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Renaissance Duesseldorf Hotel

In our bar Close Up we serve Altbier, brewed here in Duesseldorf, and Killepitsch, a liquor made from herbs.

The historic beauty of Duesseldorf is on your doorstep when you stay with us. Our hotel is the ideal starting point for a tour of this famous old town, whether you want to eat, drink or soak up the centuries of history and tradition as you stroll along the Rhine. Our in-house Navigator Afra has the inside track on the best places in town and is always on hand to assist. Our hotel features creative local cuisine in our Renaissance Gallery Restaurant, while you simply can’t leave without sampling some of the local beers in our Close Up Bar.

The amenities

  • Plush Bedding
  • Personal Navigator
  • JOYA NYC fragrance
  • Multi-Cultural Cuisine
  • Sun Terrace
  • Valet Dry-Cleaning
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Take a stroll along the Rhine at this picturesque city park with its Japanese garden, dancing fountains and sea of flower beds.
One of the largest parks in the region, the 36-hectare (88-acre) Nordpark is an oasis of green within the steel and concrete cityscape. Escape the chaos of urban life and enjoy a day out in nature. With formal gardens planted with seasonal flowers, sculptures, a 170-meter (557-foot) water feature, kids playground and excellent picnic spots, it's a great place for a family day out. Spring and summer are the best times to visit the park.
Address:Kaiserswerther Strasse, Dusseldorf, 40474
phone:+49 211 899 4800
Opening hours today:

Pizzeria Pesto

Pair a glass of Italian red wine with a healthy whole-grain organic pizza or pasta at this cozy 20-seater eatery; try their Mafiosa pizza.
Owner Paolo Salvato combines his years of pizza-making experience with farm-fresh produce and authentic ingredients to serve up some of the best stone-baked pizza in the neighborhood. Though small and simple, the restaurant's welcoming hospitality and charming sidewalk seating make it worth a visit. Savor Italian comfort classics like Spaghetti Carbonara with Italian ham and cream sauce, Tortellini Bolognese with home-made meat sauce, and the smoked salmon pizza.
Address:54 Pionierstrasse, Dusseldorf, 40216
phone:+49 211 388 5872

Pardo Bar

Choose from over 40 creative and classic cocktails like the Yellow Jacket at this bar designed by Cuban artist Jorge Pardo within the K21.
Arguably one of the city's most stylish venues, the Pardo Bar resembles one of the K21 museum's art installations. This bar features unique interiors fashioned by Jorge Pardo whose aesthetic vision is evident in the original painted bubbles on the walls and the leaf-shaped green and blue lights that illuminate the space with a hypnotic glow. Sip on innovative concoctions like the Zen Milk Bath or the Butter of the Forest; both contemporary and classics are well represented here in a myriad delightful variations. Pair your drinks with regional specialties and international gourmet plates like the Soufflierte Brust von der Maispoularde as you take in the hip ambiance of their busy outdoor patio.
Address:1 Ständehausstrasse, K21 Museum, Dusseldorf, 40217
phone:+49 211 171 3020

La Parisienne

Discover one-of-a-kind pieces from trendy French and Danish labels at this boutique owned by a top fashion blogger and her husband.
Located in hip Pempelfort, this trendy boutique caters to the young fashionista. The fun and feminine interiors showcase the latest fashion trends from around Europe. You'll find unique items from top established and up-and-coming designers here. Discover labels like das cape mädchen, Le Specs, ICHI, and Blend at this store. Husband and wife owners Mike and Alina are usually on hand to offer personalized fashion advice to help you perfect your look. With an emphasis on individual style, many of the clothes found here are limited edition and exclusive to the store. It's best to get here early when new stock arrives; once that perfect handbag or cute dress is snapped up, you may never find it again.
Address:1 Collenbachstrasse, Dusseldorf, 40476

Wildpark Grafenberger Wald

Wildlife viewing 365 days a year
Spend some time in nature and commune with the wildlife. The 36 hectare park boasts a variety of animals, including deer that are so tame you can feed them.
Address:Rennbahn Strasse 60, Duesseldorf, 40629

