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Photo by Timon Klauser
Photo by Timon Klauser

Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel

Enjoy one of our delectable signature cocktails at Lucid.

Your stay in Zurich will go like clockwork with a stay at the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel. This stylish, urban retreat has everything you desire, whether you’re visiting Switzerland for work or pleasure. Our restaurants feature delicious, inspired dishes that include local classics. Our in-house spa features an authentic sauna with floor-to-ceiling windows, just one of the many examples of the little touches that will make your stay with us extra memorable. We’re located near Zurich's central train station, so you can set off with ease to explore this charming, historic city and the surrounding countryside. And in knowledgeable local Navigator, we’ve already found you the perfect guide to all Zurich and the surrounding area has to offer.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC Fragrance
  • Flat-Screen HDTVs
  • Fitness Center
  • Multi-Cultural Cuisine
  • Valet Dry-Cleaning
  • Sauna
Full hotel details

Café Noir

Breathe in the rich smell of the Crema Cafe Noir and take a sip to taste the subtle nutty and fruity flavor.
Address:33 Neugasse, Zurich, 8005
phone:+41 44 558 34 10

Migros Museum of Contemporary Art

Explore the artwork of up-and-coming artists from across the world at the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art.
Address:270 Limmatstrasse, Zurich, 8005
phone:+41 44 277 2050


Get cozy at a small but homey Zurich restaurant specializing in simple local fare prepared with care.
Address:4 Schiffländi, Zurich, 8001
phone:+41 44 252 1453


Take home a little piece of Zurich whether a great new accessory, handcrafted notebook and more at souvenir shop Townhouse.
Address:4 Weite Gasse, Zurich, 8001
phone:+41 43 843 7000


Enjoy art and cuisine with an industrial flair.
100 years ago in the building where Schiffbau now resides, they used to build boats for the big oceans of this world. Today, this building houses a restaurant, jazz club, theater performances, and a bar. The building is beautiful both outside and in.
Address:Schiffbaustrasse 4, Zürich, 8005
phone:+044 258 70 70

Les Halles Shop

An unique place in Zürich with food products you will hardly find in any other shop in the city.
If you are looking for a rare French wine or local cheese to bring to a dinner party and enjoy at a picnic, look no further than Les Halles Shop.
Address:Pfingstweidstrasse 6, Zürich, 8005

La Salle

La Salle is housed within the historic Schiffbau and features French and Italian cuisine
Enjoy a romantic dinner at La Salle or stop by for a delicious lunch during the day. The bar serves up perfectly prepared cocktails, where patrons can order and then enjoy their drinks on the sunny outdoor patio.
Address:Schiffbaustrasse 4, Zürich, 8005
phone:+044630 30 30

Moods Bar

Enjoy a night of lively jazz music.
Come watch big name performers light up the stage at one of the liveliest jazz bars in Switzerland.
Address:Schiffbauplatz, Zürich, 8005
phone:+044 276 80 00

Loft Five

Loft Five offers an automated, self-serve wine bar that allows you to taste anything on the wine list before ordering or purchasing a glass.
Address:15 Europaallee, Zurich, 8004
phone:+41 44 755 50 50


Housed in the bustling Industrial Quarter of Zurich, Schiffbau offers a massive number of fun venues, restaurants and events.
Address:4 Schiffbaustrasse, Zurich, 8005
phone:+41 44 412 1111
Opening hours today:

Locanda Ristorante Ticinese

Explore the cuisine of Ticino, an Italian influenced Swiss canton, through classic fare done with a twist at Locanda Ristorante Ticinese.
Address:6 Nüschelerstrasse, Zurich, 8001
phone:+41 44 227 19 22
Opening hours today:

Schuh Cafe

While the shoes might be the focus here, the coffee served at the shop's cafe is specially roasted and just as high quality as the footwear.
Address:89 Badenstrasse, Zurich, 8004
phone:+41 44 241 07 17

Hive's Umbrellas

Whether its sunny or rainy, it's always nice to see the umbrellas at the entrance of Hive Club
The idea for this art installation came when some local companies wanted to sponsor umbrellas with their logos on them. After the project, samples of the umbrellas were hung up in this alley. Travelers and locals alike enjoy walking under this colorful display.
Address:Geroldstrasse 5, Zürich, 8005

Les Halles Restaurant

Enjoy French cuisine in a very easy going atmosphere.
This funky restaurant looks like it could be housed in a hip, retro garage, with old pictures and bikes hanging on the walls. Enjoy a menu of local and French dishes while sitting at a cozy table. Be sure to try the mussels - Les Halles is known for this perfectly prepared dish.
Address:Pfingstweidstrasse 6, Zürich, 8005

Bogen 33

Browse through high-quality vintage furniture
The basement vaults at Bogen 33 house a broad choice of vintage furniture, including gorgeous chairs, lamps and other beautiful things.
Address:Geroldstrasse 3, Zürich, 8005

Puls 5

Explore this old factory building filled with trendy restaurants, shops, a gym and a spa.
Puls 5 is an old factory building bursting with shops, eateries, and luxury features like a high-end spa. The main hall in the building is used to host markets, exhibitions, and even fashion shows.
Address:Giessereistrasse 18, Zürich, 8005
Opening hours today:

Ristorante Toscano

Enjoy fresh, authentic Italian cuisine
This lovely restaurant specializes in homemade pasta, pizza and other specialities from Italy. In summer, the restaurant opens up its beautiful garden in which guests can enjoy their lunch or dinner outdoors.
Address:Giessereistrasse 18, Zürich, 8005
phone:+043 818 22 62


ArtiSouk lets visitors enter a small Tunisian world
Shop for Jetés, large day blankets, produced in a variety of colors and designs from materials such as organic cotton, raw silk, satin, linen and wool. At ArtiSouk, particular attention is paid to the hand-woven kilims, all of which are individual pieces, as well as hand-braided accessories made with dried grasses.
Address:Geroldsgarten, Zurich, 8005

SASOU Saftbar

Indulge in a nutritious smoothie and grab a freshly baked pastry for the road at healthful juice and smoothie spot, SASOU Saftbar.
Address:41 Neugasse, Zurich, 8005
phone:+41 78 733 39 19

Stadtbad Zürich

Modeled after a traditional Turkish bath, Stadtbad Zürich offers the best of old and new spa services for total relaxation.
Address:60 Stauffacherstrasse, Zurich, 8004
phone:+41 44 241 04 27

Tapas del Mar

During their regular business hours, Tapas del Mar offers specially-priced take out meals that can be picked up right from the restaurant.
Address:78 Hohlstrasse, Zurich, 8004
phone:+41 44 558 99 36

Amok Men's Fashion

Come peruse their collection of high-end men's fashion, including the men's skirt for which they are best known.
Address:61 Ankerstrasse, Zurich, 8004
phone:+41 44 291 20 64

Freitag Tower

This unique tower made up of containers offers up an incredible view.
This unique attraction belongs to the Freitag Store.The company repurposed old shipping containers and turned them into this unique tower.
Address:Geroldstrasse 17, Zürich, 8005
phone:+043 366 95 20

River Limmat

Run or walk along this picturesque river.
Just a short walk from the Renaissance Tower you will find a beautiful natural oasis. Take the chance during the summer to jump in the river and enjoy the clean water!
Address:Fischerweg, Zürich, 8005
Opening hours today:
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