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Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel

The best show in town is watching Shanghai’s lights come up after sunset with a signature jasmine martini in hand at Zpark.

Enjoy one of the signature Jasmine Martinis at our Zpark Cocktail Bar and watch as the sun sets and Shanghai’s magnificent lights come on. It’s one of the many unique experiences waiting for you at the Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel. The prime downtown location, impeccable service and world-class facilities mean we have been regularly voted among the favorite destinations for business travelers across Asia. And at 60 stories tall, we’re proud to claim a place in Shanghai’s awe-inspiring skyline. Friendly and knowledgeable in-house Navigator Alan is always on hand to help guests explore this incredible, diverse city, whether for business, pleasure or both.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC Fragrance
  • Fitness Center
  • Flat-Screen HDTVs
  • Indoor Pool
  • Sauna
  • Multi-Cultural Cuisine
  • Valet Dry-Cleaning
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One of the premier locations for contemporary art in Shanghai.
M50 is a district which has more than 60 art galleries and over 100 resident artists. The M50 is located along south of Suzhou Creek, where there used to be dilapidated warehouses. Now that area has been turned into one of Shanghai's premier locations for contemporary art.
Address:No.50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
phone:+86 21 6266 3639

Da Ke Tang

One of the best Puer tea houses in Shanghai is located in a French-style building.
The aroma of the Puer tea can easily be found in this tea house that is full of old Shanghai decorations. From the flooring, winding stairs, doors, windows, furniture, and paintings, it a perfect combination of Chinese elements and European-style architecture.
Address:388 Xiangyang South Road, Xuhui, Shanghai
phone:+86 21 6467 6577

People's Heroes Monument

Built in 1993, this monument honors the martyrs who have given their lives for the liberation of Shanghai since 1840.
The People's Heroes Monument looks like three pieces of a rifle, representing the Opium War, the May 4th movement, and the Liberation War. The tower is 120 meters tall and 3.8 meters high, standing tall and upright inside Huangpu Park on the beginning of the Bund.
Address:Zhongshan East 1st Road, Shanghai, 200002
Opening hours today:

Mokkos Bar

Tibetan-owned bar.
The bar has no drink list, but the prices are reasonable with the average being about RMB40 per drink. I recommend that you sit at the bar. The bartenders are two ladies from Tibet who very friendly and talkative. They also invited me to eat the yak jerky they bring from Tibet.
Address:348 Yanpng Lu, Shanghai, 200042
phone:+86 21 6212 1114

MUJI Flagship Store

The biggest MIJI flagship store in China.
The biggest MUJI flagship store opened recently on the famous shopping street of Huaihai Lu. This flagship store includes a bookstore (MUJI BOOKS. a cafeteria called CAFE & MEAL MUJI, a creative space called MUJI YOURSELF, and a furniture and housewares section IDÉE will also be opening soon.
Address:775 Huaihaizhong Lu, Shanghai

Fu He Hui

A creative vegetarian restaurant with a Zen ambience.
The name of the restaurant Fu He Hui comes from translations of three Chinese characters, meaning "fortune, harmony, and wisdom." It's a vegetarian Chinese restaurant with cuisine ranging from traditional to fusion. The restaurant has been nominated as top restaurant in Shanghai, meaning it's a must visit restaurant for vegetarians while in Shanghai.
Address:1037Yuyuan Lu, Near Jiangsu Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 3980 9188


Korean barbecue by Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his wife Marja.
The name of this restaurant, Chi-Q, has “Chi” because of the famous Korean dish-kimchi, and “Q” to represent barbecue, or BBQ. Guests to this Korean barbecue joint can tuck into some truly delicious barbecue dishes with Korean flair.
Address:2F 3 on the Bund, Shanghai
phone:+021 6321 6622


This is the first Gucci restaurant in the world.
After the the Gucci Caffè opened in Italy and Japan, the 1921Gucci restaurant has finally opened in Shanghai. The first Gucci restaurant in the world, the restaurant serves Italian food. If you are going to 1921Gucci you must try the pastas, risotto and their home made tiramisu.
Address:4/F, IAPM Mall, Shanghai
phone:+021 3356 3525