Casita Mexicana

Pair classic eats like totopos, pollo con salsa verde and mole poblano with a Dos Equis or passion fruit margarita at this authentic eatery.
Casita Mexicana brings a slice of Mexico City to the heart of Dusseldorf with its cheerful ambiance, bright Latin-inspired theme, lively mariachi music and traditional menu. The inviting decor is perfectly accentuated by the terracotta-painted walls, colorful Mexican tiles and papel picado hangings. Share plates of nachos tres quesos or guacamole and chips over chilled cerveza or premium margaritas. For something more substantial, the marinated round steak and the prawns in chipotle sauce are tasty options tweaked for the German palate. Come here for their weekday lunch special or casual after-work eats.
Address:1 Beuthstrasse, Dusseldorf, 40211
phone:+49 211 3883 7989

Tante Emma Süßwarenladen

Back to your childhood.
Sweets as far as the eye can see. Although this shop is tiny maybe that is what its about. No wish will be left for any Mr Sweet Tooth or any Mrs Sugar Pie that is entering this shop. Make your selection and be happy after shopping here.
Address:Marktplatz 10, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 8549220

Tenten Coffee

"Kaffee und Kuchen" like the Germans we are.
Great coffee spot with lovely cheesecakes, great sandwiches (ask them to warm it up) and divine coffee creations. Also used as a lunch break spot of employees around that area and as a go-to-place to end the day. Sit at the window and enjoy watching the busy street or snuggle up in one of their cozy chairs. PS: Next door they sell also frozen yogurt.
Address:Oststrasse 57, Düsseldorf, 40210
phone:+49 211 24866999

Lakrids by Johan Bülow

Find liquorice in all kinds of delicious varieties at this shop.
Anyone traveling in Scandinavia encounters some yummy things that they miss when returning. Lakrids by Johan Bülow's mission is to bring a taste of northern Europe to Germany.
Address:Carlsmarkt 26, Düsseldorf, 40213

Brauerei zum Schlüssel

Check out this Düsseldorfer alt-brewery.
This popular spot serves Altbier and typical Brauhauskost in ornate rooms like the hops room. When the weather is good, you can take your beverage of choice out into the beer garden.
Address:Bolkerstraße 43, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+0211 8289550


Here it is always: fries before guys.
Their motto "fries before guys" describes this spot perfectly. Located within the Bilk-S-Train station this little gem serves good old fries in a wide variety of styles. Try the garlic fries or the sweet potato fries that are one of a kind. It may only seem like a small dish, but you will not ask for more.
Address:Friedrichstrasse 145, Düsseldorf, 40217
phone:+49 211 97174369


Düsseldorf's special farmers market.
Lose yourself in the aisles of this lovely market. From Ffsh to herbs, sweets to kitchen supplies, and vegetables and street food, you can spend hours here and still discover more sights. Find what you may need for your next self cooked dinner.
Address:Carlsplatz, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 1744118

Düsseldorfer Marionetten-Theater

Get swept away into a world of mystery, intrigue and fantasy as you watch the talented artists bring each puppet to life at this theater.
Situated within the imposing Palais Wittgenstein, the Düsseldorfer Marionetten-Theater is a petite theater venue that welcomes up to a 100 guests an evening. This theater more than makes up for its limited size with its magnificent productions and artistic flair. Guests of all ages will find performances to engage and enthrall them with shows like the Magic Flute, Beauty and the Beast, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Never-ending story, and Faust - a dream. The engaging storytelling, talented puppeteers, hand-carved props and award-winning artwork blend together to create a memorable larger-than-life performance.
Address:7 Bilker Straße, Palais Wittgenstein, Dusseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 32 8432

Cafe Florian

Pair authentic dishes like Spätzlepfanne and Sauerbraten with a pint of Altbier at this elegant restaurant inspired by the Belle Epoque.
Situated just off the iconic shopping street of Nordstrasse is this charming cafe that is beautifully decorated in vintage Art Noveau style. A reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the main road, the cafe is all-day dining at its best. It serves everything from sumptuous breakfasts to relaxed dinners. The well-rounded menu offers classic bistro fare as well as traditional specialties. Pair glasses of fine wine or pints of local German beer with dishes like Düsseldorfer Altbierfleisch (pork in dark beer sauce with dumplings) or grilled Scottish salmon with spinach and parsley potatoes. Head out to the terrace with your drink and enjoy the convivial atmosphere in one of the city's most vibrant neighborhoods.
Address:56 Nordstrasse, Dusseldorf, 40477
phone:+49 211 49 8980

