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Stephane Mignon
Stephane Mignon

Renaissance Brussels Hotel

Our Navigator will help you find the best spots in Brussels' European Quarter.

Situated in the city’s stylish European Quarter near the high-class boutiques of Avenue Louise, our Brussels hotel is the epitome of sophistication and the perfect venue for a European city break. Contemporary elegance is in abundance all across our guest rooms and communal spaces, while our 6,000 square feet of flexible meeting space means you can work away to your heart’s content if you’re visiting us on business. You can even stay in shape with the help of qualified trainers who staff our fitness center. Friendly resident Navigator Olivier can clue you in on the many secret delights of Brussels, as well as the more established tourist spots such as the nearby European Parliament and Fine Arts Museum.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator Services
  • JOYA NYC fragrance
  • Flat-Screen HDTVs
  • Complimentary Personal Trainers
  • Fitness Center
  • Indoor Pool
  • Sauna
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Fika Coffee

Enjoy the pleasure of a cup of pure origin 100% Arabica coffee from the best roasters in the lovely hidden garden!
Just off Place Saint Boniface, a colourful little district combining visual and gastronomic treasures, this coffee corner represents a moment to slow down and appreciate the simple bliss of a warm drink with a sweet bun or home-made pastry. The concept comes from Sweden, where fika is a lifestyle, a cherished custom to sit alone or gathered in good company and savor the simple things in life!
Address:17 Rue de la Paix, Ixelles, Brussels, 1050
phone:+32 2 5028885

Place Poelaert

One of the largest squares, offering one of the best panoramas of the city; sunrises and sunsets are just astonishing!
This squares links the elegant Avenue Louise with the quirky Marolles district with a public glass lift connecting the upper and lower towns in less than 30 seconds. Don't miss the chance to contemplate the majesty of Palais de Justice(the Law Courts building), which has the reputation of being the largest building built in the 19th century! Don't miss the open-air events on Sundays.
Address:Place Poelaert, Brussels, 1000
Opening hours today:


A multilingual bookshop, a wine corner, a cultural cafe', a venue for events and workshops. All in one place.
Librebook offers a wide range of books in more than 20 languages, as well as quality natural wines made in Europe, to promote European diversity and unity which has always been the dream of the founder. Antonio is a friendly chatty Italian gentleman who will enchant you with his kind manners. Meetings, readings, seminars, book presentations, poetry sessions are held regularly here.
Address:128 Chaussée de Wavre, Ixelles, Brussels, 1050
phone:+32 2 8087440


An adorable old grocery store, just a couple of meters away from the birthplace of Audrey Hepburn!
Entering L’épicerie, you will feel like you should take your shoes off, as the ambiance reminds you of an actual home. Mr. Tangton is the sweetest host and owner of this tiny place He likes to decorate it with his aircraft models, his collection of pine cones, his drawings, and simple wooden furniture. Enjoy authentic Thai recipes and simple but inviting sandwiches. Try the soup of the day.
Address:56 Rue Keyenveld, Ixelles, Brussels, 1050
phone:+32 2 5137184

Osteria Agricola Toscana

Welcome to one of the best places to experience the true taste of the Italian fields and vineyards.
Serving simple dishes coming from organic farms in Tuscany, Osteria Agricola Toscana will remind you of the warm atmosphere of your home, thanks to the rustic wooden furniture and the black & white photos on the wall, portraying scenes of everyday life in the Italian countryside. The friendly staff will be welcoming you with big smiles and great wines. Don't miss the tasty Antipasto Toscano!
Address:20 Avenue Livingstone, Brussels, 1000
phone:+32 2 2316407

Contrebande Bar

Craft Beer, friendly staff, warm atmosphere. Enjoy the vibrant terrace if you are lucky enough to catch the sun!
Serving more than 80 organic Belgian beers, the Contrebande will delight you with delicious weekend brunches and simple but enjoyable dishes for lunch and dinner. All prepared with bio ingredients coming from the "Stock", bio market inspired by the movement Zero Waste. Try the Polenta Fries, a tasty and original variation of the typical Frites!
Address:6 Place Fernand Cocq, Brussels, 1050
phone:+32 2 5122466

