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Jean-Pierre Dalbera
Jean-Pierre Dalbera

Renaissance Wuhan Hotel

Take a soothing stroll down our Yellow Crane Tower walk which boasts a 360 degree view of the city.

As the only international 5-star hotel on Wuhan Avenue, we offer unparalleled luxury in the most stylish setting. From the lush red and gold lobby with its incredible water sculpture centerpiece, to the wonderfully well-equipped guest rooms, to the mouthwatering international cuisine of our restaurants, sophistication and world-class service abound. You can enjoy a dip in our indoor heated pool or a relaxing walk down to Wuhan’s famous Yellow Crane Tower to take in a stunning 360-degree view of the city. And if you want to explore further, our Navigator Jeremy can show you the way to the renowned Wuhan Botanical Garden or the spectacular East Lake.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC Fragrance
  • Multi-Cultural Cuisine
  • Fitness Center
  • Indoor Pool
  • Sauna
  • Valet Dry-Cleaning
Full hotel details

Gude Temple

This is a Chinese Buddhist temple, and the design of the windows, doors and walls are exquisite.
Gude Temple is a Chinese Buddhist temple that was built in the late Qing Dynasty. Pay attention to the design of the windows, doors and walls, which are beautiful and of high artistic value.
Address:NO.74 Shanghuapo Road, Wuhan

Yinlu Restaurant

If you would like to experience the taste of real local Wuhan dishes, Yinlu restaurant is strongly recommended.
This is a restaurant that focuses on local cuisine. The decoration is simple and elegant which is suitable for dining with both business associates and friends. Visit this restaurant to try traditional Wuhan dishes.
Address:NO.19, Dong Ting Yi Road, Wuhan
phone:+86 27 86779377

Wuhan Tiandi

Here you can find all kinds of cafes, restaurants, and other unique shops.
Wuhan Tiandi is located in the center of Hankou City, east of the Yangtze River and facing the beautiful scenery of Hankou Beach Park. Wuhan Tidandi is considered as the top spot for locals to relax and spend the day during their day off. Explore all kinds of unique shops and restaurants in this area.
Address:NO.26, Lugouqiao Road, Wuhan
Opening hours today:

MAAN Coffee

This colorful cafe is perfect for getting together with friends.
MAAN Coffee's atmosphere is warm, elegant, and colorful. Enjoy their selection of coffees and food like waffles while chatting with friends.
Address:Luojiashan, Wuhan
phone:+027 59908699


This is a German restaurant with very unique decorations.
The customer service at Brotzeit is so good! Their house-brewed German beer is very authentic. The German sausage and beef potato soup are highly recommended. If you want taste German cuisine don't miss this restaurant.
Address:Lu gouqiao road, Hankou, Wuhan
phone:+86 27 82801516

Tokelake Music Bar

Tokelake is a luxury music bar which is a local favorite.
Tokelake's picturesque decoration, outstanding lighting, and audio system creates an excellent atmosphere. Various genres of music are played here, contributing to the festive vibe.
Address:Wuhan River Beach, Wuhan
phone:+027 82968888

Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower is a famous symbol of Wuhan.
First constructed in 223, this tower is praised as one of the “Three Famous Towers South of the Yangtze River.”
Address:Wuluo road, Wuchang, Wuhan
phone:+027 88871394

Okuyama Century City

This shopping mall is located in a key area of the Wuchang District.
This shopping mall is located adjacent to two universities, Central China Normal University and Wuhan University. This mall sells various goods, from daily necessities to clothes. You can also find a diverse selection of restaurants here.
Address:Heping Road, Wuhan
phone:+027 51857777

Tairyo Teppanyaki

Tairyo Teppanyaki is a great Japanese buffet restaurant that serves a variety of dishes.
Tairyo Teppanyaki is a beautiful restaurant with warm and thoughtful service. The food is very fresh; the salmon and lamb chops are always a good choice. The very fragrant plum wine is also worth a try!
Address:4th Floor,, Wuchang, Wuhan
phone:+027 87666543