Bier & Beer

This boutique features an impressive selection of beers procured from over 70 countries. Come here on Saturdays at 4p to try a beer flight.
Beer aficionados should head to this Pempelfort store for one of the best beer collections in the city. With a focus on quality blends, you'll find labels that have been in the brewing business for centuries like St-Feuillien and Anchor Steam, as well as modern craft brews from brands like Samuel Adams and Thwaites Liberation. The store constantly updates their encyclopedic collection with new finds from around the world. Custom beer glasses and beer-themed gift sets make for great presents for fellow beer connoisseurs.
Address:11 Münsterstrasse, Dusseldorf
phone:+49 211 9421 3308

Das Nordik Haus

Find treasures from Scandinavia at this gift and home decor shop.
Add a touch of Scandinavian charm to your home with accents from Das Nordik Haus. This specialty shop is locally owned and you'll feel welcomed by the friendly proprietors. Brands like Royal Copenhagen, Green Gate, and Georg Jensen can be found here. Shop for ceramics, kitchenware, furniture to spruce up your garden, and much more. 
Address:5 Kaiserswerther Mark, Dusseldorf, 40489
phone:+49 211 408 0411


Regional Cross-over Classics!
Creative food designs in a new location that has a show kitchen that let's you have a look inside. They promise authentic food and they keep their promise. Try their great homemade ravioli and do not skip the dessert.
Address:Schlossstrasse 82, Düsseldorf, 40477
phone:+49 211 98465380

Cave Portuguesa

Go to the back of the store...
When hosting one of their musical evenings this shop is filled up with the feeling and sound and flair of Portuguese streets. Try the "Fabelhaft" wine which goes well with the selection of tapas that they offer. The coffee afterwards will only leave you asking for a Pastel de Nata to make your evening. Can you believe to receive all of this by just entering this shop?
Address:Hohe Strasse 4, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 15979889

Sucos do Brasil

Perfect for cocktails or dinner.
Hidden in a courtyard in the middle of the city, here the samba will be danced all night long. This spot serves food and drinks and plays Brazilian music - what more could you wish for? We love enjoying the Cocktails here and the food always drags us back. Tuesdays is Gambas Day. You will love it!
Address:Kasernenstrasse 6, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 132650


The swan that is a duck.
A restaurant with a menu that is good for lunch as well as dinner. Their playful menu gives new names to traditional German dishes. How about a Schwanitzel instead of a Schnitzel? Also their burgers are a great deal. Try the salads on the menu with one of their homemade lemonades.
Address:Mühlenstrasse 2, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 1365387

Müller & Böhm

Literature in Heine's house.
Bolkerstrasse is not only home for bars and breweries, but history is housed here at the very beginning of the street. The famous German poet Heinrich Heine was born in the back house of number 53. A true son of Düsseldorf who left behind many poems and other literature, which paves the way for a great literature store in the front of the house these days.
Address:Bolkerstrasse 53, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 3112522

Muggel & Souterrain

More than just a restaurant.
Muggel is a place for breakfast lovers on the weekends. Make sure to have a reservation. The dinner menu has a great selection as well. But the true secret is hidden below the restaurant; the little movie theater Souterrain with only 70 seats showing "off Broadway" movies in German. Call ahead to reserve your tickets and brush up your German.
Address:Dominikanerstrasse 4, Düsseldorf, 40545
phone:+49 211 5454182


The Champs Elysees in Düsseldorf is called Kö.
Yes, Königsallee is mentioned in all the tour guides you will find about Düsseldorf. But have you taken the time to stroll below the plane trees and listened? Do you hear them? Do you see them? Rose-ringed parakeets live on Königsallee and in the Hofgarten and make our city truly a city of strange birds.
Address:Königsalle, Düsseldorf, 40213
Opening hours today:

Die Mauer

Dance til you drop.
This is a club located off Ratinger Strasse with reasonable pricing and a good mix of music. The small location gets smoking hot when the beat starts. Refresh at the bar and then get back to shaking your legs until the morning comes.
Address:Ratinger Mauer 1, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 8369472


The grumps brewery.
"Uerige" is a synonym for a grumpy person and also the title of this typical altbier. After sipping a few of these you won't be grumpy at all. You will have made friends with locals as well as tourists. And in case you are wondering what will make the waiters stop bringing more beer, ask them what does the trick.
Address:Berger Strasse 1, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 866990


Japanese grill in Pempelfort.
A cute little restaurant serving Japanese food like grilled meat and fish and, of course, sashimi and sushi rolls. Have the Dragon Roll with avocado - it is perfectly composed. Their wine selection is small but exquisite. Please make sure you have a reservation to avoid long waits. A true gem hidden in one of the side streets of Pempelfort.
Address:Schinkelstrasse 1, Düsseldorf, 40211
phone:+49 152 05727777

