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Jaume Escofet
Jaume Escofet

Renaissance Caracas La Castellana

More than 95 different plant species form a tremendous multicolor wall at our Entre Hojas Lounge.

Situated in the heart of La Castellana commercial district in Caracas, Renaissance's only hotel in Venezuela is a real gem. Our pride and joy is the incredible Entre Hojas Lounge, where 95 different species of plant form a natural, multicolor wall. But we’re also proud of the elegance of our 212 rooms — including 18 suites and a presidential suite — and of the delicious international and North Indian cuisine in our Mijao restaurant. Our local Navigator knows Caracas like the back of his hand, and his recommendations will ensure you get the most out of your visit, whether you’re here to shop, relax or party the night away.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC fragrance
  • Multi-Cultural Cuisine
  • 42" Flat-Screen HDTVs
  • Fitness Center
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Sauna
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Sawu Lounge

Guests dance in tune to Merengue and Reggaeton music and sip cocktails in a lounge steeped with old Asian and European colonial grandeur.
Sawu Lounge, also known as UVE, acts as a restaurant and bar during the evening and a trendy club at night. Its interiors exhibit a blend of vintage Oriental and European elements such as printed upholstery with floral patterns, ornate mirror frames, colorful vases and lampshades. Its menu features dishes such as Vietnamese Lumpia Tempura garnished with mangoes and Udon noodles soaked in Ponzu sauce. The food is complemented by unusual cocktails with constituents like Blue Curaçao and coconut water. This place is most popular for its amazing parties where resident DJs spin groovy Latin American numbers and guests dance to the beats of local Merengue and Reggaeton music. This club is open from 5p from Tuesday to Saturday.
Address:Calle California, Between Mucuchies and Monterrey, Caracas, 1060
phone:+58 212 991 7309
Opening hours today:

Tienda Antia Diseños

In a country known for its beauty queens, shop for uniquely Venezuelan fashions from local brands like LIK Accessories and My Love Rocks.
Tienda Antia Diseños is a multi-brand retail store that sells trendy apparel and accessories like bracelets, handbags, wallets and shoes. The creations of famous Venezuelan designers are displayed in a quirky style on mannequins and colorful shelves. This shop is ideal for those looking for uniquely local merchandise and something different from conventional runway fashions. Shop for products of labels and designers such as Carolina Ladies, Vanessa Boulton, Swing Left, Pink Baroque, Daniela Lazo, Hot Chocolate Design and Ushuva Disco. Create an entire outfit by combining blouses in soft materials, skirts with whimsical patterns, beaded necklaces and pastel-hued purses sporting floral sketches.
Address:C.C Plaza la Boyera, Nivel Avenida, local NA-39, Caracas, 1083
phone:+58 212 963 2229

Centro de Arte La Estancia

Over 230 square meters of art occupy the old colonial ranch house that is now Caracas's famous Centro de Arte La Estancia.
Placed on the one-time site of a 35,000 square meter ranch, the Centro de Arte La Estancia is one of Caracas's best destinations for art. The exhibitions themselves are housed in a colonial house, contributing some historic architecture to the equally impressive art. Design and photography are the main types of exhibition at the museum, a specialization the museum has showcased to guests since the museum's founding in 1995.
Address:Avenida Francisco de Miranda, La Floresta, Caracas
phone:+58 212 507 8815


One of the finest restaurants in Caracas, the Mediterranean cuisine based around local ingredients is a truly special experience.
Star chef Carlos Garcia cooks up a Mediterranean storm in his latest venture, the Alto. The cozy restaurant only caters to eight tables at a time and guarantees an intimate experience and great service. The interiors are decorated in warm hues with excellent use of lighting. On the menu is a superb selection of Mediterranean favorites made to perfection by the experienced chef. A great option for an intimate dinner.
Address:Primera Trasnversal de Los Palos Grandes, Caracas, 1050
phone:+58 212 284 3655
Opening hours today:

Café Arabica

With the best coffee in Caracas, this Altamira Café is great for sips, desserts and people watching from their outdoor seating.
Arabica is the closest you'll get to coffee heaven when in Caracas. The popular cafe has been delighting locals and tourists alike with their superb selection of gourmet coffees and blends. The cafe has very casual layout with seating indoors as well as a refreshing outdoor setting. Apart from this, there is an above average selection of sandwiches, pastries and light meals in case you're hungry. With coffees that can rival the best in the world, Arabica is a regular hangout for aficionados and coffee-lovers.
Address:Avenida Andrés Bello, entre 1ra Transversal & Avenida Francisco Miranda, Caracas, 1050
phone:+58 212 283 7024
Opening hours today:

Cala Restaurant & Lounge

This classy and modern restaurant serves internationally inspired cuisine with an emphasis in Italian flavors and techniques.
If you ever find yourself craving a delectable Italian meal in Caracas, look no further than Cala. The highly respected chef Luigi Morales adds his masterful touch to Italian favorites with telling results. On the menu is a carefully crafted selection of Italian favorites to suit every palate. The restaurant has upscale decor with classic clean lines in the dining area and comfy sofas in the lounge. Visit the lounge for a cocktail to relax after your meal.
Address:Calle Madrid, entre Monterey & Mucuchíes, Caracas, 1060
phone:+58 212 993 0185
Opening hours today:

La Praline Chocolatier

This store, started and owned by Belgian transplants, is the place to come for gourmet chocolates of all kinds, like pralines.
Enjoy a treat of a lifetime at La Praline, home to some of the best gourmet chocolate around. This boutique has wowed chocolate lovers all over the city. Choose from an amazing range of treats that cater to all tastes. If you get overwhelmed by their impressive selection, ask the friendly staff for a recommendation. You'll find great gift options here as well.
Address:Between Avenida Andrés Bello and 3ra Transversal, Caracas, 1060
phone:+58 212 2847986
Opening hours today:


Almost too pretty to eat, Kakao’s chocolates are an adventurous exploration of colors and flavors and make a great gift.
Stop into Kakao and get a taste of gourmet Venezuelan chocolate. The modern shop features an assortment of flavors including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even some unusual ones such as Earl Grey tea, mango, and minced ants! The take away boxes are also just as colorful, decorated by Venezuelan artists.
Address:Avenida Principal de las Mercedes, Caracas, 1060
phone:+58 212 993 5583

El Teleférico

Opened in 1952 and revamped in 2000, the Teleférico transports people over the city to the amazing views at the top of Avila Hill.
Although thousands of tourists go up the Cerro El Avila every day, you may only want to reach its summit, or the coast on the other side of the mountain. In that case, Caracas has two cable car routes to offer you: Maripérez-El Avila and Maripérez-Macuto. The Maripérez-El Avila route has always been the most popular, taking you to El Avila's ice rink, the disco and the luxurious Hotel Humboldt. You'll overlook the Caracas valley on one side and the Caribbean on the other from a height of 2153 meters. The cars leave every 15 or 30 minutes, according to the number of passengers.
Address:Final Avenida Principal de Maripérez, Caracas, 1050
phone:+58 212 901 5555
Opening hours today:

La Plaza Bolívar

The city’s main square houses many of the most important buildings in the city like the Cathedral and the National Capitol.
In every Venezuelan city and town, the main square is named after Simon Bolivar. Caracas' Plaza Bolivar is not only the center of civic, political, commercial, social and tourist activity, but it stands on the grounds where conqueror Diego de Losada founded the city in 1567: the capital of Venezuela grew out from four corners. Public buildings like the Capitolio Nacional, the Catedral Metropolitana, the Foreign Office and the Palacio Municipal surround the square. But, the real meaning of Plaza Bolivar is found in its energy, which keeps Caracas alive.
Address:Avenida Este 0, Caracas, 1010
Opening hours today:
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