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Dave Proffer
Dave Proffer

Renaissance Suzhou Wujiang Hotel

International cuisine, modern design, lake views and sprawling event space—all conveniently at the border of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. The first and only internationally branded hotel in the area, Renaissance Suzhou Wujiang Hotel appeals to business travelers, families, couples-to-be and in-the-know locals with select amenities, comfortable accommodations and an array of dining options. Rooms and suites offer luxury bedding, Wi-Fi, an LED TV and spacious work area; suites include a kitchenette with refrigerator. Gather colleagues for a meeting, friends for a social function or loved ones for a wedding in our seven event spaces, then top it off with dinner in one of the 11 private dining rooms at Wan Li Chinese restaurant. Our other dining choices include international all-day dining at Food Studio or traditional Korean dishes at Smoki Moto.

Hannuowei Bar

Enjoy this elegant, comfortable and quiet local bar.
Elegant, comfortable and quiet, this local bar combines both local and foreign ambiance for a relaxing place to kick back after a long day.
Address:19 Fortune Center Unit, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+86 13301556683

Nanxun Town

Nanxun is one of China's most charming towns.
Nanxun Town is a secluded vacation town. Check out the garden of Liu Yong, which shows off the generosity and wealth of one of the richest individuals of his time.
Address:51 Renrui Road, Nanxun, Huzhou, 31300
phone:+0572 3016999

Shipu Fishing Port

The nearest seafood restaurant to the hotel, this eatery serves very famous local cuisine.
Mainly a seafood restaurant, you can try the local Taihu three white with white fish, white shrimp, whitebait, crab and other seafood delicacies.
Address:No. 5 canal Qianlong Park, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63775177

Taihu Silk Museum

Taihu Silk is a popular silk brand in the Chinese textile industry.
This Taihu Silk location is both a display gallery and sales venue for its products. It highlights and sells silk artistry on the spot for visitors.
Address:No.2328 Center Road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+86 13962504336

Tea Element Teahouse & Restaurant

A local Wujiang Chinese tea house.
Tasting tea in this room, you can feel both modern and fashionable. The elegant environment is suitable for people to chat with each other.
Address:No. 7 dragon Canal Park, Shengze, Suzhou, 215228
phone:+0512 63380558

Xiancan Temple

Built during the reign of Emperor Daoguang, this Chinese temple is an exquisite representation of the period's architecture and culture.
Shengze, located along the ancient silk route, has a long and intriguing history. The Xiancan Temple temple was built by a group of silk merchants and dedicated to Empress Lei Zu, the "Silkworm Mother." Lei Zu is said to have discovered silk, and there are many legends surrounding how this came to be. The temple quickly became a place of worship for local silk farmers who still come here to pray for a successful harvest following the annual Xiaoman drama festival. The temple features classic ancestral temple architecture and has been restored to its original glory. 
Address:1 Wulong Road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63556616

Silk Street

Shengze is a town that is mainly dedicated to silk.
Shengze is a town dedicated to silk where you can buy some unique silk goods. You can also customize special silk products for your friends and relatives.
Address:Shunxin road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200

Four Tea Bowls Restaurant

Zhenze people entertain guests with their drink of choice.
Enjoy old-fashioned tea in this riverside village setting. Try the four-bowl tea set, which give patrons a chance to sip the different indigenous tea flavors in the local region.
Address:Diding street, Zhenze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+86 13771629298

Zhenze Town

Climb to the top of the Ci Yun Pagoda for lovely views of Taihu Lake, the Beimayang River and the ancient town of Zhenze glowing at sunset.
A temple has stood by the Di Tang River since the 13th Century, when the Guang Ji Temple was built at this site. The Emperor of China granted it the name of Cin Yun Temple in 1457. Unfortunately, the original structure was destroyed in 1860, and the temple was later rebuilt by silk merchants in 1924. The Ci Yun Pagoda, located within the temple complex is a must visit for its incredible history and beauty. There are several fascinating legends associated with this pagoda which is believed to be named after the Emperor Huizong's daughter, princess Ci Yun. The hexagonal structure extends over 5 floors, and features traditional elements like Nanmu pillars, copper bells on every corner and a Buddhist shrine decorated with floral motifs and exquisite carvings. The heritage complex of temple, pagoda, river and bridge exemplifies the harmony of man with nature as a cohesive whole; it is one of the best examples of religious architecture in the region.
Address:Zhennan 1st Road, Zhenze, Souzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63751101