Brussels Beer Garden

This bar is decorated with soccer memorabilia and serves up cold draught beer.
Visitors to Brussels Beer Garden can sip draught beer while enjoying the breeze coming off of Xibei Lake. Wine is also served at this bar that is often packed with tourists.
Address:No.8 Xibeihu Road, Hankou, Wuhan
phone:+027 85566323

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge forever changed the layout of the city by linking Wuhan's three cities into one.
This is the first bridge on the river after the founding of new China. The first double track railway and highway built over the river bridge, this is also known as the "Yangtze River first bridge." Is the landmark structure of Wuhan City.
Address:Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Wuhan
Opening hours today:

Jianghan Walking Street

With over 200 shops to peruse and discover, Hanjiang Walking Street is quite the adventure. This iconic street has something for everyone.
This street has more than 100 years of history, and is similar to Chang An Street in Beijing and Nan Jing Road in Shanghai. Shoppers can peruse over 200 different shops. Jia Li Mall and Happy Station are the two most popular places visitors like to explore.
Address:Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street, Wuhan, 430014

Red Lover

This bar is the place to see and be seen for young professionals.
This place is a popular spot for young professionals who want to mix and mingle after work. The bartenders serves up classic cocktails while DJs spin hit tunes.
Address:600 Jianshe Avenue, Wuhan
Opening hours today:

Xinhai Revolution Museum

Visitors to this museum can learn about the Xinhai Revolution.
Exhibitions at this museum commemorate the Xinhai Revolution of 1911 and offer a glimpse into the life of Sun Yat-sen.
Address:1 Wulu Road, Wuchang, Wuhan City
phone:+86 27 8887 5306
Opening hours today:

Baotong Temple Vegetarian

This vegetarian restaurant prepares Buddhist cuisine in a traditional manner, focusing on veggies, tofu and good presentation.
Address:289, Wuluo Road, Wuhan, 430000
phone:+86 27 8787 0309
Opening hours today:

Wuxing Dumpling Restaurant

About 20 different kinds of tasty dumplings are available. Other items, such as soup and stir-fry, are also fantastic choices.
Address:201 Luoyu Road, Wuhan, 430000
phone:+86 27 8764 4345
Opening hours today:

Hanzheng Street

Shop from one of the biggest wholesale markets in China where you can stumble on products ranging from colorful artworks to trendy clothes.
With a history dating back to the Ming dynasty when this was a bustling melting pot for artisans to sell their goods, Hanzheng Street has evolved into a wholesale market. Considered to be one of the biggest in China, this market attracts a number of tourists every day. Here, shoppers can shop for clothes, accessories, traditional artworks, edible products, and souvenirs.
Address:Han Zheng Street, Wuhan, 430033
Opening hours today:

Computer World

Step into a world of electronics and computers that will interest anyone looking for the latest in technology.
Address:39 Luoyu Road, Wuhan, 430079
Opening hours today:

Guobinlou Restaurant

This restaurant has a very good environment, decorations, and is famous in Wuhan for its great service.
Guobinlou Restaurant is a great place for business entertaining and get-togethers with friends. The Fish in Sour Soup and Chu Xiang Ba is worth a try.
Address:NO.1 Youyi Avenue, Wuchang DIstrict, Wuhan
phone:+86 27 88229666

Beer Barn

All kinds of drinks are served here in a comfortable environment with nice music.
Beer Barn recently opened and is affordable with a first-class quality of service. It provides a perfect destination for dating or just meeting friends. Don't miss offerings like the Mexican Chicken Corn Flakes or the Mexican Chili Ring.
Address:NO. 3-85 Xibeihu Road, Wuhan
phone:+86 27 85559078

Bailian Outlets Square

The first flagship shop in central China, this shopping mall focuses on domestic and overseas discount clothing.
Bailian Outlets is located in the Huangpi district. It is the third outlet complex operated by Shanghai Bailian Group, but is the first flagship shop in central China. It is an shopping mall that focuses on domestic and overseas discount clothing of famous brands.
Address:Bailian Outlets Square, Wuhan
phone:+86 27 61520000