Et Kabüffke

Killepitsch, Dusseldorf's herb liquor, is sold here through a small window.
Et Kabüffke is a cute little liquor vendor that sells the herb liquor Killepitsch, which is Dusseldorf's very own. Inside you will find old fashioned store selling far more, including fine wines and other liquors. Please be careful though, as Killepitsch is not everybody's darling.
Address:Flinger Strasse 1, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 133269

Düsseldorfer Senfmuseum

Mustard, the Rhineland Gold.
Try all different flavors of mustard in this shop and museum. The history of the Düsseldorf Mustard is explained inside and you can have a try of the different flavors. Ever had mustard truffles? Try them! Fig mustard? A must try. Garlic mustard? It's...different, but a delight. Let us know what you think.
Address:Berger Strasse 29, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 8368049

Brauerei zum Füchschen

The brewery with the little fox.
Looking for traditional German (Rhineland) food and the local Altbeer? This one is one of our favorites. The little fox invites you to enjoy their great Hax'n or easy Brez'n and their Altbeer is a delight. Did you know that Köbes is the Rhinish word for waiter? This part of Old Town is also a little more relaxed compared to other areas.
Address:Ratinger Strasse 28, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 137470

Kauf dich glücklich

Fashion for him and her, shoes and accessories all in one store.
Right next to the cute market at Carlsplatz find the perfect spot for trendy clothing, fabulous shoes and small gifts. Make sure to take a look at their unique changing room while you are in there browsing your new favorite item.
Address:Carlsplatz 4, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 86930291


A little park to escape the busy city.
Hofgarten is a large garden with streets to walk on and a lake, with high trees and birds of different breeds, with sculptures and lawns to sunbathe on. A lovely spot to spend the afternoon and take a break from buzzing Dusseldorf. Walk from the Castle Jagerhof to the Opera House of Dusseldorf or to the museums, and do not miss the lit up Gallery of the Benches.
Address:Jägerhofstrasse, Düsseldorf
Opening hours today:

Goethe Museum Schloss Jägerhof

One of Germany's greatest poets is honored at this castle in the middle of the city.
The life and poetry of the great author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is displayed in this great museum which used to be the castle the Count of Dusseldorf used for hunting.
Address:Jacobistrasse 2, Düsseldorf, 40211
phone:+49 211 8996262


Café and wine bar all in one.
Located in the lovely Old Town, but away from the craziness that is the longest bar in the world (Bolkerstrasse), this little spot makes you feel comfortable for its warm decoration and environment. Should you be wanting a coffee or a glass of wine, having a meeting for lunch or spending the evening with friends or reading a book by yourself, you will just feel comfortable here.
Address:Bäckerstraße 5a, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+49 211 327 800


Cafe offering wine and snacks.
Eiskeller is a new wine bar in Düsseldorf, located a little off the beaten path close to the Füchschen Brewery and the Kunstakademie. The owners really know what they are doing and are well-educated when it comes to wine. The atmosphere is classy and comfortable. Make sure to ask the personnel for some recommendations.
Address:Eiskellerberg 1-3, Düsseldorf, 40213


Handmade toys for your child.
Located in what was once a bakery, Herzenstreu is a little shop that specializes in making kids' dreams come true. Your child will find toys galore in this sweet shop, where handmade toys line every shelf.
Address:Konkordiastrasse 102, Dusseldorf, 40219
phone:+49 (0) 211 1579505

Sattgruen Flingern

As the name promises, here you get full as you eat green with all types of delicious vegan food.
Sattgruen offers fresh and pure vegetable ingredients. All the food and drinks are vegan and therefore cholesterol and lactose-free, as well as free from genetically modified foodstuffs.
Address:Hoffeldstraße 18, Duesseldorf, 40235
phone:+0049211 68874080


Eat delicious seafood in an amazing atmosphere.
The Meerbar offers an incredible range of freshly caught seafood, prepared creatively daily by a young kitchen team. They have something to offer for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans and those with dietary restrictions. The Meerbar is directly located in the Gehry Bauten, where you have a great view of the Rhinetower and the harbor area.
Address:Neuer Zollhof 1, Düsseldorf, 40221


Excellent steaks for a reasonable price.
Enjoy some real good meat and other delicious food for a reasonable price in Schneider Wibbel Gasse.
Address:Schneider-Wibbel-Gasse 10, Düsseldorf, 40213