Songjin Cultural Industrial Park

Location of the APEC informal leadership meeting in 2014.
As the first industrial park dedicated to showing the history and culture of the local silk industry, Songjin Park focuses on demonstrating the steps the industry has taken from past to present.
Address:No.9 North Ring Road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63567719

Chouxiangyuan Restaurant

Located in Lake Park in an island in the middle of the lake.
An antique arch bridge leads to the restaurant No menus are available, as dishes are recommended according to the customer’s taste.
Address:No. 999 Ruyi Road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+86 18951129772

JUFENG Shaomai

Try delicious local snacks like savory dumplings.
This shaomai offers a Shengze breakfast specialty: shaomai dumplings using sweet glutinous rice instead of the more traditional recipe of pork. Come enjoy some local delicacies!
Address:Fortune Center, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+86 13862528799

Zhenze Mutton Noodles

Tender and tasty, the noodles here are hearty and are a fresh taste of Zhenze's local cuisine.
Zhenze is the ancient name of the Taihu Lake. The Zhenze mutton is called the lake lamb which is a more tender meat than goat. The chef here braises the lamb traditionally, making it very delicious.
Address:1746 Zhennan Road, Zhenze, Suzhou, 225200
phone:+0512 63776709

Little River Temple Fritter Shop

The puffy oil fritter is a famous snack of Shengze.
Puffy oil fritters are a favorite snack amongst the locals, and in Shengze this little shop is a favorite among residents. As well as red bean or meat puffs, this particular shop also offers their specialty, ‘farmer’s soup.’
Address:292 Can’hua Road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+180 1372 5831

Little Soup & Dumpling Eatery

This is a special local restaurant that is very popular in the area.
This simple country appearance restaurant offers a popular and flavorful menu offering far more than its namesake. With a variety of marinated dishes as well as fresh river seafood, this small restaurant’s specialty is a herbal soup featuring thirteen herbal ingredients that promote health & well-being.
Address:1 Wu’Long South Road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+158 6258 7555

Chang Sheng Kee

This shop sells pork dumplings, which are different from traditional dumplings.
Using recipes passed down since the fourteenth century, the dumplings served at this eatery are dry-steamed and meat-stuffed in a northern Chinese style that differs entirely from the more well-known Shanghai-style sticky rice filling. Thin wrappers and clear broth ensure a sweet meaty taste with every dumpling.
Address:Fortune Shopping Center, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 6300 5977

Luo's Tea

Try the Anji white tea.
This shop has retro-style furnishings as well as all kinds of tea. Guests can enjoy all varieties of tea and then feel confident enough to buying their favorite.
Address:Address: Shun’xin Middle Road,, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63559671

Happy Play & Pottery

Art studio where you can take classes like pottery-making.
A local walk-in arts studio featuring classes for DIY pottery and other arts & crafts. Tailored to providing children and families for hours of creative fun that you can take home with you.
Address:Fortune Shopping Center, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 6355 5780

Pier Nine Teahouse

This is a place where you can relax with your friends.
Relax with friends for coffee or tea at this modern Chinese-style teahouse, whether it is for high tea, a game of majhong, or just to chat.
Address:442 Shun’xin Middle Road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 6308 3813


This shop is a good place to drink tea.
Elegant and modern, this tea store is both a place to buy and to learn about Chinese tea culture. Join the owners and learn about proper Chinese tea conduct and select from a wide range of teas to enjoy.
Address:4-107 Shi’chang West Road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 6385 8211

Zui Xiang Coffee

There are no fancy gimmicks at this coffee shop.
At this down-to-earth coffee shop, there is just coffee, tea, and games to encourage and promote a social air with friends for an afternoon or an evening.
Address:Shun’Xin Road & Xi’Huan Er Road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 6316 1777