East Lake Boat

Also be sure to visit the plum and cherry gardens in the Moshan Mountain Scenic Area.
From the boat, you can see the Shuanghu Bridge and Han Street. When you walk to the terminal you can also visit the plum garden and the cherry garden in the Moshan Mountain Scenic Area. The tour guide’s thoughtful commentary will accompany you along the way.
Address:Han Street Terminal, Wuhan
phone:+86 27 83932896

Dashui Coffee

This is a very unique coffee shop that takes you back to 1980s with its decoration and music.
This coffee shop's unique atmosphere attracts lots of young people who come and enjoy the time with a book in hand. Recommended drinks are the tequila sunrise and mocha.
Address:NO.56, Tanhualin, Wuhan

403 Art Center

Gathering together fashionable pioneers who will give birth to a center of culture and arts.
This center has transformed the original site of the industrial Wuhan Boiler Factory No. 403. Today, this international art center is a national landmark.
Address:No. 586, Wuluo Road, Wuhan
phone:+86 27 87585553

Sijilian Hot Pot

Authentic Sichuan-style hot pots are served here in a clean and quiet environment.
Authentic Sichuan-style hot pots are available here with plenty of choices of sauces. Ingredients are fresh and of great variety. The restaurant is in a good location close to movie theaters and shopping malls.
Address:2th Floor Putijin Business Center, Wuhan
phone:+86 27 86825777

Lian Ba

A cozy bar to relax in. The resident band plays Chinese and English songs and you could see if they take requests.
This is a cozy bar with modern decorations that maintains a warm atmosphere. The resident band plays Chinese and English songs and you could see if they take requests! The recommended cocktails include the Pink Bubbles and the Snowball.
Address:Huayuandao, Wuhan
phone:+86 27 85753333


It's a one-stop shopping experience with a difference!
This is a leading Japanese retail shopping center. The center features trendy clothing, daily groceries, unique eateries, and even an integrated theater.
Address:NO.1 Jinyintan Avenue, Wuhan
phone:+86 27 59608200

Alive Museum

The exhibition has area of nearly 2000 square meters that is very intriguing.
Three key themes of this museum are comprised of magic visual art, digital art and the objects art. Every theme boasts the best production team and the leading edge image documentation equipment from Korea, making it into a great theme park experience.
Address:Han Street, Wuhan
phone:+86 27 68781388


There are a lot of western-style buildings, old streets and various distinctive cafes and shops in this neighborhood.
A gathering place of the literary youth, this is the famous historical and scenic area in Wuhan. The charm of three towns of Wuhan, explore the historic streets and shops here.
Address:Tanhualin of the Wuchang District, Wuhan

Hubu Lane

A 150-meter long, century-old lane has now become a classic Wuhan business and restaurant center.
This lane is famous for its rich variety of breakfast offerings. The alley is adjacent to the Yamen (hence its name), and has now become a local gathering place. Here, not only can enjoy all the Chinese flavor snacks, you can buy handicrafts and folk art.
Address:Hubu Lane, Wuhan
Opening hours today:

Show Club

Relax and enjoy the unique decorations at this club.
This club is located in the Central Culture District on Han Street. Its decoration is so unique that that attracts people by itself. Many more come for the shows and the great service. It is a good place for you to relax and enjoy music in your spare time.
Address:206 Han Street, Wuhan
phone:+86 27 87110777


This restaurant has a cultured environment, with the waiters and waitresses dressed in a British style.
This female-centric restaurant has beautifully decorated with pink decorations everywhere. The dessert here is delicious and wonderfully presented. Honey on toast and pumpkin seafood paella are both worthy of trying.
Address:Han Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan

The Old House Hotpot

Specializing in hotpots with fresh ingredients.
The Old House Hotpot is a simply decorated restaurant. They pay attention to the use of fresh materials in their Sichuan spicy hot pots.
Address:Zhongbei road, Wuchang dist, Wuhan

