paris, 75009
phone:+33 1 4874 8973

Maison Victor Hugo

Located on Place des Vosges, this museum allows you to dive into Victor Hugo's world!
Replete with family memorabilia, medieval decor, and objets d'art, this home of the great Victor Hugo showcases his literary and artistic prowess.
Address:6 Place des Vosges, Paris, 75004
phone:+33 1 4272 1016

Le Grand Colbert

Located near the Galerie Vivienne, this is a traditional French brasserie.
Dine at the local favorite Le Grand Colbert, housed in a historic building whose ornate fixtures and features have undergone a loving renovation. The 1900 century décor is great and was once a movie set for Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton!
Address:2 Rue Vivienne, Paris, 75002
phone:+0033 1 4286 8788
Opening hours today:

Le Petit Palais - Musée des Beaux-arts de la ville de Paris

Constructed for the Universal Exhibition in 1900, this museum is a historic monument situated in the heart of Paris.
Built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, Le Petit Palais has a great variety of artifacts donated by enthusiastic and eclectic collectors. The museum mixes paintings, tapestries, sculptures, and art objects linking the main artistic movements from Ancient Greece right up to the First World War. A small inner outdoor garden adds to the charm of the place.
Address:Avenue Winston Churchill, Paris, 75008
phone:+33 1 5343 4000
Opening hours today:

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela's first Paris boutique for its cool, casual, and contemporary line.
At MM6, versatility is the name of the game, as these trendy but casual-wear pieces can be mixed and matched for near infinite combinations.
Address:22 Place du Marché Saint Honoré, Paris, 75001
phone:+33 1 7377 5152
Opening hours today:

Robert et Louise

Whiffs of smoked meat drift from a wood fire in their open kitchen as guests savor steak dishes like andouillette.
Up top, the fireplace gently crackles with cuts of beef roasting in it. Down below, the vaulted cellar is a real landmark for carnivores.
Address:64 Rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, 75003
phone:+0033 1 4278 5589
Opening hours today:

Gab & Jo

Concept store with only French products.
Discover an eclectic ensemble of Marius Fabre soap, Emma Cargill jewelry, and much more at this unique French concept shop.
Address:28 Rue Jacob, Paris, 75006
phone:+0033 9 8453 5843
Opening hours today:

Cafe Pouchkine

This is a traditional Russian café with Franco-Russian style and food!
This Russian export to the French capital creates gourmet confections that are decadent in flavor and picture-perfect in presentation.
Address:16, place de la Madeleine, Paris, 75008
phone:+0033 1 53 43 81 60

Mariage Frères

This high class tearoom in the heart of the Marais area caters to connoisseurs and should not be missed.
Here epicureans can indulge in the French tea tradition with an inventive menu that sees red tea blended with white wine,and tea-infused crème brûlée. The atmosphere is very refined. Over 500 teas from around the world can be tasted.
Address:30 Rue du Bourg-Tibourg, Paris, 75004
phone:+33 1 4272 2811


Great cocktails and in a submarine-like atmosphere.
Located just steps from the hotel, this pocket-sized bar invites you to explore the world of an underwater submarine. Here you can enjoy the vintage furniture and cocktails made by Anaïs, the multi-awarded barmaid. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 PM to 4 AM.
Address:4 Rue de l'Arc de Triomphe, Paris, 75017
phone:+33 1 4068 7060

The Rodin Museum Gardens

The Rodin Museum Gardens host an array of stunning sculptures and lush flora.
Stretching over three hectares, this garden allows one to admire numerous works of Rodin, such as "The Door of the Hell" and "The Thinker."
Address:79 Rue de Varenne, Paris, 75007
phone:+33 1 4418 6110

A Noste

The restaurant offers diners the warm cuisine of Southwest France.
Visit this Basque-themed restaurant for some excellent tapas and a convivial atmosphere. The iberico ham is a must try.
Address:6bis Rue du 4 Septembre, Paris, 75002
phone:+0033 1 4703 9191
Opening hours today:

Ile aux Cygnes

Get a new angle on the Eiffel Tower from this man-made island in the middle of the Seine with unique tower views.
Looking for a unique place to escape in Paris? Near the Eiffel Tower and over the Seine, the island can be reached by either the Grenelle or the Bir-Hakeim Bridge. The western tip of the island is home to a small Statue of Liberty, which is a gift from the US-based French community to Paris; this is a great spot for a picture as well!
Address:ile aux cygnes, Paris, 75015
Opening hours today:

Café Marly

Lounge in the elegant arcade of the Louvre's Richelieu Wing while gazing on the iconic glass pyramid in the courtyard.
This part-modern, part-Napoleon III era brasserie offers an exceptional view of the famous Louvre Pyramid.
Address:93 Rue de Rivoli, Paris, 75001
phone:+0033 1 4926 0660
Opening hours today:

Le Chocolat

Handmade chocolate creations go from roasting to ready within twenty-four hours at Alain Ducasse's artisan chocolaterie.
Come and taste traditional and reimagined gourmet flavors at Alain Ducasse's chocolaterie. Serving pure chocolate ganaches, pralines, truffles and more!
Address:9 Rue du Marché Saint-Honoré, Paris, 75001
phone:+0033 1 4508 9326
Opening hours today:


Indulge in a great cappuccino at this cozy coffee shop.
Téléscope in the perfect place for coffee lovers! The staff also serves plates of charcuterie to share along with organic wines.
Address:5 rue Villedo, Paris, 75001
phone:+No telephone

Mini Palais

Inside the Grand Palais, three star Michelin chef Eric Fréchon has opened this chic and modern French brasserie.
When weather permits, book a table on Mini Palais' great terrace and enjoy their “hamburger” of chopped duck breast topped with a thick slab of grilled foie gras and truffle juice. Their delicious food and heart-warming service will make you want to come back to Mini Palais as soon as possible.
Address:3 Avenue Winston Churchill, Paris, 75008
phone:+0033 1 4256 4242

Passage des Princes

This passage is home to numerous shops selling toys, scale models, video games, and much more!
Passage des Princes is a covered passage that links rue Richelieu to Boulevard des Italiens in the 2nd district. Since 2002, it has mainly contained toy shops and is known under "Village Joué Club". It's a true kids paradise!
Address:5, Boulevard des Italiens, Paris, 75009
Opening hours today:

Café Suédois

Relax on the terrace and get acquainted with the culture and culinary traditions of Sweden at Café Suédois.
This cafe boasts of one of the most serene and beautiful terraces in Paris. Located on a little street in Le Marais, this café is the perfect spot to enjoy a light lunch or a fresh drink. Delicious Swedish delights await you at Café Suédois.
Address:11 Rue Payenne, Paris, 75003
phone:+0033 1 4478 8011
Opening hours today:

Les Berges

Les Berges offers a sprawling selection of rest, relaxation, and recreation!
Flower gardens, games for children, a fitness trail, picnic tables, restaurants, and terraces, as well as fashion shows, music, or even the circus, you will find it all at Les Berges. Located in the heart of Paris, between the Pont de l'Alma and the Musée d'Orsay, this is a new inventive space is open to Parisians and tourists.
Address:Quai d'Orsay, Paris, 75000
Opening hours today:

Boutique Maille

Offering not only a delectable variety of mustard, but also vinegar, oils, dressings, sauces, and pickles.
In this epicurean haven, have a taste of Maille’s delicious mustard. This is one of the few boutiques in the city which is completely dedicated to a wide range of mustards. The diverse options at Boutique Maille are bound to impress you.
Address:6 Place de la Madeleine, Paris, 75008
phone:+0033 1 4015 0600


Colorful restaurant and tea saloon located in Saint-Germain des Prés area.
Located in the 6th district, Colorova is an atypical tea saloon and pastry shop.You will be delighted by the delicious breakfast, brunch, lunch, and pastries!
Address:47 Rue de l'Abbé Grégoire, Paris, 75006
phone:+33 1 4544 6756

13- A Baker's Dozen

A hidden tea saloon in Saint Germain des Prés.
Do not miss this tea saloon that is hidden in a cobblestoned courtyard! An authentic coffee shop with old cook books on the shelves and delicious cakes on the counter. Enjoy!
Address:16, Rue des Saints-Pères, Paris, 75007
phone:+33 1 7377 2789