Jia Ye Tang Library

One of China’s three largest private libraries.
This archive building in Nanxun Ancient Town has been meticulously preserved down to the grounds and design of times past. With a collection of over one hundred thousand books, this is a destination not to be missed.
Address:51 Ren’Shui Road, Nanxun, Huzhou, 313000
phone:+0572 3016999

Home of Zhang Jing Jiang

The “Expectant Daotai” Zhang Ren Jie (aka Zhang Jing Jiang) had his ancestral home here.
Now a historical landmark, this site tells the story of this wealthy anarchist and revolutionary before the rise of Communist China. Artifacts and photos recount the life and trials of a man the late President Sun Yat-Sen called “The First of the Four Elders” of the Chinese Nationalist Party.
Address:51 Ren’Shui Road, Nanxun, Huzhou, 313000
phone:+0572 3016999

Liu Shi Ti Hao

The “Red House of Nanxun” is one of Nanxun Town’s first examples of western-style large-scale design.
Built by one of Nanxun’s “Four Elephants” Liu Yong for his son, this Roman-inspired piece of architecture was meant to stand out as a memorable landmark in the Jiang’nan province.
Address:51 Ren’Shui Road, Nanxun, Huzhou, 313000
phone:+0572 3016999

Fruits Shop

This is a fruit shop that has many different types of fresh fruit.
Fruits Shop sells a variety of mostly imported fresh fruits. In addition, some seasonal fruits are picked at nearby farms and brought here to be sold. There is also freshly squeezed juice to taste.
Address:World Trade Center, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200

Steamed Small Two

This is a menu-less seafood restaurant.
Seafood specialties at this restaurant are special because there is no menu. Dishes are made a la carte according to guests' preferences. The fish are kept alive in an aquarium to ensure quality.
Address:11-101 Jincheng Business Center, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63175697

Mongolia Roast Leg of Lamb

This is a very exotic specialty restaurant.
The roast leg of lamb here is very authentically prepared in the Mongolian style. They also serve lamb chops and some of the best Western cuisine around. The lamb skewers and hot pot Yang Xiezai are also very popular dishes in the autumn and the winter seasons.
Address:Auchan, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200

Small Gnocchi

Shop that serves a different dumpling style from Jufeng.
Shengze Jufeng presents an unique dumplings style. The “little dumpling” master has a long history and and the dumplings have a unique flavor. Other famous plates include the Huangshan Mandarin fish.
Address:Jincheng Business Center, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63859839

Lapsang Church

Lapsang Church for high-end brands in camellia industry.
Lapsang Church is also known as “Jin Jun Mei,” which means the production took place in high altitude from 1200 to 1800 meters in the Wuyishan Mountains. It is the world's leading region in black tea production.
Address:market Dongsheng Road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63096106

Fang Niuwa

This shop sells goods produced in the northern subtropical humid climate of the Dabie Mountains.
The northern subtropical humid climate of the Dabie Mountains produces wonderful organic food. Fang Niuwa sells these goods, which can help you with a healthier regimen. This shop sells Yangtze River fish, which are famous for being tender and delicious.
Address:178West Second Ring Road Royal art Simon, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200

MUMU Teapresso

This is a great place to have a relaxed tea after work.
MUMU Teapresso is a stylish tea shop. Tea and coffee are sold here. In addition to free internet access, you can also take a small book off the shelf to read while enjoying your tea.
Address:22-102 Park Shopping, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+15895498786 / 13771675489

Jack Bread

Jack Bread is a place you can spend an entire afternoon.
This place is known for their mojitos. They also sell bread, cakes, coffee, and drinks.
Address:3058 Market Road Center Avenue, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63377333

Dio Coffee

There are many kinds of coffee, but there is just one Dio.
Dio Coffee has a European retro style and a unique combination of Chinese traditional culture. The store sells a wide variety of food and dessert tea. It is also a great place for business meetings.
Address:west Second Ring Road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63038777

White Lotus Pagoda

This is a graceful tower in Wuzhen.
White Lotus Tower is the tallest building in Wuzhen. At night, the shining tower lights make it a beautiful sight.
Address:Longyuan Road, Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, 314500
phone:+0573 88731088