Find extraordinary jewelry in the hip neighborhood of Flingern.
Let your creativity run wild! Here you'll find everything so your DIY jewelry ideas can become reality. They offer a wide range of Swarovski crystals on beads and gems, which makes do-it-yourself fans very happy.
Address:Ackerstraße 215, Düsseldorf, 40235

Arthur Platz

Here you can get all kinds of fancy gifts for your friends and even for yourself.
All kinds of different gifts are available inside of this fancy shop for you to take home with you.
Address:Grabenstr. 1, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+0211 132424

Hausmann's Düsseldorf

Sip on all kinds of different craft beer at this hip location.
The vintage design, open kitchen, and homey intimate atmosphere make Hausmann's a feel-good restaurant for everybody.
Address:Hafenstraße 9, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+0049211 26101210

El Lazo

Enjoy perfectly prepared steaks.
Come to El Laze for some deliciously roasted meats. From perfectly prepared steak to the authentic decor, this meat-lovers paradise is not to be missed. The sides and starters are all equally well prepared, with the ham appetizer being a particular crowd pleaser.
Address:Bolkerstraße 11, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+0049 211 325423


Sample delicious stoneoven pizza.
Dine in a rustic restaurant with brick walls and long wooden tables perfect for hosting your group of friends or family. This spot is known for its pizza, but also offers vegan options and organic burgers.
Address:Ackerstraße 181, Düsseldorf, 40233
phone:+0049 211 94218181

Brauhaus zum weißen Bären

Try delicious traditional German food.
Start your evening off right with some traditional German food that is sure to fill you up. Sample a variety of local dishes before heading out to sample all of the local brews made in the area.
Address:Bolkerstraße 50, Düsseldorf, 40213
phone:+0049211 133241


The city monument is a monument commemorating the year Düsseldorf was founded.
This detailed monument is located at the Joseph-Wimmer-Gasse-Ecke Müller-Schlösser-Gasse. The sculpture was made by Bert Gerresheim. It was built in 1988 on the occasion of the city's 700th anniversary celebration. Among the motifs is the battle of Worringen and the seal of the decree of the city.
Address:Marktplatz, Düsseldorf

Engel-leise War Gestern

Break away from mainstream society at this alternative bar.
Engel-Leise War Gestern, an alternative bar, serves beer and cocktails. You can also catch live bands playing rock, metal, and punk depending on the night of the week.
Address:Bolkerstraße 33, Düsseldorf
phone:+0049211 8629751

Green Guerillas

Browse through organic and fair-trade clothing.
The owners of this store attach great importance to how clothing is made and what materials are used. All the products offered are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), meaning the entire production chain is monitored according to ecological criteria and social standards. In addition, many textiles also carry the fair trade seal.
Address:Ackerstraße 113A, Düsseldorf
phone:+0049211 38735946

Heine Haus

The famous poet Heinrich Heine was born here.
This famous building is located in the Old Town of Düsseldorf. The poet and journalist Heinrich Heine was born in this house in 1797. The residential and commercial building was built in the 17th century. Heinrich Heine is perhaps best known for his lyrical poetry, though he also composed many well-crafted satirical pieces.
Address:Bolkerstraße 53, Düsseldorf
phone:+0049211 20054294

Shennong Tea Lounge

Find your favorite tea.
You can try one of 50 different sorts of tea in an authentic teahouse atmosphere. You will have a very personal consultation to find your favorite one and it is the most relaxed place to listen to music, read or to experience a tea ceremony. You have to try the legendary chocolate dessert or taste one of many other snacks.
Address:Burgplatz 2, Duesseldorf, 40213
phone:+0211 59813689


Make memories at this restaurant, bar, and lounge.
Gingerboy serves authentic Thai and Chinese cuisine. Beyond the delectable handmade noodles on offer, you'll find a variety of fresh, aromatic, and healthy choices. Service at Gingerboy is impressively fast, and the kitchen stays open until 11:00pm.
Address:Glockenstrasse 24, Duesseldorf, 40476
phone:+0049 211 566 783 28


Enjoy a night out at this lively pub.
Dance the night away at Knoten. Listen to DJs spin on Friday and Saturday nights. Stop by the bar to catch an international game on one of their many TVs. Be sure to try the caramel shot while enjoying your evening at this historic spot.
Address:Kurze Str. 1 a, Duesseldorf, 40213
phone:+49211 133220
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