Liquid Laundry

This is a restaurant that has a fully-functional brewery.
This restaurant is owned by Kelly Lee, the woman behind Sproutworks, iiiiit, Boxing Cat, and Cantina Agave. This restaurant has a fully-functional brewery and usually serves dozen of different kinds of homemade beer. There is creative cuisine that draws inspiration from the Mediterranean and the American South as well as wood-fired oven pizzas, rotisserie chickens and hand-crafted charcuterie.
Address:KWah Centre, 2/F, 1028 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Donghu Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 6445 9589

Avenue Joffre Bar

French romance meets Shanghai style.
Avenue Joffre is a high-quality cocktail bar with a strong strong French romantic atmosphere. The bar has about 20 types of gin from all over the world, including from Germany, France, and Scotland.
Address:Room 1, Bldg 5, 570 Yongjia Lu, near Yueyang Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 6029 9725

Pearl & Jade Center

Member of the China Jewelry Association & official supplier of EXPO 2010.
Shanghai Pearl & Jade Center is a 800 square meter flagship store that is located in the Bund. It sells natural and cultivated pearl, jade crafts with customized designs.
Address:471 Zhongshandongyi Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 5308 8990

Shanghai Bund Musical

One of the hottest musical shows in Shanghai.
Shanghai Bund is adapted from a very famous TV show called Shanghai Tan which featured Chow Yun-Fat & Angie Chiu. It's a love story set in 1930s Shanghai and it's a must not miss show while you are in Shanghai.
Address:Yunfeng Theatre, 1700 Beijingxi Lu, Shanghai
phone:+400 805 8658

Epices & Foie Gras

Wonderful restaurant located in the Nanjing Road area.
The owner of this restaurant is a man who loves food and has lived in France for more than 30 years. The restaurant is located in most famous shopping district in Shanghai - Nanjing Road. The restaurant is easy to miss, but once you find it and try their delicious cuisine you will never forget it.
Address:309-A1-05 Hsankou Lu, Near Shandong Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 5169 0989

Shang Xia

Shop for exceptional objets de art and other haute couture in a surreal, beautiful space. They ship worldwide, of course.
A Chinese brand that has been acquired by Hermes, this shop has 3 floors. The first floor is housewear & furnishings, like coasters and tea sets. The second floor sells furniture, and the third floor is a private furniture area for VIPs.
Address:283 Huaihai Middle Rd, Shanghai
phone:+021 8017 9777

Mr. and Mrs. Bund

One of the best restaurants located on Bund area, with a nice terrace which has the best view of the Huangpu River.
The chef of the restaurant, Paul Pairet, presents the French fare here with a stunning presentation of the dishes that turns fine dining into fun dining. For a nice dinner in Shanghai go to Mr & Mrs Bund, where you will never be disappointed.
Address:18 Zhongshan East 1st Road, Shanghai
phone:+86 21 6323 9898

Sky Walk

The highest observation deck in Shanghai located on the 100th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center.
Located on the 100th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center, this is the highest observation deck in Shanghai. Step on the transparent floor that is more than 470 meters off the ground - this will bring you a shock you have never felt before.
Address:100 Century Avenue, Shanghai, 200121
phone:+86 21 3867 2008

Liuli China Museum

The first Liuli art museum in China.
The Liuli museum is divided into two floors: the 1F is the exhibition area of the Chinese ancient Liuli series, and it contains more than 50 masterpieces from 10 of the most famous modern Liuli artists. The show pieces on 2F have a strong local essence, with Buddhist and Chinese traditional calligraphy pieces included.
Address:25 Taikang Lu, Near Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai
phone:+021 64672268 8088

Art & Whisky

A whisky bar with a strong moden art atmosphere.
This is a very quiet whisky bar that claims to be the biggest whisky bar in China. They've got 500 varieties available. Instead of bar, it's more like a modern art museum; there are many sculptures and paintings inside the bar.
Address:Hongmei Laowai Jie, 2F, 731 Hongxu Lu, near Huaguang Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 6128 0530