Tianxiadiyi Pot

"The first pot" is now a part of the Guinness Book of Records.
Tianxiadiyi Pot is considered the first pot and is 10 meters in diameter and made out of stainless steel and nearly 10 tons of iron welded together.
Address:Longyuan Road, Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, 314500
phone:+0573 88731088

Bridge in the Bridge

Don't let the name fool you - this is not a real bridge.
Bridge in the Bridge is located in Xishan, Wuzhen Town. In fact, this is not a real bridge but a common term for Tongji Bridge and Renji Bridge, with one going north-south and one going east-west. We can see one bridge from the another bridge's opening; that's the reason we call it "bridge in the bridge."
Address:Longyuan Road, Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, 314500
phone:+0573 88731088

Dade Dang Yuan

This is a shop selling health drugs.
Dade Dang Yuan was founded in 1912 to disseminate the Chinese health culture as its mission. They sells bird's nests, cordyceps sinensis, and many other health supplies.
Address:4-102 Jincheng Business, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63859999


This store is famous for their sticky rice dumplings.
Jiangnan-style sticky rice dumplings are served at Wufangzhai. Sticky rice dumplings are a classic Chinese dish and come in sweet and savory varieties.
Address:Shengze Textile City 2nd Market No. 7-8, Wujiang, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63088047

Little Alley

A very beautiful eatery with delicious Korean food.
This small eatery serves a delicious selection of tasty and delicious Korean grilled items including rice cakes, grilled chicken wings, and its signature black pork barbeque.
Address:Jincheng Plaza No. 7, Unit 111, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200

Pickled Fish & Vegetables

Restaurant serving pickled fish and vegetables, a dish that is famous all over China.
Fresh blackfish and local vegetables offer a healthy taste of local waterside cuisine.
Address:455 Shunhu West Rd., Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63516917

Kafelaku Coffee

Wonderful coffee shop in Shengze Town.
As one of the few places in the region that serves the famous Kopi Luwak coffee, Kafelaku Coffee is recommended by coffee fans as a premium high-end brew.
Address:Jincheng Plaza No. 8, Unit 101, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+160 1273 4001

Mountain Cat King Dessert

This is a dessert shop that focuses on the durian.
The durian desserts sold here are inspired by Malaysian recipes. Fragrant and sweet, the desserts based on this fruit are a unique experience.
Address:Fortune Center Shopping Mall No. 27, Unit 109, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+177 68005685

M Like Coffee

This coffee shop has fantastic service.
Fresh coffee and smooth cheesecake are available at this cafe, which has an atmosphere that is perfect for quiet relaxation.
Address:Jincheng Center No. 9-107, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63858369

Dongcheng Commercial Plaza

This is a large fruit market where you can find kinds of fruit.
Combining commercial design with natural environments, this one-stop shopping center is perfect for visitors or locals with limited time or looking to stock up. It is the best fruit market in all of Shengze Town.
Address:Shunhu East Road, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
Opening hours today:

Heng Yue Shopping Square

Many local shops are located around this square.
Spread out over more than 10,000 square meters, this local shopping center houses a variety of stores, featuring both outdoor and indoor areas.
Address:38 Guanyin Lane, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
Opening hours today:

Zhoushan Imports Center

You can buy foreign goods in at this import center.
Imported foods, alcohol, appliances, and accessories from all around the world are sold here, making it a one-stop shop for international goods.
Address:Fortune Center Unit 28-1, Shengze, Suzhou, 215200
phone:+0512 63080068
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The Whiskey is 20% off for that day

The Whiskey is 20% off for that day

Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Venue: Renaissance Suzhou Wujiang Hotel
Address: 199 Hami Road, Shengze Town, Suzhou City, 215228, Jiangsu Province, China
Phone: +86 512 6303-7888
The Night of Red Wine

The Night of Red Wine

Specified these 6 reds just charge for RMB48 per glass and you can also enjoy snacks for free.

Specified these 6 reds just charge for RMB48 per glass and you can also enjoy snacks for free.

Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Venue: Renaissance Suzhou Wujiang Hotel
Address: 199 Hami Road, Shengze Town, Suzhou City, 215228, Jiangsu Province, China
Phone: +86 512 6303-7888