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Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort & Spa, Barga

Indulge in the ultimate luxury of an in-suite massage after a beautiful day walking the Tuscan Hills.

Tucked into the enchanting Tuscan hills you’ll find our wondrous Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort & Spa. The truly jaw-dropping scenery that surrounds is matched by the abundant luxury of our hotel. Try an in-suite massage, or maybe just take a dip in our pool with its sweeping views of the Tuscan landscape. And as you’d expect in this part of the world, our restaurants are a joy for the taste buds. Our resident Navigator Maria is on hand to help you make the most of your Tuscan adventure, using the unique beauty of the Serchio Valley as a starting point. From here you can enjoy a hike or horseback ride in the hills or wander the streets of Barga and soak up its magical medieval architecture.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC Fragrance
  • Fitness Center
  • Flat-Screen HDTVs
  • Full Service Spa
  • Multi-Cultural Cuisine
  • Indoor Pool
  • Outdoor Pool
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Shamrock Irish Pub

Sip on authentic Guinness at the first Irish pub in Barga featuring live bands and local Garfagnana street food, as well as pub staples.
You may not expect to find a lively pub in a quiet medieval town like Barga, and usually you'd be correct. That's where the Shamrock Irish Pub comes in - late hours, a great selection of draft beers and live music every weekend are what set this pub apart from your typical establishment. The pub retains its inherent charm by serving some of the best regional snacks, cheeses and cold cuts to pair with your beer; try the Taglierino misto. Packed with an eclectic blend of tourists and locals, this is a great place for after-hours drinks in the city.
Address:10 Via Marconi, Barga, 55051
phone:+39 3889051483
Opening hours today:

Birroir Birrificio

Take a tour of this microbrewery run exclusively by women, that specializes in craft brews made from local hops and pure spring water.
This craft brewery is inspired by the wine-making concept of terroir, and as such focuses attention on locally-sourced raw materials and manufacturing processes adapted to the unique climate and landscape of Capannori. Each brew is a careful blend of time-honored technique and modern technology to bring out the full flavor of its ingredients. The selection is limited, but each beer has a signature character from the delicately refreshing Islotta blonde ale to the richer, caramel-hued Gigolia. Equal thought is put into the elegant packaging, making these ideal as one-of-a-kind gifts or souvenirs.
Address:526 b/c Via delle Ville, Capannori, 55018
phone:+39 0583 153 6684
Opening hours today:

Pozzo Di Bacco Di Fornari

Shop for rare and vintage wines at this local shop. Ask the friendly staff for recommendations!
Pozzo Di Bacco Di Fornari is a great stop for wine connoisseurs. Their selection of vintage wines is impressive. They also offer a number of gourmet ingredients, including 25-year-old balsamic vinegar and olive oils. If you have any questions about the wines or any other product, the helpful staff will be able to tell you what you want to know. 
Address:6 Via Olinto Dini, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
phone:+39 0583 62 361
Opening hours today:

Caseficio Bertagni

A dairy farm where you can see the process of cheese-making and purchase it directly from the producers.
The Bertagni Family came to this area from Soraggio in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The Dairy Bertagni has been located in La Pieve since 1970 and has made traditional cheeses since then. Watch and admire the dairy team while they process fresh milk collected daily into their quality cheeses.
Address:Via Provinciale Loc. Pantaline 9, Pieve Fosciana, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, 55036
phone:+0583 62723


While waiting for your dish to be prepared you can watch the chefs at work on TV screens.
In old medieval walls of Barga, this restaurant is managed by a younger generation with a lot of passion for gourmet dishes with local ingredients from the Garfagnana Valley. The stone decor of this restaurant gives you a warm, country Tuscan atmosphere. When I go to savor "Tagliolini Al Tartufo," Riccardo accommodates me near the TV screen so I can watch and learn from the chef's in the kitchen.
Address:Via del Mezzo, Barga, 55050
phone:+0583 711368