If you are looking for a quiet restaurant with fine food and art atmosphere, Etolie definitely fits the bill.
Etoile is a French and international fusion cuisine restaurant. The first floor is the dinning room, the second floor is a wine testing area that can hold a private party for about 15 to 20 people, and the third floor is used to display paintings for art shows.
Address:Surpass Court,Block 4, 570 Yongjia Lu, near Yueyang Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 6115 5357

1933 Old Millfun

1933 is an old Art Deco creative hub that was once an abandoned abattoir.
1933 used to be a abattoir which was built in 1933 in the basilica domus style. Today it has been transformed into a creative hub housing restaurants, cafes, art galleries, creative design companies, and exhibition spaces.
Address:1933, 29 Shajing Lu, near Haining Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 65132835

Jiangnan Silk Shopping Center

This is not only a one of the biggest silk shops in Shanghai but is also a silk history museum.
Jiangnan Silk Shopping Center is not only a tourist shopping center but is also is a silk history museum. In the museum you can see the folk silk reeling tools and equipment. You can also learn how they process the silkworm cocoon into silk product in the old silk mill. Here you will also see a replica of emperor robes with exquisite dragon embroidery on the front of the robe.
Address:289 Aomen Lu, Near Changhua Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 6266 0378

Teddy Bear Family (Tian Zi Fang)

This is a paradise for kids and teddy bear fans.
The Teddy Bear Family is full of teddy bears that are for both decoration and for sale. At this establishment you can have a cup of coffee or eat dessert in a sea of teddy bears. You can also learn the history of this cuddly toy and even take a peek at some limited edition teddy bears.
Address:No. 23 Lane 248 Taikang Lu, Inside Tianzifang, Shanghai
phone:+021 6427 9715

Shanghai Hermes Maison

The biggest Hermes retail shop in China.
Shanghai Hermes Maison is the 5th Hermes Maison after 24 Faubourg in Paris, Madison Ave in New York, Ginza in Tokyo, and Dosan Park in Seoul. It's located on Huaihai road in downtown Shanghai. The Hermas Maison is situated in an 20th century historical building, and it’s the largest retail space in China.
Address:217 Huaihaizhong Lu, Near Songshan Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 8013 7217

Light & Salt

This restaurant is located on the former site of China's first YWCA.
The name of this restaurant comes from the Bible verse, "The Light that cannot be Hidden, The Salt that cannot be Tramped." The restaurant is located on 6F of the Rock Bund building.
Address:133 Yuanmingyuan Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 6361 1086

Suzhou Cobblers

Handmade Chinese silk embroidered slippers and clothing.
This is a very nice tiny shop located on Fuzhou Road. In this shop they sell shoes, bags, scarfs and embroidery art and crafts. All the items in this shop is handmade and unique, especially the shoes and slippers with traditional Chinese embroidery on top.
Address:17 Fuzhou Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 6321 7087

Aurora Museum

This museum contains a collection of private historic relics.
This museum has five sections of exhibitions, including thousands of collections with buddhist statues, jade, pottery, stone paintings and other pieces.
Address:Aurora Building, 99 Fucheng Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 5840 8899

Thought For Food

The only restaurant to have two nutritionists available to serve natural and organic food in Shanghai.
Thought For Food is the flagship restaurant inside The Living Room by Octave. From outside of the restaurant, visitors can see a show kitchen where the chefs are busy preparing the food. The restaurant serves natural and organic food in beautiful, contemporary ways.
Address:357 Jianguo Xi Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 3338 4666

Shanghai Tang (Cathay Mansion)

A Chinese brand which has thousands of followers including Prince Charles and Hillary Clinton.
Shanghai Tang was founded by famous Hong Kong philanthropist Sir David Tang Wing-cheung. Today Shanghai Tang has 39 stores all around the world including a shop in Shanghai.
Address:868 Huaihai Zhong Lu, Near Maoming Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 5403 0580

Zen Escape Tea House

A tea house owned by the famous movie actor Jackie Chan with a strong Zen atmosphere.
Zen Escape Tea House, Jackie Chan Film Gallery, and Dragon Oasis Restaurant are an Indispensable part of the JC88 Film Art Park, which is owned by the famous movie actor Jackie Chan. Walk into the tea house and you will feel a strong Zen atmosphere.
Address:Building 2, Jackie Chan Film Gallery, 88 Yunlingdong Lu, Near Jiangzhong Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 6155 7388