Return 97 Bar

This is a very nice bar with a very welcoming atmosphere.
There are live singing performances and a fashionable DJ at this bar, where you can let off some steam away from the troubles from life and work.
Address:beach park, Hankou, Wuhan


This Thai restaurant serves curries that are not too spicy.
This Thai restaurant serves exquisite dishes. The style of decoration here is very exotic. If you are looking for an authentic Thai restaurant in Wuhan, here would be a good choice!
Address:8th floor, Chicony plaza, wuchang, wuhan
phone:+027 87870980

Wuhan Garden Expo

Explore the cultures of countries from around the globe.
Here you can explore the customs of more than a dozen countries. This includes the German Museum with beer and machinery, the Swedish Pavilion with a fairy tale world, and the French Pavilion with beautiful gardens.
Address:Zhanggongdi Park, Hankou, Wuhan
phone:+027 87159999

Baidiyuan Korean Cuisine

Owned by a native Korean, this restaurant has a distinctive décor.
All waiters serve the customers with patience and passion at this restaurant. The dining environment is always neat and peaceful. Besides attractive design and perfect service, the authentic Korean food is also delicious. If you want to eat Korean food, you must not miss this restaurant!
Address:No. 87 Baiyi Road, Wuchang, Wuhan
phone:+027 87369552

Green Tea Restaurant

This restaurant specializes in Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine.
The elegant restaurant is perfect for dates, family gatherings, and dinner with friends. Be sure to try their green tea grilled fish.
Address:8th Floor, Luojiashan, Wuchang, Wuhan
phone:+027 87598377

East Plum Blossom Garden

This garden houses over 340 types of plum blossoms.
East Plum Blossom Garden is a serene space where more than 340 different kinds of plum plants burst into bloom each spring. The park features several walking paths on which visitors can take in the beauty of the blossoms and stroll past water features. There is also a plum blossom festival that takes place here each year.
Address:East Lake Scenic Area, Wuchang, Wuhan

Godiva Chocolatier

Sells high-quality chocolate and other sweet products.
Godiva is always among the top chocolate brands. This location is well-decorated and has fantastic service. Their ice creams and dark chocolate are highly recommended.
Address:Han Street, Wuchang, Wuhan
phone:+027 87610650

Liangliang Steamed Shrimp

Visit and try the delicious and famous braised crawfish dishes at this restaurant.
Enjoy some fresh crawfish in Wuhan! You cannot stop eating once you try one! The cold noodles here are tasty as well.
Address:Shahu Road, Wuchang, Wuhan
phone:+027 59208717

Myst Coffee

Coffee shop with elegant decorations.
Apart from coffee, Myst Coffee also sells muffins. Here they roast their own coffee beans. Enjoy a relaxing and cozy time at this welcoming coffee shop.
Address:Jiyuqiao Metro Station Exit D, Wuchang, Wuhan
phone:+027 88868866

Dimple Barbecue

Dimple Barbecue is a fashionable barbecue restaurant where visitors barbecue the food themselves.
At Dimple Barbecue, diners get to select from a variety of cuts that are then cooked on a grill on their table. The bacon roll is a particular favorite. The restaurant also serves a variety of alcoholic beverages that pair well with the salty barbecued meats.
Address:Hezuo Road, Hankou, Wuhan
phone:+027 82889595
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Address: Xudong Ave Luhe, Wuhan, 430062, China
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热情专业的菲律宾乐队给您带来国际的表演风格,体验不同的视听享受。并为您准备了特有的酒水优惠。The enthusiastic and professional Philippines band brings you the international performance style and experience different audio-visual enjoyment. And for you to prepare a special liquor discount.

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Venue: Renaissance Wuhan Hotel
Address: Xudong Ave Luhe, Wuhan, 430062, China
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Wuhan, China
Venue: Renaissance Wuhan Hotel
Address: Xudong Ave Luhe, Wuhan, 430062, China
Phone: +86 27 86621388