Podere Concori

This bio-organic winery offers you an authentic experience for true wine discoverers.
Gabrielle welcomes you to his vineyards and winery to share an authentic adventure amoung scenses, flavours and traditions. Gabrielle, who is also a jazz lover, plays his trombone among the grapevines and says this contributes to his wine. "Melograno" was awarded for the best certified organic wine in Italy. Your sure to have memorable experience. A true hidden gem.
Address:Località Concori Fiattone, Fiattone, Lucca, 55027
phone:+0583 766374

L'aia di Piero

Perfect place to buy local products to bring back to loved ones.
This little delicatessen is the perfect place to find all the local produce from the territory of La Garfagnana, like sheep's pecorino cheese, local honey, cured meats, olive oil, local potato bread and many more goodies. They also have a few tables, so if you wish to nibble on a few delicacies just take a chair and enjoy.
Address:Via Roma 20, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, Lucca, 55032

Ritrovo Osteria del Platano

This local osteria is recommended for Mauro's passion to satisfy everyone's palate.
This charming local osteria was Giovanni Pascoli's local restaurant, and it is decorated with memorials dedicated to him. Mauro takes pride in accompanying you through a magical experience of flavors and traditions of the region. Locals love their meat and game dishes.
Address:Via Giovanni Pascoli 1, Ponte di campia, Gallicano, 55027
phone:+0583 689922

Antico Borgo di Isola Santa

A magical village situated on an artificial lake with fairy tale-like scenery where tranquility reigns.
Known as the "ghost town" to us locals, this off-the-beaten path small medieval village is situated on an artificial lake which was completely deserted for years. Many houses are now still abandoned, but the village has risen again thanks to a project of restoration by some local families who now look forward to welcome you to the peacefulness and magical beauty of this little treasure.
Address:Via del Ciglione, Isola Santa, 55030
Opening hours today:


Barga is a quaint medieval village situated on a hilltop overlooking la Mediavalle della Garfagnana.
The historical center of this village has conserved the original medieval urban street plan. The Romanesque cathedral on the top of the hill is beautiful and looks onto the Serchio Valley. The original aqueduct dates back to the 17th century. The new part of Barga is made up of nice villas, shops, galleries, and bars.
Address:Via Giovanni Pascoli, Barga, Barga, 55050
Opening hours today:

Arte Cornici Aiosa

Explore a selection of handmade pottery, delicate paper-craft sculptures, hand-painted glasses, and Jim Shore collectibles at this store.
Tucked away amidst the cobbled streets of this charming medieval town, you'll find Arte Cornici Aiosa, an eclectic art studio and cultural shop. Glauco Aiosa, the owner, is passionate about art, and has created a space for artists and visitors to engage in a dialogue through the medium of exhibition and workshops. Visit the boutique to explore the works of local artists and writers as you browse their one-of-a-kind collection. This artist's showroom is a must-visit for art enthusiasts to observe first-hand the creativity and skill behind each piece. Head here for unique souvenirs, art pieces, hand-made furniture, art supplies, custom frames, paintings, and limited-edition ceramics.
Address:4 Via Nicola Fabrizi, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, 55032
phone:+39 0583 65 8928
Opening hours today:

Il Lago di Gramolazzo

This tarn is encircled by thick coniferous woods and picturesque cottages. Only a hazy cloud cover separates paradise from this Tuscan gem.
Il Lago di Gramolazzo is a lake situated at the foot of the peak Monte Pisanino. Located 604 meters (1981.63 feet) above sea level, this lake has a curved shape and is surrounded by rugged hills, alpine trees and tiny cottages. Its crystal-clear water forms beautiful reflections of the woods, mountains and flimsy, white clouds. Its shore is ideal for a romantic stroll during misty days, but when it is blessed with clear weather, children and adults alike head here for canoeing and fishing. Visitors can also enjoy lakeside picnics seated on wooden tables placed nearby, under the canopy of trees. One can participate in nature trails and hiking trips on the nearby hills to discover breathtaking Tuscan landscapes.
Address:Off Strada Provinciale 51, Piazza al Serchio, 55034
Opening hours today:

Osteria Il Vecchio Mulino

Sample the delicacies produced from the territory of La Garfagnana. Ask Andrea for the Garfagnana Mon Amor.
This well known old mill is known as a delicatessen/osteria that is situated 20 metres from the main Piazza Umberto of Castelnuovo. Andrea and the staff welcome you to sample the delicacies produced from the territory like Mandiola Salame or Prosciutto Bazzone with some local potato bread or to simply lay back enjoying a glass of San Giovese local wine. A true local experience!
Address:Via Vittorio Emanuele 12, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, Lucca, 55032

Fattoria Colleverde

Tour the vineyards and olive groves at Fattoria Colleverde before a wine and olive oil tasting.
Fattoria Colleverde is situated on the rolling Hills of Matraia, outskirts of Storical Lucca. It is a beautiful country farm house with grapevines and olive groves managed by Piero and his family. Enjoy an afternoon sipping a selection of wines produced by Piero and maybe have a taste of his intense and luscious olive oil. A treasured experience.
Address:Via di Matraia 6, Matraia, Capannori, 55018

Pasticceria Lucchesi

Start your day with a creamy cappuccino paired with a fresh chantilly cream strawberry tart.
Pasticceria Lucchesi is a bar and bakery tucked away in a little piazza in Barga where you can savor a variety of cakes, tarts, and pastries. All of the baked goods are freshly made by the friendly and welcoming staff at the bakery. Take a seat in the sun while sipping your personalized creamy cappuccino but watch out -- you may end up with a frothy mustache!
Address:Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, Off Via Piero Gobetti, Barga, 55051

Il Ponte del Diavolo

The Devil's Bridge crosses over the Serchio River, which is also known as Ponte della Maddalena.
Back in the medieval ages, the locals from the village had a certain time-frame to finish the bridge. They were so far behind they asked the devil if he could finish the bridge for them. The devil agreed at the condition that the first soul to cross the bridge would be given to the devil. The villagers agreed and the first soul to cross the bridge was a pig.
Address:Strada Provinciale Lodovica, Borgo a mozzano
Opening hours today:

Il Giglio Guelfo

This little ceramic shop has a variety of handmade pottery from all over Italy.
This shop sells ceramics from Tuscany and all over Italy. In addition to ceramics you can find a variety of gifts here, including magnets, vases, plates, pictures, paintings and even post cards, which make perfect little presents to remind you of your treasured moments in Barga.
Address:Viale Giovanni Pascoli 14, Barga, 55050

Birreria Lo Struzzo

At this pub tavern you can be among the locals while you enjoy a craft beer.
Birreria Lo Struzzo is quite easy to miss during the day, hidden in an alley off Via Giuseppe Garibaldi. At night it's a different story, with locals and visitors cramming into the dark interior's booths and tables. Make your way down into the pub tavern, which is where you'll find all the locals.
Address:Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, Province of Lucca, 55032
phone:+0583 65193


Hands down on the best restaurant in Barga. Try the delicious Cinta Senese Steak, which is a Tuscan specialty.
L'Altana is a popular family run restaurant at the entrance of Porta Reale in Barga that is always bustling with local customers and regulars. They serve fresh homemade pasta, zuppa di frantoiana and desserts; you must try farfalle con gorgonzola - yummy! The interior alfresco is decorated by the owner, so you can admire L'altane with views.
Address:Via di mezzo, 1, Barga, 55051


Tucked away down the stairs you can find all the latest fashion for men and women at this trendy boutique.
Within "The Rocca" of Castelnuovo you can find this fashion store. Follow the stairs down and browse all the latest fashion for men and women. You go ahead and shop away while Sisto prepares you an appetizer spritz and don't forget to bring up your local navigator, as this will entitle you to a 20% discount - so shop away!
Address:Via Fulvio Testi 6, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, 55032