Shanghai Huangpu River Night Cruise

Take this cruise and you will see the best view of the river.
The Huangpu River is the mother river of Shanghai. Nanpu Bridge, Yangpu Bridge and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower compose a beautiful panorama from the river.
Address:Zhongshan dongyi Lu, Shanghai
phone:+400 788 0345

Bull & Claw

London steak & lobster restaurant located on Xikang Lu in downtown.
Bull & Claw is a new London-style restaurant that recently opened. They serve steak, burgers and lobster. They also have several craft beers available for you to try. The restaurant has been awarded by That's Shanghai and Wow Shanghai, which are the most famous social media sites in Shanghai.
Address:466 Xikang Lu, near Kangding Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 6266 6819

Culture Matters Feiyue Shoes Shop

Small Feiyue shoe shop with a variety of colors available.
To a man who born in the 70s and 80s in Shanghai, Feiyue shoes meant sports, durability and fashion. In 2006, the company was bought and expanded to France, making this Chinese national brand popular again not only in China, but all around the world.
Address:15 Dongping Road, Shanghai
phone:+136 7188 2040

Coffee or Tea by THE LOVE CONCEPT

This is a lovery small coffee shop with a small but beautiful yard.
Coffee or Tea offers both regular customers and passerbys a rewarding, uniquely comforting experience upon entering. Tucked away inside a small apartment block on Xiangyang Bei Lu, the cozy little shop offers a simple selection of coffee, tea, and homemade desserts.
Address:68-1 Xiangyangbei Lu, Shanghai
phone:+136 5176 2852


An Italian casual restaurant with concept of "Fresh, healthy, casual" dining.
With more than 150 locations, Vapiano is a new Italian casual restaurant with open kitchen and casual atmosphere.
Address:24 Fucheng Lu, Near Huayuanshiqiao Lu, Shanghai
phone:+021 5077 7718

Doc Guthrie's Barber Shop

Stylish men-only barber shop.
With tattoos and leather jackets, when you enter this barber shop you might feel like you have walked into a party of bikers, but don't worry you are absolutely safe here because you have just walked into the coolest barber shop in town.
Address:873 Kangding Lu, Near Yanping Lu, Shanghai
phone:+185 1600 3079
Opening hours today:

8 ½ Otto E Mezzo Bombana

One of the top Italian restaurants in Shanghai.
After a great success in Hong Kong, Michelin 3-star chef Bombana and his team opened this restaurant in Shanghai, Executive chef Alan Yu personally selects ingredients from all around the world. An elegant dining environment with beautiful views of the Huangpu River.
Address:6-7/F, Mission Building, 169 Yuanmingyuan Lu,, Huangpu, Shanghai
phone:+021 6087 2890

Zotter Chocolate Theatre

A place where you can taste more than 400 different kinds of chocolate.
The owner of this chocolate theatre, Mr. Josef Zotter, is also the owner of a very famous chocolate factory in Europe. Throughout Europe his company is the only manufacturer that produces organic and fair trade chocolates starting from the bean (bean-to-bar). In the Zotter Chocolate Theatre you can see the entire manufacturing process from chocolate bean to chocolate bar.
Address:Shanghai International Fashion Center
phone:+021 6016 1633

Morton's Steak House (IAPM)

This establishment is the second Morton's restaurant in Shanghai.
The second outlet of this steak & seafood restaurant in Shanghai opened at the IAPM shopping center on Huaihai Lu. The renowned high-end steakhouse chain from Chicago, Morton's offers premium beef, fresh seafood and oysters.
Address:L4-403 IAPM Shopping center, 999 Huaihai Zhonglu, Shanghai
phone:+021 6067 7888
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New Year Eve Count Down At Z Park

New Year Eve Count Down At Z Park

Welcoming the year of 2018 while sending the year of 2017 away. Join us for the new year eve count down party.

Welcoming the year of 2018 while sending the year of 2017 away. Join us for the new year eve count down party.

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