The Beef Club Ballroom

Exquisite Yorkshire meat, a contemporary menu, inventive cocktails and an elegant Soho-style ambiance makes The Beef Club one to join.
The Beef Club Ballroom is brought to you by Experimental Cocktail Crew, the same group that prides itself on successful stints in London and New York. The pioneering venture in Paris justifies the City of Light's appetite for inventive mixology. Bartending is a sublime art that sees creative concoctions poured out for those looking to experiment with flavors and spirits. Upstairs you'll find a sophisticated dining room with an intricate ceiling and elegant decor, while the downstairs area is more lounge-ish. As the name suggests, the specialty on the menu is English beef shipped exclusively by famous butcher Yves-Marie Le Bourdonec.
Address:58 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Paris, 75001
phone:+33 9 5437 1365
Opening hours today:

Epices Roellinger

Chef Olivier Roellinger's shop is a must-visit for every epicurean. Visit their cellar where aromatic vanilla beans are perfectly ripened.
This Parisian spice shop is a treasure trove of exotic spices from around the globe. Shelves upon shelves stacked with the finest peppers, delicate boxes of fleur de sel, flavored oils, and chilies from Mexico, India and Spain greet you as soon as you step into this gastronome's haven. Over 18 varieties of the world's finest vanillas sourced from Madagascar, Mexico, Uganda, India and Sri Lanka promise to add an unsurpassed depth of flavor to the simplest of desserts. Each of the store's special spice blends is handcrafted by Chef Roellinger, drawing from his extensive travels and culinary expertise. Take home a box of their famous salted butter caramels as a gift or souvenir.
Address:51 bis rue Sainte Anne, Paris, 75002
phone:+33 1 4260 4688

White Bird

Concept-store offering a selection of fine jewelry created by designers from all around the world with unique pieces.
White Bird is located only a few steps away from the famous Place Vendôme, but it's concept is miles away from the traditional Jewelries! You will find there unique pieces and limited series crafted by designers from all around the world, selected for their passion and creativity.
Address:38 rue du Mont Thabor, Paris, 75001
phone:+33 1 58 62 25 8

Maison Goyard

Not one to follow trends, Goyard's timeless styles, top quality and excellent craftsmanship make the perfect travel companion.
The trunk movement was pioneered by Pierre-François Martin in 1792 under the name House of Martin. After a string of successors, the brand was revolutionized by Edmond Goyard in 1885. Today the reputed bag makers pride themselves on an international client base with stores across the globe. Specializing in travel accessories, the luxurious collection features trunks, trolleys, handbags, briefcases as well as pet carriers. Customized and handmade like they did back when it all began, classic designs are entwined with steep heritage at their cutting-edge workshops.
Address:233 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, 75001
phone:+33 1 4260 5704
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Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team: Share your Parisian experiences with our Navigators !

Meet the team: Share your Parisian experiences with our Navigators !

Paris, France
Venue: Renaissance Paris Vendôme Hotel
Address: 4, Rue du Mont Thabor, Paris, 75001, France
Phone: +33 1 40 20 20 00
Street Poppies Varnishing

Street Poppies Varnishing

Varnishing cocktail of the "Street Poppies" association pop-up exhibition at the Renaissance Paris Vendome !

Varnishing cocktail of the "Street Poppies" association pop-up exhibition at the Renaissance Paris Vendome !

Paris, France
Venue: Renaissance Paris Vendôme Hotel
Address: 4, Rue du Mont Thabor, Paris, 75001, France
Phone: +33 1 40 20 20 00
Design Tour

Design Tour

Be part of the Hotel Design Tour organized by the marketing team to make you discover the storytelling of Didier Gomez Design.

Be part of the Hotel Design Tour organized by the marketing team to make you discover the storytelling of Didier Gomez Design.

Paris, France
Venue: Renaissance Paris Vendôme Hotel
Address: 4, Rue du Mont Thabor, Paris, 75001, France
Phone: +33 1 40 20 20 00
Meet the team

Meet the team

Share your stay experience with members of the Renaissance Paris Vendome team !

Share your stay experience with members of the Renaissance Paris Vendome team !

Paris, France
Venue: Renaissance Paris Vendôme Hotel
Address: 4, Rue du Mont Thabor, Paris, 75001, France
Phone: +33 1 40 20 20 00