Fortezza delle Verrucole

An ancient fortress dating back to the 11th Century that overlooks the valley of La Garfagana.
Built as the residence of the Gherardingli Family and enlarged in the 16th Century by Marco Antonio Pasi, architect of the Este Court, this fortress was abandoned in the 18th Century. Today it belongs to the community of San Romano and was restored in 2012. Today, visitors can admire the beauty and treasure of its past.
Address:Via dell Verrucole, Località delle Verrucole, San Romano di Garfagnana, 55022
Opening hours today:

Castiglione di Garfgnana

Castiglione di Garfagnana is a quaint village situated on a hilltop.
This village is surrounded by medieval walls with several towers. It still has the internal urban street plan of this period, although restoration work has modified the original aspect of the houses. The beautiful Romanesque cathedral is particularly interesting. The panorama of the valley is also impressive.
Address:Castiglione di Garfagana, Pieve Fosciana, 55030

Locanda del Mezzo

A cozy little restaurant with refined dishes and excellent flavors that create a perfect experience.
Locanda del Mezzo is situated in Piazza Santissima Annunziata in the old walled city of Barga. This cozy restaurant offers a selection of refined local dishes of the territory. Their staff are friendly and enthusiastic in "bringing new ideas to the table." They have a spacious patio for outdoor dining and a wide selection of wines to accompany your meal.
Address:Piazza Santissima Annunziata, Off Via di Mezzo, Barga, 55050

Trattoria Bonini

A 20 minute drive leads to this hidden trattoria where you can sample delicious local specialties.
Located off the beaten path in the Garfagnana woodlands, this local farmhouse trattoria might just be the best restaurant in La Garfagnana. They have a wide selection of local dishes, including freshly made pastas, soups, and game dishes that are all prepared with fresh local ingredients from the territory. Finish off your meal with their incredible homemade tiramisù.
Address:Via Monteperpoli 147, Castelnuovo di garfagnana, 55032

Castelnuovo di Garfgnana

Historic city centre where a traditional open market takes place every Thursday morning.
Castelnuovo, the main town and heart of Garfagnana, is situated at the meeting place of the Serchio and Turrite Secca rivers. It is the administrative and commercial center of the area, and a traditional open market has taken place here every Thursday since 1430 . Visit the Rocca of Ariostesca, where you will encounter the Cathedral of San Pietro, which dates back to the 15th century.
Address:Piazza Umberto, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, 55030
Opening hours today:


If you fancy something sweet you must visit Theobroma for their cakes, ice cream, and chocolates...delicious.
Theobroma produces ice cream with healthy and wholesome ingredients, classic and modern cakes, and chocolates. If you have a sweet tooth, then this is the place to visit. All freshly made with a friendly staff, I'm sure you'll be able to find something here to satisfy your palate.
Address:Via della Reppublica, Fornaci di Barga, 55051
Opening hours today:

La Gelateria Di Barga

Tucked away in walled city of Barga is this artisan ice cream shop. Try the lemon and fig flavor.
Opposite Piazza Santa Annuziata in the old city of Barga you will find La Gelateria Di Barga. This is the best artisan ice cream store in Barga. The ice cream is freshly made, as are the crepes, waffles, and yogurt. There are a wide combination of flavors to choose from here. Sit back in the piazza and watch Barga go by while enjoying your ice cream.
Address:Via Di Mezzo14, Barga, 55051
phone:+0583 723360

La Formaggeria

Explore the fine offerings at this gourmet cheese and wine shop showcasing regional producers like Caseificio Marovelli.
Italians have elevated food and wine pairing to an art, and few places embody this better than La Formaggeria. This quaint boutique is an epicures haven, featuring a diverse selection of Tuscan wines and cheeses from the highest quality dairies and vintners. These include artisan-made pecorino from Beltrami Gastronomia; parmigiana reggiano from Malandrone 1477; and fresh ricotta, pasta molle and casaro ariosto from Marovelli. Pair these exquisite cheeses with wines from Castello Banfi, Brancaia Buonamico and Oliviero Toscani. The knowledgeable staff will help you select the best combinations for your palate; a visit here is sure to be a memorable gustatory experience.
Address:3 Via Farini, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, 55032
phone:+39 3338818072
Opening hours today:

Ristorante Il Barchetto

Dine on traditional regional specialties at this family-friendly restaurant with a spacious garden, playground and picturesque lake view.
This family-owned restaurant epitomizes Italian comfort food done right. Classic, fresh and delicious, all their ingredients are sourced from regional markets, imbuing each simply-presented dish with rich flavor. The ambiance is informal and welcoming, making it a popular choice for local families with kids, as well as couples. Dine on traditional pastas, pizzas, meat and seafood specialties; the three-course prix-fixe lunch is a great option. Enjoy an alfresco meal with a refreshing carafe of house wine on a summer afternoon, as you soak in the vibrant atmosphere and charming panorama spread out before you. 
Address:Off Strada Provinciale 20 Lodovica, Località Spiaggia, Turrite Cava, Gallicano, 55027
phone:+39 0583 7 5495
Opening hours today:

Mercato Contadino

Dine on traditional dishes of Garfagnana at this cozy eatery and deli; try the grilled beef tagliata paired with a robust Tuscan red wine.
Part rustic eatery and part epicurean store, Mercato Contadino is an excellent place to savor regional dishes, as well as some of the best barbecue in Gallicano. Their authentic wood-burning grill imparts a depth of flavor and smokiness to tender beef steaks, fish or vegetables that a regular grill simply wouldn't. Share a plate of antipasti like grilled anchovies or garlic-infused bruschetta as you sip on a glass of their full-bodied house wine. While the exteriors are unassuming, the interiors are inviting, fitted with wooden furniture, shelves stocked with local specialties and cloth-covered tables. Be sure to peruse their selection of cheeses, cold cuts and confectionery before you leave; they make for lovely gifts.
Address:1 Località Zinepri, Gallicano, 55027
phone:+39 0583 7 30338

Osteria Borgo 1

This chic osteria has a seasonal menu. Try the maccheroni all'anatra, i'm sure you will not be disappointed.
Osteria Borgo 1 offers market-fresh daily specials and a nice selection of local wines - everything you could want in your neighborhood osteria. The inviting interiors are decorated with a blend of contemporary and rustic accents; bold red couches are juxtaposed with antique clocks and white-washed shelves displaying artsy knick-knacks.
Address:1 Via di Borgo, Barga, 55051
phone:+39 3333720648

Momento di…vino

Beat the summer heat with a refreshing Spritz Hugo or Petrognola at this cozy cafe a stone's throw from the medieval town walls.
Enjoy an evening aperitif overlooking the charming piazzale del Fosso at Momento di…vino. The bar's interiors are chic yet inviting, with contemporary light fixtures and artwork adorning the walls. The bar's wine list features a carefully selected variety of local and regional wines, as well as cocktails and craft beer; the La Trentina or the Casillero del Diablo are a good choice. Team up your drinks with a selection of house-made gourmet sandwiches.
Address:22 Via Marconi, Barga, 55051
phone:+39 3921084882

Puccini Museum - Casa Natale

One of the great Italian opera composers of his time, Puccini's childhood home is a Lucca treasure.
See the house where Giacomo Puccini was born in 1858. He lived in the house for much of his early childhood. The modest, red brick building is located in a small plaza with a statue of Puccini, seated, out front. Inside, you can explore the house and see relics from Puccini's life and career, including the piano upon which he composed music and one of the costumes from the first performance of Madame Butterfly, his most famous work. 
Address:9 Corte San Lorenzo, Lucca, 55100
phone:+39 0583 584 028

Monte Matanna

A mountain escape with coniferous woods, tarns of clear blue water, rocky slopes covered with grass and sightings of the
The 1317-meter (4320.87-foot) Monte Matanna is the highest peak of the Tuscan mountain range Apuan Alps. This natural formation has a unique shape, largely due to the absence of soil erosion and mining activities. Climbing up its summit and enjoying panoramic views is a favorite activity among locals. Its height and terrain offer a moderate level of difficulty for mountain bikers and trekkers. Its
Address:Monte Matanna, Stazzema, 55040
phone:+39 0584 75 7325
Opening hours today:


Artistic handmade and handpainted country-style Italian pottery with a rustic elegance.
This company was founded in Lucca in 1967 by the Pierallini Family in Piazza Anfiteatro. These artistic country-style pottery stores are now worldwide. MammaRò on Via Cenami has handmade beautiful colorful pottery, candles, textiles, utensils and much more. These are fantastic presents to take back to loved ones.
Address:Via Cenami 16, Lucca, 55100

La Grotta del Vento

This cave has exceptional variety of the underground aspects and secrets. Stop off and explore Fornovolasco on your way
The Grotta del Vento offers a wide variety of underground features including stalactites and stalagmites, little lakes, water courses, and mud formations. There are three itineraries available to visitors. Remember the deeper you proceed the colder it gets so be prepared.
Address:Grotta del Vento, Fornovolasco, Gallicano, 55020

Enoteca Osteria Cappuccetto Rosso

Cappuccetto Rosso is not only a fairy tale, but it is also a restaurant that blends tradition and innovation.
Chef Alfonso mixes innovation and tradition using local ingredients and flavors at this restaurant. A wide selection of wines are available to accompany your meal. Sit back and treasure this experience - I'm sure you will not be disappointed!
Address:Via di Salita 4/6, Loc. Piano di Gioviano, Borgo a mozzano, 55023
phone:+39 338 242 6295

Parco Avventura Selva del Buffardello

This adventure park has trails for adults and children, enjoy a day within the woodlands,great fun for the whole family.
Situated in San Romano di Garfgnana, this adventure park has a number of percorses/ trails suited for the whole family. If you're looking for outdoor activities for all ages, then this is the place for you. Different trails within the Garfagnana woodlands for both beginners and experienced hikers.
Address:Parco Avventura, Via Prà di lago - Zona sportiva, San Romano di Garfgnana, 55038
phone:+3202469330 / 3801241224 / 3477110433

Fabbriche di Vallico

Fabbriche di Vallico is a delightful village in the heart of Garfagnana on the banks of the River Serchio.
Drive along side the torrent serchio river admiring the beauty and explore this delighful picturesque setting of Fabbriche di Vallico, a village untouched by tourism. Fabbriche di Vallico is located at an altitude of 349 meters above sea level. Fabbriche di Vallico is the youngest municipality in the Mediavalle della Garfagnana.
Address:Fabbriche di Vallico, Strada Provinciale 37, Fabbriche di Vergemoli, 55020
Opening hours today:

Parco Nazionale dell'Orrecchiella

Spend a relaxing day in this national park among the gardens and deer - you might even bump into a bear!
The main structures of the so-called "Orecchiella" are a Visitors Centre and Nature Museum, with a mountain garden, a stand selling local products, a bar and restaurant, forest huts, and structures for the wildlife like the brown bear, deer, and mouflon. If you are a naturalist, then you can't miss seeing L'Orrecchiella.
Address:Piazza al Serchio, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

Outlet Easy Shop

Designer outlet with street fashions at outlet prices for both men and women.
You are sure to find what your looking for in this fashionable store at La Barca. They carry brands for men and women at outlet prices, as well as collections from the current season. They also sell accessories from bags, hats, and gifts to suit every member of the family. The friendly staff can assist you with your choices.
Address:Località La barca, Gallicano, 55027


The old town center, situated inside the walls, offers striking views down narrow cobbled streets.
Careggine is one of the most beautiful panoramic terraces overlooking the entire valley. The village stands 882 meters above sea level. Located at " località la bosa" at Careggine there is a wildlife museum, as well as exhibits showing objects and equipment that's a part of local history past and present, as well as animals from our wildlife . A fantastic location for an outdoor picnic.
Address:Careggine, Strada Provinciale 69, Vagli, 55030
phone:+0583 661061 town hall
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