Leopold Park

A charming English style garden containing a pond, a green oasis of peace in the vibrant European Quarter.
A quiet walk, a morning jog, a picnic. Enjoy Leopold Park, one of the best green spots in the neighborhood. Elegant, yet cozy, the park is spectacular in every season. However, the autumn colors make it just magical! The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and the magnificent Solvay Library are located in the park harmoniously combining culture and nature. Did you know it used to be a zoo?
Address:38 Rue Froissart, Brussels, 1040

Beer Mania

A Belgian beer is a great souvenir to bring back home. If it doesn't fit in your suitcase, you can easily shop online!
Selling beer since 1981, Beer Mania is the place to be if you want to find the best Belgian beers, as well as souvenirs, gifts and everything related to Brussels' famous specialty. You can make yourself comfortable, enjoy beer and a small bite during your visit. Don't miss their brew, Mea Culpa, which gets its name in acknowledgment of the temptation you might have for its excessive consumption.
Address:174 -176 Chausse de Wavre, Brussels, 1050
phone:+32 2 5121788

Mont des Arts

It offers one of the finest views!Take a moment, have a seat on the stairs and admire the sky: sunsets are breathtaking!
Connecting the lower with the upper part of Brussels, the urban complex represents a colorful lively spot on the way to the city center. You can stop for a visit to one of its four museums, enjoy the street musicians' cheerful music or the lovely flowers and fountains. Don't miss the spectacular view from the restaurant of the Musical Instrument Museums, a stunning Art Nouveau building!
Address:1000 Brussels, Brussels
Opening hours today:

Kitchen 151

Mediterranean cuisine influenced by the rich culinary cultures of the Middle East and the Maghreb: irresistible fusion.
With attention to details, Simona and Tim have created an intimate warm atmosphere thanks to a combination of modern and vintage wooden furniture, plants in every corner and a simple yet varied menu. This fusion cuisine restaurant will surprise you for its authenticity and genuine dishes and staff. Cookery classes are held regularly in a warm familiar environment. Don't miss the delicious Hummus.
Address:145 Chaussée de Wavre, Brussels, 1050
phone:+32 476997774

Les Jardins du Luxembourg

To honor the tradition of the bi-annual flower carpet in Brussels, pick up some of the city's beloved begonias.
Located just on the other side of the road, right next to the Luxembourg Station, there is a stunning flower shop where professionalism and quality are guaranteed. Find the perfect bouquet to bring back home for someone special or pick up a lovely plant for your office. From gorgeous floral arrangements of gardenias to beautiful potted orchids, Jardins du Luxembourg has got it all.
Address:2 Rue de Trèves, Ixelles, Brussels, 1050
phone:+32 2 5125215

Karsmakers Coffee House

Treat yourself with the delicious bagel of the month, even better if you enjoy it in the beautiful breezy terrace!
Surrounded by bookcases, armchairs and cozy sofas, Karsmakers' ambiance will make you will feel like you're cuddled up in the quiet warm living room of a friend's home. Friendly English speaking staff will welcome you with a smile, ready to please you with coffee and baked delight like the banana cake. Try to avoid lunchtime as you will find it too crowded to enjoy the peace you deserve.
Address:20 Rue de Trèves, Ixelles, Brussels, 1050
phone:+32 2 5020226

Cafe' Luxembourg

The perfect bar to sip a pint of Stella Artois. Chill music, cool young staff, good vibes. Sunday Brunch is a must!
A very dynamic spot in the square where the European Parliament is located. Organizing events with famous DJs, it is frequently chosen for a drink after work, especially on Thursday evenings, when Place Luxembourg is crowded with hundreds of young professionals gathering to discuss the latest EU gossip over a few drinks. On Tuesdays, enjoy your drink with some finger food from the organic market!
Address:10 Place du Luxembourg, Brussels, 1050
phone:+32 2 7215715
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